Emotional Dimension Of Wellness! Do You Know Where You're Heading

The aim of this womens health article is to help you explore the emotional dimension of wellness, within the context of mental, intellectual and emotional wellbeing. This is with a view to assessing the significance of each of these three categories in determining your overall emotional health journey to total wellness.

In the first of your 7 dimensions of wellness - Physical Health Dimension, we looked at the categories of physical activity, food nutrition, the environment and the importance of the associated factors to your physical health and wellness.

Associated to your psychological / emotional dimension of wellness are factors that relate to the three categories of mental wellness, emotional wellness and intellectual wellness.

For ease, I will be referring to these three categories under the umbrella of your emotional dimension of wellness, rather than using the term 'psychological dimension'.

Each of these categories are outlined below and where relevant, are linked to additional wellness resources you can tap into to further build upon your emotional dimension of wellness skills.

Your emotional dimension of wellness (or emotional dimension) demand that you give it equal priority if it is to continue serving you well.

Your body and mind are interconnected. In much the same way that you feed, exercise and rest your body, you need also to nurture your mind physically, mentally, emotionally and intellectually. Read on to learn how you can set about ensuring your health journey to total wellness.

Psychological / emotional wellness dimension: mental category

The mental category of your emotional dimension of wellness relate to your ability to adequately manage difficult situations and the challenges life throws at you while, maintaining a healthy sense of perspective.

It refers to having a degree of emotional intelligence and an ability to discriminate between your available choices. That is, whether you choose to approach adversity from a problem-oriented mindset or from a solution-focused stance.

Though self-reliance is an admirable trait, you must also be able to recognise when you need to seek additional help, advice or professional guidance.

The mental wellness aspect of your emotional dimension of wellness is also to do with whether you approach your life circumstance with realism. For instance, the extent to which you are being realistic about your personal expectations and your expectations of other people.

In addition, to what extent are you taking responsibility for your own conduct or your own shortfalls? It is very easy to attach blame to other people for the things or events in life that don't go according to plan. 'Blaming' can happen on many levels and in some instances can be very subtle as well as damaging.

For example, you can inadvertently blame your colleagues for your heavy workload because they're not pulling their weight. However, on closer scrutiny, you may find that you're playing the martyr role.

The real issue is therefore your inability to assert yourself and, in not assuming responsibility for your colleagues' work; not your colleagues dumping on you.

Conversely, should your Esteem and Self be low, it can be all too easy to blame yourself over any perceived lack of achievement in your life.

To what extent are you able to acknowledge that 'although things didn't work out as I expected this time, I now know where I made the mistake and how to get things right next time?'

As you can see, the mental aspect of your emotional dimension of wellness describes a healthy process of being able to foster a positive and optimistic outlook on life, its challenges; and, the ability to be accepting of any limitations - your own, as well as those that confront you.

From this healthy mindset, you are much better placed to being able to draw motivation and inspiration from both within and outside of yourself.

Your Journal will prove an invaluable resource that will help you explore your emotional dimension of wellness. This will include 'feelings' as well as helping you to effectively manage difficult life challenges and events.

Journaling will also enable you to explore your many and varied experiences through writing, self-exploration and sharing, within a safe environment, while enhancing your personal insights and learning.

Emotional Dimension Of Wellness: emotional wellness category

The emotional category within your emotional dimension of wellness comes in many forms and relate to your feelings. In general we experience several basic emotions. These include love, fear, joy, sadness, anger etc.,

How you manage, control or work with these emotions will be reflected in the strategies you employ (or do not employ) for coping. For instance:

  • How you choose to deal with issues around how you're feeling personally
  • The level of your positive sense of Self-Esteem
  • Your ability to cope with personal stress and
  • To adequately draw on stress-management/reduction techniques

    All the above factors will determine the extent to which you are able to maintain emotional stability within your emotional dimension of wellness.

    Stability within your emotional wellness dimension therefore relies upon your skill to perceive, to assess and to manage the various emotions you experience, as well as those of other people.

    To achieve this you must be in possession of a positive and sound sense of self esteem, Self-image, self-regard and an ability to cope with and effectively manage both positive and negative emotions.

    Research shows that maintaining a happy and optimistic disposition contribute significantly to living a far happier and healthier life. It has also been shown that people who laugh, who are sociable, who lead rich stimulating lives benefit from better efficiency and brain functioning than those leading passive lifestyles.

    What is your assessment of your emotional dimension of wellness? What is your level of ability to seek out positive emotional experiences and/or to engage in regular bouts of laughter? When last did you have a good belly laugh with your family or your friendship-network?

    You can use the Health Womens Wellness Wheel to assess your level of health and wellness in your emotional dimension of wellness area. (You will find two additional wellness wheels here.

    Once you have assessed how you're doing, use this health skill for wellness exercise to help you assess and plan what you need to change or improve in your emotional dimension of wellness area.

    Psychological wellness dimension: intellectual wellness category

    The intellectual wellness category of your emotional dimension of wellness relate to factors such as 'what' you think and 'how' you think. It is also to do with your ability to be able to rationalise situations, to have insight, to problem-solve and to engage in innovative thinking that leads to resolution of your situation.

    Intellectual wellness is also about the quality of intellectually challenging and stimulating activities or pastimes in which you engage to stretch and expand your mind's capacity.

    We are all continuously acquiring information and knowledge throughout our lives. How effective are you at learing from or indeed using this knowledge/information?

    For instance, as you're reading this article, are you just going along with the flow and accepting with ease the written words? Or, are your own creative thinking processes being stimulated into formulating your own theories about what is being said?

    Engaging your mind in creative and critical thinking on various levels is a must. You can expand your knowledge by observing and becoming curious about what is going on both within and around you; how things are affecting you on a feeling level; and help you come up with strategies for dealing adequately with particular situations.

    Not only will this help you in analysing your personal situation, circumstances and events, it will also help you to critically evaluate your wider networks too.

    Other intellectual wellness factors will include the extent and depth of your listening skills and abilities. How well are you able to listen to the cues your body is sending you for instance? And, what is the extent of your ability to evaluate and apply that information for the benefit of further enhancing your emotional dimension of wellness.

    A healthy mind need mental stimulation. It needs to be fed regularly with new experiences, mental challenges, knowledge and information that will stretch and expand it into tip top condition.

    How rich are you in the mental, emotional and intellectual aspects of your emotional dimension of wellness? While you might be very active physically, have a busy social circle or a career to die for, how good are you at finding time to read a stimulating book, or sitting down to watch a program that make you laugh yourself to tears?

    Your job or career might be be stretching your mental capacity but have you overlooked your need for some light hearted fun and play? If you take care of your emotional dimension of wellness, it will reward you by taking care of you!

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