Inspirational Quote - The Meaning It Holds For You

What gives you inspiration?

Is it an inspirational quote, an inspirational short story, a motivational quote, an inspirational song or book, a famous quotation by someone you happen to admire and respect? Or is it something as simple as a dew drop on a healthy beautiful flower, (which incidentally is the image logo for the Health Womens Newsletter, 'Inside Insight').

Here is another source of inspiration that allows me to create, what I perceive to be, exquisite pieces of artRock panel artwork, using health giving semi-precious rocks, minerals, quartz crystals and gemstones. I can literally feel the positive energy- giving properties inherent in these beautiful, mystic, healing gems. Take a look! There are at least 5 different art work pieces so do check them out.

How do you maximise on your inspirations?

For instance, when you read a famous inspirational quote or motivational quotation, from the likes of:

Stephen R Covey, Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy or even a beautiful poem;

do you ever note the impact it makes on you or does that last for all but a few
seconds before you move on to your next task.

Does it evoke a feeling, a meaning, a desire, or a need to do something relevant to that inspirational quote, song or quotation.

Do you ever act on these wants, desires or needs and if not, what do you suppose would happen were you to take that bold step and make that change?

Do you know what inspired me to create this website? Or even what it is that led me to include a famous inspirational quote on each page of the Health Womens Healthy Living Goals site?

Whether the quotes are by famous motivational people, such as Nelson Mandela, Stephen R covey, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, or, they're just typical every day 'sayings', what they all have in common is that they are designed to provoke an emotion or a reaction within or from you; one that will call you to action!

My inspiration to inspire you had to come from a source. I regularly draw on numerous sources to keep me inspired. If you clicked on the above link and read the page, you will by now know the main source of my drive for this health womens health web site.

Did my inspiration really start from that one experience? Yes, it did. I chose to act on it. Once I did, it opened up a whole new world for me, presenting me with further sources of inspiration.

It is these sources of inspiration that I regularly draw on, with the aim of inspiring you. So, the next time you read an inspirational quote on any of the Health Womens pages, spare a thought for the meaning that quote contain.

Irrespective of how inspiring or motivating inspirational quotes are, they need to be absorbed in order for them to be effective for more than the moment.

Today, I continue to draw a deposit from the fact that I am providing you with a service I can only believe will help and inspire you in similar ways that I myself have been inspired by someone close to me. My art work is yet another source of motivation derived from this web site.

There are two main ways you can draw inspiration and motivation. Firstly, from what is going on outside and around you and secondly, from what is going on inside of you.

Being open to drawing inspiration from what's going on around you (external) will heighten your imagination and help you to tap into your own enormous (internal) inspirational reservoir. When that happens, you're a woman on a mission.

Become more keenly attentive to the many inspiring elements around and within you. Whether you draw your inspiration from a famous quote, an inspirational short story or motivational speakers, meditation, or any of the likes of:

  • Stephen R Covey
  • Jim Rohn
  • Napoleon Hill
  • Brian Tracy or,
  • Anne Frank
  • A poem, The Most Beautiful Woman In The World (Ruwaida Van¬†Doorsen)
  • From the life experiences of a loved one
  • From an image or picture
  • An inspirational book
  • From a song or even,
  • Inspirational quotes
  • From the natural and awe-inspiring beauty of nature

    when you draw freely from whatever source, you open not only your mind, but your heart and soul to phenominal awareness and life expanding growth.

    When ever you next come across an inspirational quote that stirs you, don't must quickly move on. Try to savour the meaning that quote holds for you personally.

    Do be sure to record all these meanings and inspirations in your Journal. You'll be surprised by the degree and depth of creativity it initiates within you.

    A good inspirational quote or famous quotation will always strike the right cord at the right moment, especially when it relates to or compound something you're currently experiencing or feeling.

    It could be that you're nursing a heart-break yet, when you hear that inspirational song, or read that inspirational short story, that it just seem to help put things into better perspective for you.

    Or, it might be that you're dis-satisfied with your present health/life situation and you read an inspirational quote that feeds your determination to set some life changing womens health goals.

    Or could it be that you want to experience a new positive and confident way of living and when you read that famous quote, you feel motivated to set that New Year's resolution goal for building a healthy self-esteem and self confidence.

    At another time your emotions may not be so tuned or sensitive to the same inspirational quote. Although you may initially feel inspired by what you've read, this might soon wane or you find you have quickly forgotten what you read.

    It may not convey the same depth or quality of meaning nor deliver the same impact, on account of there being a lesser degree of association between its meaning, your emotions and experience.

    Yet, it is at precisely these times you should be giving your very best and full attention to the inspirations you receive. Whether they're inspirational quotes, inspirational short story, your own inspirational thoughts or even the dawning of those New year's resolution goals that emerge from within. They can all too easily be dismissed or set aside as 'something I'll attend to later'.

    You know and I know that all too often, 'later never comes'. Write them down in your journal - if they inspired you once, they'll inspire you again.

    The next time you encounter an inspirational quote or poem, try reading it more than once or twice. Keep reading it until you feel you've fully absorbed all its meaning. It will not only provide you with a unique insight into how you can use the message it conveys, but it will also inspire your own imaginative and creative processes - helping you in becoming more effective, more successful and far more happier in your day-to-day life.

    Inspiration is an essential element in the attainment of your goals, whether these be health goals or otherwise.

    Whether your present goal or goals is weightloss-exercise or to start a healthy eating plan or to give greater attention to your emotional and mental health health or even to attend to your overall health and wellness your inspirations, - be they from inspirational quotes or other means, will have a significant influence on the decisions you make; the actions you take; and ultimately, your success and achievements.

    Motivation And Inspirational Resources:

    "Everyone has inside 'her' a piece of good news. The good news is that you don't know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!". (Anne Frank)

    The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

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