Woman Fitness Defined

The buzz word at the moment is woman fitness. But what does it mean?

There are varying definitions of the term but do they fit with your current perception of what it is to be 'fit?'

Definitions of fitness include:

'having the necessary qualities; 'being well adapted for a purpose;' 'healthy and strong;' 'being in good condition or health;' and lastly, 'being in harmony with'...

A common characteristic of these definitions is that they imply holistic woman health and wellness, which is the cornerstone of woman fitness.

When you have overall womens health, you're able to achieve a high quality of fitness at every level of your life. Fitness is therefore the reward for good health. It is what make you want to live your life with gusto and to the full.

The current and perhaps general perception of fitness health however appears to be a measure of your ideal weight loss goal or your food health vitamin and nutrition intake or even how hard you work out doing weightloss exercise etc.,

Don't get me wrong - woman fitness or women's wellness is about all of these things but its also, equally about paying attention to the mechanisms that turns your health and fitness wheel - i.e, your inner mental and emotional workings.

When you're in harmony with the very essense of your being - mind, body and soul, you have optimum woman fitness. While these aspects of yourself don't all have to be in perfect shape, - you just need to keep oiling the wheels which keep you moving along smoothly.

So, what are some of these other pre-requisites for attaining holistic or optimum women's health and wellness? Woman fitness is also about having a healthy self esteem, self-reliance, emotional health and fitness, being happy, good health - mental and physical. All of these characteristics will contribute to your having an holistic inner and outer harmony.

Today I want to bring to your attention, several other woman fitness requirements of paramount importance to your overall women's wellness health plan. These are:

  • Sleep:It's no good embarking on those wonderful womens health goals - and expecting to achieve them, if you are intentionally or unintentionally being deprived of sleep. Improve your sleeping habits to optimise your level of functioning

  • Stress:physical or emotional stressful events places physical and emotional demands on your body, which in turn responds to those demands with stress sympthoms - learn to combat stress

  • Beliefs:The direction and quality of your womans health is the result of your beliefs, - which have the potential to create or destroy. It's no good setting your womens health goals if you don't believe in your potential to achieve them. Just the same as not setting goals is destroying your potential through under- utilisation - what are your beliefs telling you?

  • Fear:Fear is crippling. It hyjacks you, your your personal resources and stops you from taking action. Fear stops you from embarking on the most basic of steps toward your woman health and fitness, because you fear you won't succeed

  • Having considered all the above points, I trust you'll now start the goals settings process and set goals to change your perceptions on any or all of the above.

    True woman fitness is the ability to get on with your daily life without feeling drained - emotionally, physically or spiritually. Place no limits on achieving your holistic womans health.

    "There are many ways of going forward, but there is only one way of standing still". (Unknown source)

    The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

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