Insurance Health Woman - How Covered Are You!

Having an insurance health woman plan is perhaps one of the most important steps women can take toward protecting themselves and their health.

A healthy lifestyle does not guarantee women against getting sick or developing serious health conditions. Regardless of how well you take care of yourself, there is always the possibility of the unexpected.

Everyone need affordable health insurance to protect them healthwise and to give peace of mind. The sad reality is that for many women health insurance is

not available because it is beyond their means.

The need for every woman to have a women's health insurance plan has never been greater. Yet with the rapid and steady growth in care health costs, what are the social and economic implications for women? And more importantly, what are the cost in real health terms?

The last decade in particular, has seen many knowledge-based advances in modern medicine, medical diagnostic, treatment procedures and in women's health.

While health insurance should in effect make these improvements possible for many women, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, millions of women remain uninsured because they cannot afford insurance for their health, despite the very many different private sector and publicly funded insurance programs in the U.S.

barriers to women's access to affordable health insurance

Figures from Kaiser Family Foundation shows that over 17 million women are uninsured and between 2003 and 2004, approximately 243,000 more became newly uninsured. Further, 'that lacking an insurance health woman plan will contribute to poorer health outcomes for women and when women are uninsured, they are more likely to:

  • Postpone care or to forgo filling prescriptions than their insured counterparts

  • Often delay or go without important preventative care such as mammograms and pap tests'

  • insurance health woman - reasons for lack of womens health insurance

    There are various reasons why an insurance health woman plan might be out of reach for many women - poverty being the main reason, Medicaid reports that over half of the non-elderly women in their program, in the age group 19-64 are considered "poor under federal guidelines".

    The list of social and economic reasons that block many women from pursuing an insurance health woman plan can range from ethnicity to poor standards of health care or access to appropriate levels of care health for their needs.

    The following groups have been documented as being at greater risk for a variety of reasons, since they fall into the most vulnerable category. They include:

  • Women who have no income of their own
  • Women who are on a low income
  • Divorced or widowed women
  • Women who experience poverty
  • Younger women
  • Black and other ethnic women

    You can learn more about the implications for women lacking appropriate insurance health woman plan and what steps you can now take to protect yourself, by reading the articles below.

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