Loss Weight Goal? 5 Winning Strategies...

Hello ladies. Sooh, you've got a weight loss weight goal!

It's good to have you back. If you're a fellah - you have our permission to stay but you need to be good.

Alternatively gents, you can skip over to a mens fitness health web site to tank up on more men-specific fitness information and return here to learn how to set your weight loss health and fitness goals.

To be successful with your weight-loss goal, you need a comprehensive weight loss program that will not only remove body fat but guarantee increased energy, health and vitality.

Tell me - what are you doing about your goal? What have you achieved so far? A weight loss weight goal is the same as any other goal, you have to take action to achieve it.

Perhaps you can make a start by asking yourself some serious questions:

  • Do you want to start your own do-it- yourself weightloss weight plan? Or,

  • Do you want to get a little help from one of the online weight loss program such as Weight Watcher or Medifast?

  • Would you prefer to join a weightloss group or class?

  • What physical weight loss exercises would you feel happy doing?

  • What would be right for your age, or current fitness level? Are you over 40 and in need of some specific Anti-aging, Health And Weight Loss inspiration?

  • You'll be forgiven for feeling confused by all that is currently on offer and wondering where to start.

    Don't despair. Where do you start to make sense of what's right for you? Right here! Yes, today is the day when it all comes together for you.

    I am not only going to tell you - I'm going to show you here, right now. By the time you get to the end of this page, you will have a clear blueprint of your weight loss weight goal.

    You will also be clear about the approach that is right for you. Don't worry that you might possibly not be able to afford to join a paid program, because you can do your own weight loss, weight program just as well if not even better and here's the proof that you can.

    In a one-year controlled weightloss trial carried out by the North American Association For The Study of Obesity, 47 women were randomly assigned to either a well known online weight-loss diet (I won't mention them), or a weight loss manual for weight control. Participants were instructed to follow the components of their program as closely as possible.

    At the conclusion of the study, researchers found that those who had used the manual had lost significantly more weight than those using the online weight-loss program.

    At four months, the women using the manual had lost 3.6% of their initial weight, compared to only 1% for those using the online program. At the 1 year mark, this figure again went in favor of the manual users at 4% and 1.1% respectively.

    So, you see, I have every confidence in your ability to achieve your weight loss weight goal. Just be sure to take your doctor's or other professional advice before you attempt to outfox Superwoman.

    If you have not yet arrived at a clear goal or are unsure as to which exercise would best suit you, skip over to this free goals settings guidance, and weight loss exercise, where you will find a selection of exercises to choose from.

    Once you've decided, just click on the link to come back here.

    Assuming you have read the excellent information provided for you at personal goal setting, (the whole section is a 'must read'), - here goes.

    From the knowledge you have gained throughout the site, you should now have a clearly defined weight loss, weight goal or goals, that clearly state the benefits to you for achieving them. You should also have journalled a start/end date by which you will achieve your weight-loss goals.

    The next stage is to carry out a detailed assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and learn how these will enhance or, on the other hand, hinder your goals respectively.

    Do make full use of the free goal setting forms provided. These will help you more than you can imagine. Awareness is key here - forewarned is forearmed - right!

    Here are some goal examples. Have a go at writing your own, or you can use any one from below that fits with what you want:

    Weight Loss Weight Goals:

  • Identify a weight loss program

  • Eat a healthy diet

  • Walking exercise daily and get into shape

  • Lose 8 pounds within one month

  • Go to the gym 3 times each week

  • Lose 2 inches off my hips/bust or thighs

  • Buy an exercise DVD and workout 4 times weekly

  • Research information on an online slimming club

  • Take up jogging exercise

  • Assessing your personal Resources/Strenghts

    Make a list of all your personal strengths and resources, in relation to your weight loss weight goal. Remember, focus only on your strengths - not your weaknesses. Keep it positive. Please do not list a strength and then undermine it. For instance, saying 'I'm really motivated about starting a weight loss weight goal, "BUT" I have a lot of weight to lose'. Leave out the 'BUT' - Keep it positive. Here are some examples to give you an idea of how to approach this area.

  • I value the importance of weight loss and looking/ feeling good

  • I am reasonably healthy

  • When I set my mind to something, I usually achieve it

  • Self-motivation is one of my strengths - I have been praise at work on my strong qualities of being a self- motivator and on my general level of commitment to anything I tackle.

  • I am committed to achieving my target weight loss weight

  • I enjoy weightloss exercise and how much better my body performs when I take care of it

  • Assessing challenges/barriers/blocks to your weight loss weight goal

    In this section, you want to list everything that could possibly get in the way of you achieving your weight loss weight goal. Identifying possible barriers or obstacles to your weight loss, weight goal - helps you to confront them before they arise, thus preventing any nasty little surprises, which could throw you off balance.

    Approaching your goal in this way, will not only give you a head start on how you go about eradicating blocks but will ensure your motivation toward your weight loss weight goal remains in tip top condition.

    Here are some examples of possible barriers and how you might write them - do write your own as they apply to you:

  • I'm unsure as to whether to self-manage my own weight loss weight program

  • I don't know what weight loss weight method would best suit my fitness level and my age

  • I'm not sure which are the best online weight loss program

  • I'm concerned that if I self-manage my own program I might start to feel isolated and unsupported

  • I work long hours and might be too tired during weekdays

  • I have a very healthy appetite and love my food, especially when I'm feeling low

  • As you can see from some of the challenges listed under this section, writing them down, helps you to focus on what is and what might be.

    For instance the exercise highlights two distinct weight loss possibilities - i.e, weight-loss diet and weight loss exercise - how are you going to manage the two?

    Secondly, 'you have a healthy appetite and love your food'. This tells you straight away that you will need a secondary weight loss diet or healthy eating goal, in addition to your weightloss and exercise goal.

    You will also need to consider what you will put in place to replace your 'eating more when you're feeling low'.

    Research has shown that exercise increases the 'feel good factor', so you can simply replace this unhealthy habit of wanting to eat more, by building into your weight loss weight action plan, to go for a swim or even a long walk instead.

    If going it alone is likely to make you feel isolated and/or demotivate you - then you need to consider how you will approach your need for a supportive network

    Assessing your personal development needs for your loss weight, loss goals

    Here you need to focus on development skills which are relevant to your weightloss and exercise goals. So, if your goal is to start a weight loss, weight program - and you are starting from scratch, the first thing you might need is some information pertaining to both do-it-yourself exercise program, such as jogging exercise, video yoga, exercise DVD.

    Secondly, you might want to research the value/quality/differences between the on and offline best weight loss program.

    What's important here is that you identify the skills and/or knowledge you need to develop, which will further help you achieve your main weight loss weight goal. You can then set yourself mini goals for achieving these.

    Here is an example of what you might write in this section:

  • Read a good book/manual on D-I-Y weightloss

  • Research the top 3 best weight loss program such as WeightWatchers and Medifast

  • Increase my knowledge as to the benefit of meditation, video yoga, exercise DVD etc.,

  • Get professional advice from a fitness trainer on my weight loss, weight goal

  • Learn to recognise the signals to me feeling low

  • Work daily on my motivation, using positive affirmations to increase my motivation and strengthen my self esteem

  • Assessing and drawing on your past achievements to feed your motivation toward your weight loss weight goal

    This is where you list all your past achievements, no matter how small or insignificant you might consider them to be. This could be as basic as you having already accomplihsed a written and clearly defined weight loss, weight goal, to something you achieved last month, last year etc.,

    This exercise is a powerful technique for reinforcing and strengthening your commitment to your weight loss, weight goal.

    Here are some ideas to get you started on thinking about your own achievements:

  • I already have a good source of trusted information and knowledge from the Health Womens Healthy Living Goals website

  • I have a clearly written and defined weight loss weight goal, that states my start date and the date by which I will achieve my goal. I have also stated clearly the benefits of my weightloss goals and what it will mean to me personally, achieving it

  • I lost 5 pounds in one month last year, just from walking to and from work.

  • I have already started eating more sensibly by working actively on my food health nutrition

  • I have re-started walking to and from work

  • I have negotiated a shared babysitting arrangement with a another parent, that will free up some time for me to go to my keepfit class/go for my hour long jog/ or to meet up with another parent so we can do a video yoga workout together

  • Now write yourself an action plan for achieving your goals. Remember! You'll find all the personal goals settings guidance and free goal setting worksheets and forms you need by visiting activity goal setting.

    If you feel you need more of a helping hand or that you would benefit from a supportive environment, then why not look into one of the online weight loss programs listed below.

    So you see - how easy is that? Go girl!

    Do drop me a line and let me know how you're getting on. You have no excuses now for not getting started. Just like you, I'm busy too working on my goal - which is to help you in the best possible way that I can.

    Things will not always go according to plan but that is life. Learn to adapt to change and if need be, revise your goal as you feel the need. That is what working toward your weight loss weight goal is all about.

    I'm sure if I listened hard enough, I could probably hear some of you thinking 'I could get away with not having to work through these stages, since my planned vacation is motivation enough to pursue my weight loss weight goal'.

    Please don't take this attitude. Motivation on its own is not enough. If you want successful, sustained weightloss way after your vacation, you must supplement your motivation with discipline and a structured plan of action...

    "Motivation alone is not enough. If you have an idiot and you motivate him, now you have a motivated idiot". (Jim Rohn)

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