Emotional Health

How Does Stress Affect Emotional Health Or Emotional Wellness?

Womens' unwavering sense of duty and responsibility toward family, children, home and work can often make us unaware or even dismissive of the extent of our stress levels and how this can adversely impact on our emotional wellness.

However, too much stress over a sustained period of time can take its toll on womens health and emotional wellbeing. Stress does not discriminate! Stress affects health and can present major health issues in women of every age, creed and origin.

This is all the more reason why women need to pay particular attention to their emotional wellness, in as much as we do for our physical fitness health.

We are all too aware that physical fitness and exercise can help to prevent serious health issues in women. By the same token, emotional fitness and exercise can equally prevent emotional ill-health and even mental illness.

Please do not confuse mental illness with emotional health. Though closely related, they mean different things. Effecitively, if you take care of your emotional wellness health, you stand a far better chance of preventing mental ill-health from arising. (Incidentally, mental health refers to a state of health, whereas mental illness refers to ill-health).

What Is Emotional Health?

Emotional health or emotional wellbeing refers to our overall health, how we think, feel and to our general attitude and coping strategies to life events and challenges. It is also concerned with our ability to value and manage our own emotions and to respond appropriately to those of other people.

The Mind Institute

Emotional wellbeing and emotional intelligence is something we learn as we are growing up.

Our capacity to grow emotionally is shaped by our environment, our interactions, the skills we learn along the way and the experiences we go through.

This, coupled with how we use these resources when confronted with challenges in our lives is the foundation upon which each individual's emotional wellness is built.

Since not all women, or individual life circumstance are equal, the degree of emotional wellness will vary from poor, to optimal. While not all women will be optimal 100% of the time, the aim is to create and continue to build upon a solid emotional health foundation that will serve us well 'when the going gets tough', thus giving us a better chance of emerging stronger at the end of any life crisis.

However, when we feel unable to cope, isolated or over burdened by life events, we are at the lower end of the emotional well-being scale and will need support to help us to regain our perspective and to move upward toward better emotional wellness balance.

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Health Womens Healthy Living Goals have put together a stress health article resource to cover most aspects of understanding how stress affects health, managing stress and how to build a solid emotional wellness and emotional intelligence foundation. Simply visit the relevant articles below, where you will find all the information you need.

"That kind of life is most happy which affords us most opportunities of gaining our own esteem" (Samuel Johnson)

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