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What Differentiates Organic Cosmetics And Natural Skin Care Products!

Health Womens Healthy Living Goals have come to appreciate that over the years, there has and continue to be a growing awareness of, and preference among many women for natural skincare products,- i.e. cosmetic makeup and organic products, free of toxic ingredients.

This has in the main been brought about by sharp criticisms from feminist groups, animal rights activists among others. Research has also established links between these chemicals with the incidence of diseases and cancer.

What differentiate organic skincare products and cosmetic makeup from regular skincare products is the fact that these products are suppose to be manufactured without the use of harsh chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilisers etc.,

Further more, according to the Organic Consumers Association, for cosmetics to be genuinely considered organic cosmetics, all cleaning, conditioning ingredients and the water used should be derived from purely organic materials and non-agricultural water sources respectively.

What Goes Into Non Organic Make-Up And Natural Skin Care Products!

Among the many chemicals that go into non organic cosmetics or natural skin care products are Petroleum, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Parabens.

Wth growing awareness of the harmful effects of these chemicals, many women now make a conscious choice in avoiding cosmetic make up and other beauty products containing these chemicals, opting instead for natural skin care or organic products. But is it really as simple as that?

It is claimed that some organic and natural skin care product manufacturers are simply using 'clever play with words' and are being less than upfront about labelled ingredients and what's really in organic cosmetics, facial skin care products, natural hair care etc.,

Where does this leave you and your skin health? Cosmetic companies are under no obligation to report any personal injuries their products have caused, nor to recall any suspect beauty care product other than on a voluntary basis. Additionally, there is no need on the (FDA's) part to either approve or review organic cosmetics, organic skincare products or even their contents before they are sold to you.

Further, the extent of the Food And Drug Administration (FDA's) 'Watchdog responsibilities is to regulate the colour additives in organic cosmetics, including hair dyes.

Since there is very little if any review by the (FDA) of organic or non organic cosmetics manufacturers, this leaves the organic make up, organic skincare and natural beauty products consumers at the mercy of manufacturers who are less inclined to deliver true organic or natural beauty care products you ask for.

Concerns have been raised by a number of reports over the safety of some of the chemicals contained in cosmetics and skincare products, pointing to the skin problems they can cause. Parabens for instance has been known to cause skin irritation and dermatitis in women with paraben allergies.

If you are concerned about your skin health and are looking for clean, non-toxic natural skin care products that gives consistent results, MyChelle Dermaceuticals have developed a solution-guided product range for several skin types, including sensitive skin, which balance, nourish and restore by supporting the skin's natural immune system.

They claim that their range of natural skin care are Always Free of the following chemicals:

  • Phthalates
  • Parabens
  • Propylene glycol
  • Ureas

  • EDTA
  • Fragrances
  • Encapsulated nano particles
  • Artificial colors

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