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websites extra-ordinary people just like you and me have created with SBI

If anyone told me that starting February 2006, by December 2006 I would have successfully established a website business, (for which I am extremely proud), I would never have believed them. You see, the thought had never even entered my mind.

Yet, I am a classic example of what you do when life circumstances wreak havoc with your best laid plans for your career or work health goals - and everything comes crashing down around you.

Take a look around the Health Womens Healthy Living Goals website and at the quality of information that has been put together in under a year! Does a year in which to achieve a website goal strike you as being quick? No of course not.

what is striking though, is that I've achieved one of my primary goals of offering what I believe to be a much needed service to women - something that's very close to my heart, while at the same time establishing an online home-based business. My website goal is, - a 'Means To An End' Goal.

I take full un-reserved pride in saying that what I have achieved with my website goal as a stay at home mom, working on a part-time basis over the past year, is what many people would take two to three years to achieve with an off-line business. That is not bragging, it's a fact!

If you're wondering how on earth my free service to women could possibly be cited as being a viable, let alone a successful on-line business, think on this! My winning website goal formula is:

Passion + Willing = Free (Needed) Service + Visitor Interest = Website Traffic x Volume = Website Goal Success

As you will see, my ultimate work health, website goal was initially a spiritual one and not a financial one. This is because, work/job satisfaction was my most significant aim at that time.

However, in the process of fulfilling my spiritual goal (my website goal), my financial wellness dimension has benefited to the extent where I can now expand on this area, thus bringing my financial dimension into greater balance.

Using the Internet as an ongoing source of income for my website goal

What has now made me decide that I want to use the internet as an ongoing source of income? I need greater flexibility as well as wanting full control over my life, my working hours and in making my own decisions. Due to my caring responsibilities, I am already restricted in other ways over which I have little to no control.

This is my chance to claw back whatever control I can get. My website goal has helped me create something meaningful (even within the climate of restriction I have experienced).

Achieving my website goal has helped me to feel good about myself, my achievements, as well as validating my numerous other roles as wife, mother/carer, chief cook and bottle washer, friend, advocate etc.,

Here's how I started my website goal - with nothing taken out!

How I Survived The Internet Working From Home Learning Curve

I first learned about a software program called Site Build> It (SBI), in very much the same way that you are hearing about it now from me.

It was brought to my attention via email by someone who had used it, loved it and recommended it - so I researched it to learn how it could help be work toward my website goal.

Having read what I thought was the answer to all my questions on how to establish a successful website presence, I promptly saved it at favourites with the intention of returning to it just as soon as I had followed up my numerous other lines of inquiry.

In the meantime, I also went back to reading the countless emails from Internet marketing gurus, not to mention the countless wild goose chases they led me on; many of which were with the sole intention of parting me from my hard earned cash, which incidentally, was taking me further away from pursuing my website goal!

Beware the sharks!

So compelling were some of these spiels that I absolutely had to check them out. One minute I was following up a new lead, the next thing I knew, it had taken me into five different directions.

The problem was that each seemed equally tempting or promising of my attaining financial freedom from a legitimate work from home opportunity, using this or that piece of software. I just had to read on to find the best qualifier that would help me achieve my website goal.

A year later and a whole lot of grey hairs too, I had come full circle - back to where I had originally started. Only, I had a very bitter taste in my mouth. Yes, I was one (retail) website better off, but a heck of a lot poorer from all the time and money I had invested in it - no, not invested - 'thrown away'.

Having paid for hosting, domain registration, numerous 'How To' software, all recommended by my now few trusted leads. I had at least expected it would have started paying for itself.

Instead, I was caught up in a spiral of needing to spend more and more (according to the ever increasing NOISE from the gurus about yet another ground-breaking piece of Internet software, on which my traffic success depended).

Mistake number two was, that having enlisted someone on a paid basis to help me build the technical aspects of my website, each time I wanted to update it - I couldn't do so without paying him.

To say that my web server was unhelpful and unsupportive would be a gross understatement. I had all but thrown in the towel on my very first site. As I saw it, it was meant to be a part-time work from home online income but instead it had already taken far too much of my time, not to mention taking my focus away from establishing my career - i.e. my life coaching practice.

Wake up and smell the coffee time!

While still pursuing my search for knowledge - this time in relation to setting up my coaching practice, I stumbled across another reference - in bold black and white, to -    Site Build It I gasped in horror, dismay and just about every other non-productive emotion I could muster. I had been sitting on this all the time. Re-reading the information I had saved, I quite literally kicked myself for being such an absolute idiot.

Now, I could be totally honest with myself about the reasons I had filed it away instead of running with it when I had the chance. It was the cost. In all honesty, it wasn't so much that I couldn't afford it but rather a case of 'why spend $299 when I could get the job done with $50. Little did I know!

You see, when you're keen to succeed, it's very easy to get drawn by the NOISE,- into believing what you're being told about setting up a website with hosting and domain for under $50 or so, compared with spending a couple of $100's for what you perceive to be the same thing. 'No it's not'. I had spent close to $3000 on pursuing a website goal without having made even a dollar in return to show for it. This costly realisation completely changed my approach.

It was time to 'wake up and smell the coffee'. In a moment of sanity, I weighed up my time, the expense, the endless hours of frustration from trying to get my head around the mechanics of setting up a successful website from scratch.

You know what really hurt? Not the money but my precious time, lost on pursuing my website goal and how I was so mis-led by people who should be professional enough to know better!

And the moral of the story is...!

Don't put your hopes, dreams, website goals (or otherwise) into the hands of people who haven't proven themselves time and time again.

Unless you really weigh up the true cost, and structure your approach to your career goal or website goal, you'll end up chasing your tail.

You know the saying about 'doctors making the worse patients', (this applies equally to life coaches - they can also be some of the worse clients)! That's precisely what happened to me. Don't end up being your own worse enemy!

I did not abandon that first website and although Site Build It (SBI) gave me the option of transferring it over to their system), in all honesty, I was by now totally fed up with that websit goal and the website world and just wanted rid.

I decided to leave it as far behind me as possible and focus on setting up my coaching practice, - with the intention of resuming this interest once I had achieved my career goal.

As I soon found out though, that wasn't to be either.

How It Rained On My Parade!

A family crisis changed my circumstances and I became a full-time stay at home mum. The nature of my responsibilities meant that I could not now commit to my coaching practice in the way I had wanted.

Forced into revising my goal, my focus shifted back to setting up a new website, my website goal - the Health Womens Healthy Living Goals free resource, dedicated to all women. Only this time I was forewarned and forearmed!

How I retained my sense of Self

As a stay-at-home mum, I knew that I needed to explore ways of retaining my healthy sense of self and purpose, other than being a mum, carer etc., To achieve this, I needed to do something for myself, that was not driven solely by an external need - such as 'a need for income'.

While setting up my life coaching practice in the off-line world was no longer viable, a free coaching website for women certainly was. This website goal would become my spiritual fodder.

How ironic, that having spent so much time and money trying to achieve a part-time income, that I would now find myself in a position where I was gladly giving away my services for free.

But you know what? Your life lessons can come in many ways and many different forms!

Nothing Beats Working From Home - How SBI Helped Me Achieve My Website Goal

My previous year's experience had taught me enough about what other hosting companies had to offer so, it was very interesting to compare the features of some of the very best, against what SBI had to offer. There was no real comparison - Site Build It won hands down.

Once I completed my Site Build It registration, my website was live on the Internet within 48 hours. I then simply went online to use the (SBI) software that's stored on their servers.

The software included a 600 page action guide that led me with ease through each step of the process. The next step was using the software to research popular search terms and key words I would use when writing my web pages. This is also home to the blueprint of my website.

From there on, it was a case of being guided every step along the way, building each web page at a time. In a nutshell Site Build It (SBI) offered me everything I needed to get started and achieve my website goal. I can even build an endless number of websites using the same account.

There's really no such thing as a FREE meal...

One of the things I particularly like and respect about Site Build It is that they impressed upon me at a very early stage the need to ignore all the 'Get Rich Quick' pitching NOISE on the Internet today.

Further, that there really is no magical way from 'rags to riches' overnight but that if you get it right, you can create a good website or promote your existing website business working from home. And I am living proof that doing so can change your life too.

Listen to what other folks who have used SBI are saying about how it changed their lives

I am not going to lie to you, Building my site took hard work, commitment and dedication. Did I feel daunted and overwhelmed at times? Of course I did. But you know what, with the quality of Support Forums, the step-by-step Action Guide and SBI Video Action Guide, I needn't have been. I loved every minute of working with the software and using it to attain my website goal.

Tools to die for...

The second thing that impressed me about Site Build It is, that they had an established web hosting system of tools with a proven track record of success. This was important, since I am not technical-minded and for starters, knew absolutely no html. It was also paramount that I retained full control over my own website.

Yet,I was able build my website from scratch following the step- by-step help and numerous web tools, site hosting, domain registration, learning how to research appropriate keywords, how to optimise my web pages etc.,

The list of benefits I enjoyed from the whole Site Build It package is endless. Yet I have barely scratched the surface. But don't just take my word for it, draw your own conclusions from this comparison of tools SBI offers, against other providers.

Defining my success...

So stunned, not to mentioned thrilled by the success of my website, I am now about to start my second Site Build It web site. Since my definition of success will differ significantly to your own, I am going to let you make up your own mind about my success. Working on a part-time basis from home, here's how I achieved my spiritual goal:

  • I acquired the Site Build It step-by-step guide in February 2006.
  • In March 2006 I uploaded my home page and had 59 visits
  • I continued building pages and in April 2006 had 337 visits
  • May brought me a total traffic of 450
  • By June it had risen to 816
  • There was no slacking off in July - a grand 1077
  • In August I was rewarded with 1662
  • By September my visits climbed to 1881
  • October was 2700
  • November saw a whopping 11,818 due to one promotion effort
  • In December I was chuffed with 4411

    What stand out from the above figures is the fact that each and every month, my web site visitors have consistently grown. This is despite the fact that I have hardly done anything to promote my web site to increase more targeted visitor numbers. Instead, my focus has been to build more and more content pages for my visitors' enjoyment.

    And my website goal just got bigger...

    One of my goals now is to concentrate on promoting my site with the sole aim of substantially increasing my traffic. This is already happening month on month. As my website traffic grows, more and more websites are linking to me helping my traffic to grow at an even faster pace.

    Have I achieved my website goal and more importantly, my spiritual goal? Yes - absolutely. Will I be resting on my laurels - absolutely not.

    You see, 'my website goal has just got bigger'. My primary goal now is to expand further on my success, with a view to earning an income (which incidentally I am already achieving monthly with Google Adsense.

    Not bad going either, when you consider that I only put the first ads up in September. Want to know my third goal? You've got it - I plan on building my second website shortly.

    The opportuities for achieving your own website goal and earning money with your own hobby, knowledge or experience are vast. I have been very surprised that my own website is actually now increasingly earning me a work at home income without my even selling a product of any kind and especially now that I have far less work to do.

    I haven't had the luxury of time to devote to my website, since I am a full-time carer of my teenage daughter who has severe uncontrolled epilepsy and learning difficulties. But, when I have had, I'm sure you'll agree that I have approached it with passion, thought and giving.

    Imagine what you could achieve with your interest, knowledge or passion in half the time, employing all the personal goal setting information provided throughout this website!

    Learn how to turn your hobbies and pastimes into an income- generating web site.

    Build own website

    If I Can Do It - You Can Do It Too

    The reasons for wanting to share my experience and website goal with you are twofold. Firstly, it is to show you that your work life health is about having flexibility and control. When things don't go according to plan, it doesn't have to be the disaster you may anticipate.

    Work health goals are made and they can be easily broken for a variety of reasons. I firmly believe that if you want your goal or goals enough, as long as you remain flexible, there's absolutely nothing that will stand in the way of your achieving them.

    Secondly, if anyone tells you that there is a magical Get Rich Quick formula for achieving your most pressing - career goals; work from home opportunities; or website business goals, - they're lying.

    If they tell you that setting up a website will put instant cash in the bank - run a mile. But if they tell you that with realism, hard work, focus and the right know-how - you too can achieve a reliable part-time or full-time income from the comfort of your own home, - believe it.

    Starting your own online Internet website income need not be the daunting proposition you might perceive. Now that I have told you, let Solo Build It show you and then all you have left is to do it. Solo Build It helped me to achieve my spiritual aspiration via my website goal and they can help you to achieve yours too.

    Yes, FOCUs, a structured approach and a willingness to work hard are pre-requisites. Solo Build It will most certainly help you out with the first two. As for the latter - a willingness to work hard must come from you. Remember - you won't be on your own either.

    So where do you start with your website goal?

    Start with something you feel passionate about. Do you have a good knowledge-base on any subject? Do you have a hobby or an interest you can share with the rest of the world, while at the same time making you a work at home income?

    You don't have to be a skilled author or anything like that - just an ability to write small articles about your area of expertise, knowledge or interest.

    To give you an idea of what I mean, take a look at some of the websites extra-ordinary people just like you and me have created with SBI.

    Increasingly, personal circumstances are dictating work/career choices/decisions - especially for women. More and more people are looking for alternative work from home jobs as a means of earning a living from the comfort of their own homes.

    This is supported by a Harris Poll, showing that 72% of households are thinking about starting legitimate work from home jobs or businesses. Home based work might be especially appealing to women, for a variety of reasons.

    Whatever your reasons for wanting to pursue an income opportunity home based business or work, important considerations such as economic control, flexibility and independence will undoubtedly be three of the most significant considerations.

    Whether you're looking at starting a website business, or maybe you have an idea for some extra home income, doing work from home jobs, or you need to create a web site for your existing online or off-line business. If you don't know where to start, SBI may be the answer for you.

    "Don't grow a wishbone where your backbone ought to be"

    Some challenges for work from home moms

    May be you're a full-time, 9-5 working mom who is fed-up with the daily hussle and bustle and want a full time income working from home.

    You might have already researched various income opportunity home based business solutions or have even considered a work from home opportunity. Your thinking may well be along the lines that if you start part-time work at home jobs, you can build on that until you can drop your existing day job.

    You may also have found that your pursuit of a part-time job outside the home has not paid well, or even that working part-time presents just as much hassle juggling your priorities, as holding down a full-time job.

    As well as brainstorming all your ideas, interests, hobbies or even the things you feel passionate about, let Solo Build It show you how to get the very most out of what it is that drive you, as well as helping you create a reliable second income. You could be less than 12 months away from quitting your day job and becoming financially independent.

    Stay at home moms

    If you're a stay at home mom or have caring responsibilities, like me, I am guessing that the decision has been dictated by one important factor - that is, wanting to be there 100% for your children or loved one etc.,

    Yet, it is understandable that you might sometimes feel torn between the desire to be there for your children and the desire to have more economic control, flexibility and independence over your own life. Don't for one moment believe that you are powerless to change your situation.

    This is where Solo Build It met these needs for me personally. Building my website has been a liberating experience. Not only has it enabled me to be there 100% supporting my daughter while she recouperated, It has helped me to create and maintain a good measure of independence, flexibility and control over my life. Learn how stay-at-home moms have built businesses with SBI! that start as a second income stream for the family, but grow to become the primary one!

    As you can see, having a website goal or building a website is not a quick fix solution to earning a home-based income. However, SBI makes working from home a strong viable option.

    By putting effort into building something tangible, you could find that in the medium term it represent one of the best opportunities if you are wanting to work from home and especially if you're a stay-at-home-mum.

    Whether you're...

  • Presently working and want to quit the 9-5 grind in 12 months
  • Retired
  • Disabled and are prohibited from accessing work opportunities
  • Unemployed
  • Recently been made redundant next to no time you can be up and running:

  • Selling your services
  • Selling products and/or goods from home
  • Earning a second home income without having to sell anything
  • Earning a full-time or part time income from sharing your hobbies
  • Working from home or,
  • Distributing or network marketing or if,
  • You have an existing business you want to bring online or
  • You want to start a web site business

    I don't as a rule make strong recommendations for any product or service but in this instance I am willing to make an exception. You see, I have used Solo Build It and that qualifies me to tell you about it with some degree of authority.

    I value highly its strengths while respecting that just like anything else in life, Solo Build It isn't perfect - far from it. Yet their ability to use customer feedback to build on their strengths; to further strengthen any weaknesses; and consistently come up with the goods, is second to none.

    While I have been busy in my endeavours coaching you via this womens health website, behind the scene - SBI have been busy walking me through the entire process of working toward my website goal and in getting my message out to you.

    I'm sure you'll agree that any business opportunity that doesn't expose you to hidden costs; that makes no extra charges or fees for additional state of the art tools for your business; that provides a supportive learning environment; and can boast that the top 3% of successful web sites are among their customers, is money well spent - which can't be bad!

    If you want any further proof/reasons of what make SBI so special in my eyes, take a look at this!

    Let SBI Prove It To You

    Compare The Tools SBI Offers, Against Other Providers

    Learn How stay-at-home Moms have built businesses with SBI!

    Take a look at websites extra-ordinary people just like you and me have created with SBI

    Take A Quick Peek At The Step-by-step Guide

    SBI provide a Video Action Guide as well

    Do You Have Further Questions You Want Answered?

    "Why build JUST a Web site... when you COULD build a Web BUSINESS?"

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