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Do you have a carb diet low weight loss goal? Are you unsure as to the difference between the various low carb diets, weight loss diet programs, plans and whether they would be right for you? Then let me help to clear away some of the cobweb.

The word 'diet' refers to the habitual practice of eating and drinking for nutritional and enjoyment purposes, whether this is based on cultural and/or personal preferences. Accordingly, there are numerous diets, that are not concerned with weight loss. For example, the diet of Jewish people and that of vegetarians or vegans.

'Dieting, on the other hand, will most always have a common objective. That is the loss of excess body fat. Dieting will require an individual to consume food and drink appropriate to their particular short-term weightloss or health goal. For example, if part of your strategy to lose weight or burn fat is to follow a weightloss diet, whether it is a carb diet -low in carbohydrate or any other method, then you will be 'dieting'. Similarly, a person placed on a diabetic diet for instance, is considered to be dieting. For the sake of ease however, I will be using the word 'diet' throughout. I will also be using the terms 'carb diet low' and low carb diet interchangably, although they will refer to the same thing.

When you're planning your goal, based on a carb diet low weightloss program, it is important you ensure your diet will be nutritionally relevant and practical for your particular needs. Here are some factors you'll typically want to consider, should you be considering the carb diet low method of weight loss.

  • What does the carb diet low method entail?

  • How does a low carbohydrate diet work?

  • Is the carb diet low weightloss method healthy for me?

  • Over what timescale should I consider being on a low carb diet?

    What is a low carb diet?

    For many women, 'dieting' might seem a daunting experience, since the word is synonomous with food deprivation of some kind or another. You do however have an alternative that will not deprive you as much of many of the foods you might particularly like to eat. Opting for the carb diet low method of weight loss gives you this freedom.

    Dieting is a personal thing. For some women it is to lose weight, while for others, it might be for health reasons or both. If you're a vegetarian and/or consider yourself not to be overweight, you might want to consider the Mediterranean diet, to maintain your healthy eating. This popular diet encourages consuming healthy foods such as grains, nuts, fish, fruits and vegetables.

    If you are overweight, or have diabetes and have previously been on a low calorie or low fat diet that has not worked particularly well for you, then the carb diet low method might be an alternative for you to consider. Low carb diets are known to help reduce cholesterol, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, (type 2 diabetes) as well as helping people achieve weight- loss in the short-term. You will most certainly need to consult your doctor or nutritionist, prior to starting a carb diet - low weight-loss regime.

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