Ear stapling to lose weight

The concept of ear stapling to lose weight isn't a new one, it's been around for more than two decades. More recently however, ear puncture or ear stapling's profile has been elevated by the media and is being hailed as the new magical formula for weight loss.

Although ear stapling to lose weight is a procedure that draws form ancient acupuncture, it should not be confused with the more traditional form of acupuncture treatment which is also used for weight loss.

The difference between ear stapling to lose weight and acupuncture weight loss is that the latter combine acupuncture needles (which targets both ear and body points), along with Chinese herbs for tea, to control appetite and supress food cravings. In addition, acupuncture weight loss is designed to boost your metabolism and reduce water retention, helping you lose weight.

A further important distinction is that, while accupuncture practitioners are licensed, ear staplers may have little or no training in acupuncture, other than that provided by way of a permit or certificate for ear and body piercing.

Procedure for ear stapling to lose weight

The procedure for ear stapling weight loss requires knowledge of auriculolgy - auricular acupuncture identifies acupuncture points in the ear. Ear stapling practitioners are different and have different methods and beliefs about ear puncture and placement.

Ear stapling weight loss involves inserting a small surgical stainless steel staple between specific pressure points in the ear - acupuncture points. The ear puncture staple applies pressure to the acupuncture points for the stomach, which in turn sends a signal to the brain that eliminates cravings for food by telling your brain your stomach is full.

The ear stapling weight loss procedure requires only one ear to be stapled, although some practitioners have been known to recommend their clients have the ear puncture on both. It is claimed that one ear is supposedly more effective than the other, although there is no real way of knowing which, hence some staplers will do both.

Once inserted, the weight loss ear staple remains in place for anything from two to 6 months, depending on individual need. They can be taken out and repositioned to a slightly different location on your ear, to overcome the issue of your body getting use to the same stimulus point over a period of time. According to sources, ear stapling to lose weight is likened to having your ears pierced - it only takes a few seconds, with a slight stinging sensation which is short-lived. You can expect to pay anywhere from $60 - $85 for the ear staple procedure.

Weightloss claims of ear stapling

There is no scientific evidence to support claims over the effectiveness of ear stapling weight loss. It is claimed that the average weight loss can be in the region of 2-5 pounds per week for women although much greater results can be achieved by following a healthy diet, supplemented with regular exercise.

As well as weightloss, when specific points in the ear are stimulated by the staple, the ear stapling procedure is said to be effective at reducing hot flashes, acid reflux, elimination of sugar cravings, urges to snack between meals, migraine headaches and relief from gastro-intestinal conditions, without adding harmful chemicals to the body. Some ear stapling practitioners additionally claim an 85-90% success rate with weight loss and an 80% success rate for smokers.

Despite these claims however, unlike some other scientifically proven procedures, no one can say just how the staple in the ear stapling to lose weight procedure actually help people to lose weight.

Qualifications of ear stapling weight loss practitioners

In most states, ear stapling weightloss is not regulated. Nor, are practitioners required to have any medical education or training. People with certification beside medical doctors, can practice acupuncture, including ear stapling.

When you consider that the only requirement for someone to practice ear stapling is an ear piercing permit or certification, you see just how very easy it is for anyone to set up an ear staplingweight loss enterprise in dubious places such as hair salons for example. In Mississippi however, ear stapling weightloss procedure is perceived as 'acupuncture' and can therefore only be carried out by doctors licensed in acupuncture.

It is reported that the Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure closed 14 such practices, following an investigation into complaints from people with serious ear infections and from doctors having to treat more patients by removing infected staples. Officials in Mississippi consider the ear stapling to lose weight procedure a form of accupunture, which only licensed physicians can perform. The American Medical Association and other states however, have yet to voice their position or to reach an opinion on whether this is the case.

What are the risks with ear stapling weight-loss

The use of ear stapling weight-loss is an American innovation, which many are claiming to be ineffective and dangerous. Furthermore, some opponents point out that since ear stapling only use two points in the ear - one in the upper and outer part of each ear in contrast to up to twenty points used in more traditional forms of accupunture, ear stapling for weightloss is not recommended.

  • Due to the length of time the staple stays in for, you run the risk of getting it infected, which can be dangerous. You'll also need to follow through on scrupulous after care of keeping the ear clean and dry (with no fiddling). There's also the risk of permanent scarring

  • Some critics of ear stapling to lose weight claim the procedure is dangerous, since there is a risk of permanent damage to the ear cartilage, which does not repair itself after sustaining injury and therefore has little resistance to infection

  • Staples may fall out, inadvertently entering the ear canal which can damage the inner ear and ear drum

  • Bear in mind that if you're overweight or have obesity, this can be for a variety of reasons other than sheer over-indulgence. For example, having thyroids, emotional health issues or for other medical reasons. Should this be the case, then ear stapling to lose weight will certainly not be effective for you, since the stapling procedure works on the premise of someone constantly feeling hungry - and not for medical reasons

    In addition, the complexity and underlying reasons associated to excess weight is different from person to person and need to be accommodated for. In these instances, it is more than likely that more than one procedure to manage weightloss will be called for. This raise a strong argument for the more traditional form of acupuncture weightloss, which is more complete than ear stapling to lose weight. Acupunture weightloss relies relies on a combination of approaches that include a healthy diet and exercise regime; measures to speed up the metabolism; as well as addressing other imbalances within the body that may be affecting your general health and your weight. It is a more holistic approach.

    For many women however, using traditional accupuncture for weightloss as opposed to ear stapling to lose weight can be cost prohibitive, owing to the length of time treatment will need to run for. This can make the ear stapling to lose weight procedure an even more tempting proposition - but you must weight up the real cost to you in terms of your safety and wellbeing.

    Self help: ear stapling to lose weight

    If you're intent on pursuing the ear stapling to lose weight method, here are some pointers to help you in your assessment of a qualified practitioner and in keeping yourself safe:

  • do consult your doctor first for advice and guidance

  • Make sure you do your homework. Be wary of being asked to sign a waiver removing any liability from the stapler.

  • If your staple should come loose or fall out,
  • Be also warned, that there are many a story of people having to spend thousand of dollars on medical bills, from contracting serious infections from ear stapling. If it goes wrong, you'll find it cost you far more than the mere cost of your ear stapling to lose weight.

  • Do consult qualified practitioners, licensed to practice acupuncture and ear stapling to lose weight in a sterile environment. Do not be tempted by cut rate prices offered in places such as hair salons or other dubious outlets.

  • Do query refund policy, or practice policy. For instance, in the event of your staple falling out and need replacing, how are you covered? what timescales/arrangements are in place for you to have replacements? Will you be expected to pay all pver again?

  • Do clarify how any infection will be handled, the timeframe for removal of the staple and any additional costs likely to be incurred

  • "The right to do something does not mean that doing it is right"

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