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The Health Womens Healthy Living Goals web site is for the personal use and enjoyment of visitors only. No part of this site's content, may be used for commercial purposes.

Copyright is applied to the design and all the material on this womens health web site, as well as to all rights to its structure, material and resources, which are owned outright.

Content may not be duplicated, modified, reproduced, distributed, displayed, transmitted or published in any way, without first seeking the express permission and written consent of its founder and owner.

Any violation of the Terms Of Use, or occurrence of unlawful copying of this website's material for any purpose other than for personal use, will be deemed unacceptable and will invoke the strongest possible legal action punishable by law.

Request for authorised use of any of this web site's material must be put in writing, with a full explanation as to the reasons and intended use.

Any request for use of this web site's material on unsavoury or offensive websites, or any other inappropriate use will be deemed unacceptable and will be rejected outright.

Priority will be given to any suitable website that promote or is seeking to promote the interests of all women - and womens health issues, irrespective.

You may Contact Me with any questions or queries in relation to this Health Womens Terms Of Use.

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