Weightloss Exercise - What you need to know!

Do you have a weightloss exercise goal?

Before you set about writing it, you might want to read on to find out whether your choice of weightloss program, fitness exercise or fitness equipment is right for you.

The various health warnings about excessive weight has seen many women (and men) taking active steps toward improving their health and fitness through exercise fitness levels. Are you one of them? I guess you are because you didn't arrive at this page by accident.

The weight-loss industry is booming because of the demand being placed on it. Yet it's hard to find relevant no nonsense information on weightloss exercise isn't it?

There is just so much to wade through in terms of a healthy fat loss diet, weight loss exercise programs.

As soon as you get to grips with one new arrival, another one pops up. It's hardly surprising that you might feel somewhat overloaded. But how do you go about finding out which weight loss exercise fitness approach or program is right for you?

When you think about weightloss exercise, do you immediately establish a link with having to go to the gym? Or having to pay to join one of the many weightloss and exercise programs? The very thought of the gym might just not appeal to you? Nor might you want to join a weight loss program. Well think again. Don't assume that you are limited to only these two choices to really exercise or that joining either will take care of your health and fitness exercise.

There are countless other ways you can engage in productive weightloss exercise and fitness exercise while at the same time doing something you thoroughly enjoy doing. After all, how can you succeed with an exercise weight loss goal, if you're not enjoying the processes or actions involved in getting it!

Prior to embarking on a weight loss and exercise program, it's important to know the facts about you, what you want, what you like/don't like, your strengths and your weaknesses. Having this awareness will put you ahead of other women who simply jump on the bandwagon or follow trend with the latest fad weightloss quick fix. These are just some of the questions you will need to ask yourself.

  • Which weightloss exercise is right for you?

  • What is your current physical health & fitness levels and your age?

  • What is the measure of where you are now and where you ideally want to be with your weightloss exercise?

  • What is the level and quality of your support networks?

  • Will you self-manage your weightloss and exercise?

  • Whether, and at which point you will seek expert guidance such as that offered via gyms, exercise/aerobic classes, or simply invest in a good book by a fitness expert

  • How could you use your current interests and passions to effectively and effortlessly lose weight

  • Which types of weightloss exercise would best suit you timewise, healthwise, agewise, as well as the type of person you are

  • What are your motivation levels? Can you achieve your weightloss exercise goal working on your own or would you do better working out with other like-minded people?

  • What are the benefits of exercise?

    Study after study support the importance of taking care of your body through regular fitness exercise, to maintain good health and weight control.

    Health & fitness exercise not only decreases the risks of serious life threatening health conditions, such as woman heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and arthritis - among many other benefits, exercise and weight loss will improve your overall fitness level and contribute in helping you to live a happier and longer life.

    There are basically two broad kinds of weightloss exercise, both of which you would ideally want to include in your weight loss exercise program:

    Cardiovascular: this will get your heart rate up, builds endurance and burns fat

    Resistance: resistance training triggers increased increased production of bone material in your body. This makes your bones stronger simultaneously building muscle to protect them and giving you better definition

    Important weight loss and exercise and fitness health considerations

    Seeking appropriate advice:

    Health Womens Healthy Living Goals recommend that if you are a beginner, before you take on any form of exercise, you get instruction from someone who understands your needs. At the very minimum, a well written book by an expert on weight loss exercise will suffice for less demanding exercise fitness program.

    Your next step will be to set yourself some health goals for achieving personal fitness. This is where I come in! You'll find a five part personal goal settings guidance here. It covers the five stages of goalsetting your weightloss goal as well as all the goal-setting worksheet and goal forms you will need to achieve your personal fitness goals.

    Whatever your approach, the key is to take it easy and gradually build onto your progress, rather than attempt to do too much too soon.

    The important role of diet:

    You will need to keep a careful eye on your food health.

    There's no point working hard on your weightloss exercise program and then downing a greasy kebab, followed by a bottle of plonk to wash it all down. Your diet will be just as important a part of your physical health and fitness exercise program.

    What you choose to eat will have a negative or positive impact on your goal.

    Know your limitations:

    You might have been able to do a double pike back somersault and full triple twist when you were 18 but don't make the mistake of thinking you can still do it now. Give your age the respect it deserves.

    This doesn't mean that you should let age hold you back from your weightloss exercise but it does mean you must be realistic and take care. If in doubt, seek professional advice from a health & fitness trainer on which weight loss and exercise program would be best for your age and present physical fitness level.

    Make sure you have a support network:

    To achieve your weightloss and exercise goal, you need to ensure your have a firm suport network. This network will consist of your family, friends and those people you meet at places such as gyms, classes etc.,

    By far the most important source of support to you will be your family and friends. Make sure you impress upon them the importance of your weight loss goal and secure both their moral and practical support as needed. For instance, they will need to be sensitive by not tempting or offering you out of bounds food or drinks.

    Seek their support also with the more practical things such as babysitting to free up some time for you etc., Make sure they know and respect how important your goal is to you and that they do not wittingly or unwittingly discourage you from pursuing it.

    Do bear in the importance of your own self-reliance and not look to solely rely on other people for achieving your goal. Look to yourself for ways to overcome challenges or barriers to you achieving your goal. But, also learn to recognise your strengths and weaknesses and how to work with them accordingly - through your journaling efforts.

    Which weightloss exercise is right for you?

    Take a look at the various weightloss and exercise fitness equipment and fitness products below. You will see I have listed them into two categories - those you can do yourself and those for which you might want to seek fitness training assistance.

    Regardless of your current circumstances, you'll find something that is suitable for you. Weightloss exercise doesn't have to be boring. Go with your interests to make your weight loss exercise and fitness as enjoyable an experience as possible.

    Most importantly, choosing a weightloss exercise program, fitness equipment or fitness products that you'll enjoy will make all the difference to your motivation levels and to you achieving your fitness health weightloss goals.

    If like many other women, one of your stubborn areas is your tum, then you'll find this following page a good read abdominal weight loss exercise.

    Once you have made your choice, you will find some expert guidance on the final steps to writing your weightloss exercise goals. You'll find it's well worth the read.

    Exercises you can do on your own

    For many people, cycling is a favourite pastime. Take advantage of this and get out at the weekends or weekday evenings with the whole family. No exhaust fume routes!

    Benefits: Cycling exercise the body and build a stronger cardiovascular system. And just think of the wonderful scenery you could be enjoying whilst benefiting from some fresh air. Don't have time but have an exercise bike at home? Then pedal away whilst you're watching your favourite TV soap. You'd be amazed at what you can achieve.

    Swimming: is an excellent choice for your weightloss and exercise goal and it's a great way of getting into shape. The water gives you that much more support.

    Benefits: Water aerobic helps you to get an all round workout, by toning your body and helping you to lose weight. Why not make some enquiries to your local aquatic centers and find out about water aerobic classes.

    Jogging and walking are also great ways to get fit.

    Benefits: Tones the muscles, increase healthy heart function, improve lung capacity and make you look wonderfrul. You might even get more motivated to do other fitness exercise. Get advice before attempting jogging exercise.

    Dancing DVD is so much fun - especially with other people. Take your pick from clubbing to ballroom dancing, to dance DVD or even dancing around the kitchen with the mop - don't knock it, I've tried it, much to the amusement of my daughter who thought I was stark raving made!

    Benefits: Dancing has long been recommended as an route to fitness. It's An excellent, safe and most enjoyable weight-loss exercise which gets you sweating, puffing and panting - which is great for the heart. Not only does it increase the 'feel good factor;' you're doing something you really enjoy; and on top of that, it won't even feel as if you are having to work.

    If you enjoy dancing, why not choose a Dancing DVD as one of your weightloss exercise - its a great way to lose weight while having fun in the process.

    Try it out with the kids - they'll really think you're great. In addition, why not research dance classes, in your area, i.e. salsa, belly dancing, ballroom dancing, line dancing or even African dancing. It'll be great fun meeting with other people - you'll even fall about the place laughing at yourselves. What matters is that you enjoy this fab way to get fit.

    Tennis: Any one for tennis? Tennis is a great choice for your weightloss exercise. Is there a tennis court near you. If you're working away from home, why not spend 30 minutes of your lunch break playing a game with a colleague. You could then have a light lunch afterwards. You could even consider taking some lessons, if you're no Pete Sampras that is.

    Benefits: A great and fun way to strengthen your cardiovascular system and lose weight.

    Video Yoga   This is an excellent way to exercise if you are short for time or if you're a very busy work from home mum, you can get stuck in once the kids have gone to school.

    Benefits: Devoting just 30 minutes or so daily, would most likely give you the same benefits but cost much less than going to the gym, say 5 days per week. It's an excellent way to get into shape and much more convenient because of flexibility. Just think about all the choices you have. You can opt for a weightloss exercise DVD or video, video yoga, dance DVD or an aerobics workout. The choice is yours.

    Housework: Yes, surprisingly you are in fact burning calories whilst doing housework. Have'nt you noticed how much you sweat after a round with the hoover or tidying up after the kids in the morning?

    Benefits: Put some extra va va voom into all your chores - I usually find that putting on some upbeat music helps to quicken the pace and really make you work up a sweat. Remember, just put in some extra movement and resistance for instance - when mowing the lawn; have a dance as you go about your day to day activities; inject some vigor while sweeping; walking briskly up and down the stairs (take care).

    Make a point of exaggerating your movements - movement is key, you'll know you're burning calories by the way you start to sweat.

    Inject fun into what could otherwise be a 'chore day' and you will really start to enjoy your weightloss exercise.

    Home Exercise   If you hold a negative perception of your body image, or you you're short on funds, you may not want to go to a gym initially. An alternative might be to acquire home exercise equipment. It is important to make sure you invest in the right equipment for your weightloss exercise goal and that it is appropriate for you personally.

    Do try to stay away from used equipment, unless these have been reconditioned and are being offered by a reputable supplier. After all, you don't want to end up with somebody else's cast off - which does not function appropriately or could even be dangerous to use.

    Benefits: will depend on what you choose but you will have a greater degree of flexibility as to when and how often you work out.

    Additionally, you can choose from a range of Aerobics Fitness Equipment and or DVD.

    Drawbacks of Do-it-yourself Weightloss Exercise

    When your weightloss exercise involve you going it alone, it can become a very lonely experience over time. You could even lose motivation unless you plan adequately how you will address this. There is also the risk of boredom setting in. To counteract this, try enlisting a few like minded friends or colleagues to join you in your weightloss exercise. The mutual support and the companionship can be a very motivating experience for you all.

    A second weight-loss and exercise tip, is to try a combination of the fitness exercises listed above. They will work different parts of your body, bringing different results and add spice and variety to your workout.

    Doing your weightloss exercises at home can present additional distractions such as the phone ringing, the neighbour popping around unexpectedly or even someone making a delivery. Just imagine, you are right in the middle of your workout when the doorbell rings - not once, not twice and you are forced to go and see who's at the door. After you've dealt with that situation, you're unlikely to want to continue since you'll have cooled down; your momentum will have gone, making it that much harder to pick up from where you left off.

    Do yourself a favour, work out exactly what you're going to do about the likelihood of these disturbances before you start your weightloss exercise. It could be something as basic as leaving the ansaphone on, to letting your neighbour know about your plans for that time of day

    A Word of CAUTION!The exercises mentioned above are some of the ones which I believe are safe and effective for you. Please use extreme caution with other alternatives such as quick weight loss pills, which might be unsafe for you. Always take medical advice on any medication being touted for weightloss. It's been said over and over again that sustained success with weightloss is a combination of a sensible diet and exercising.

    Ear Stapling: I recently came across this information which might be of benefit to you. Ear stapling is a new, popular weight-loss procedure that draws from ancient acupuncture. While in some states only doctors licensed in acupuncture are allowed to perform acupuncture procedures, in other states people with just certification status are practicing it.

    Dr. Aena Payne, a board-certified acupuncturist at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, said 'acupuncture on the ear can help with weight loss, but does not support ear stapling being carried out by unlicensed practitioners because of the risk of infection'. You can find out more about it here

    Using the Gym

    Using a gym will give you the opportunity to consult with a qualified trainer, who can advise you on a good weight loss exercise plan to achieve your goal.

    You will undoubtedly learn how to use the equipment effectively and appropriately. This option will cost you but may be favoured by many women, since it's an excellent way of developing your social network, especially if you are a work from home mum (I mean this to be self-employment job or being a housewife). It is a wonderful way of meeting new like minded people with a similar goal and purpose of losing weight.

    Benefits:This can be a very powerful motivating experience, providing you with much needed encouragement, inspiration, support and even a little bit of healthy competition which can only serve to fuel your motivation even further. Be sure to research a good gym with qualified staff and fun classes you will enjoy.

    Aerobic weightloss exercise: Aerobic means "with oxygen". You'll most likely find Aerobic exercise classes at your fitness centre.

    Benefits: This is a demanding exercise which strengthens the heart, lungs and cardiovascular system, which process and and carry oxygen more efficiently around your entire body.

    Here are a few weightloss exercise tips

    Be realistic about what you want to achieve. I know you are excited to the point where you want to see immediate results but please take things slow, especially if you have not previously exercised. Getting fit takes time and commitment - get it right and in time you will achieve your goal.

    Remember to work with your strengths. If you have a particular liking for something, start thinking about ways you can develop that liking or passion into a weightloss exercise. Its like killing two birds with one stone - your focus is on losing weight, while at the same time you're doing something you really enjoy.

    Visualise you achieving your goal - your success. There is no better way to feed your motivation and keep you on track than daily visualisation of your weightloss exercise goal - perfect body, shape, look, tone, etc., You have permission to 'dream' in this respect but remember, only if your dreams are being backed up with action.

    Be alert to and take advantage of any snippets of information, ideas, practical solutions or even sources of Free Goals Settings Gifts that will help you with your weightloss exercise goal.

    Access Some Further Excellent Weightloss Tips Here

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    Now set yourself an exercise weightloss goal, you'll achieve in approx 6 - eight weeks. If you have not already done so, go now to personal goal setting and read all the information provided there, then return here.

    Keep your goal small to start with - it might just be to walk every where during the time you have set yourself. You will be amazed by the results of just walking. I know, because I do it. Once you've seen your success from this activity - well blow me if you don't feel like taking on the world. Your motivation will be such that you will want to keep building on your successes with more smaller goals - believe that.

    In the meantime, I know the following quote won't apply to you so just take a look at the self-help resources below!

    ...you see, in life lots of people know what to do but few people actively do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action" (Anthony Robbins)

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    And, remember to set your weightloss exercise goals using your free goal-setting guidance and health goal forms.

    The following site provide a further good source of information and you can pick up a free exercise workout in the process.

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    The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

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