Wellness Monitor - Two Elements To Maintaining A Healthy State

The term wellness monitor is associated with preventative steps - i.e. assessing, measuring and maintaining health and wellbeing.

As already discussed, there are seven dimensions to wellness. These dimensions are physical, mental, spiritual, social, family, career and financial.

Wellness is when there is a degree of balance among all the above dimensions. The scale of balance will tip accordingly, depending on what is going on in one or more of these areas at any given time.

For instance, your present life circumstance; your personal experiences; the challenges that confront you; and the joys, happiness and personal achievements you experience will all contribute to a lesser or greater extent, toward your sense of wellness.

Wellness is also subjective, since a definition of wellness will differ from woman to woman. What one woman will consider optimum wellness, might be more general for another woman and will largely be based on her particular needs, circumstances, health womens issues and experiences. Regardless of your definition of wellness, should you feel that one or more dimensions of your life is out of balance, it is an indication that you need to give more priority to those areas. Here is an excellent exercise to help you develop your health and wellness monitoring skills.

wellness monitor explained

But how do you monitor wellness? And what do you use to measure the level or quotient of your health, womens health and well-being?

A wellness monitor fulfills this need, as well as providing a pro-active and preventative health element to your well-being.

There are a variety of wellness programs that are set up to monitor wellness in various ways and settings. These can be for specific or more generic purposes and include:

  • Wellness clinics
  • Health and wellness programs such as breast screening
  • Company-based/Corporate wellness program
  • workplace health and wellness programs for employees
  • weight loss and wellness programs that assess diet nutrition
  • wellness incentive programs
  • Yoga retreat
  • Wellness holiday
  • Wellness sanctuary

    What the above all have in common is that they provide a means of monitoring the 'what?' of individuals' health and state of well-being. This would typically include tests for measuring blood pressure, heart rate, blood tests, cholesterol levels, diet and nutrition etc.,

    Home wellness monitor - the 'How?'

    There are numerous ways and methods of monitoring wellness across your 7 Dimensions Wellness Dimensions. These can range from your own self-assessment of how you're doing to self-help wellness journaling for finding solutions for rebalancing your wellness dimensions; to perhaps using some of the more elaborate gadgets and software that are currently on the market. Examples of the various forms of Health and Wellness Products, wellness monitors for self-testing include:

  • Self-Analysis Wellness Monitoring
  • Wellness Monitor Sports Clothing
  • Home Cardio test Kits
  • Home Cholesterol tests
  • Do-it-yourself blood pressure wellness assessment
  • Pedometer device for measuring amount of calories burned
  • Wellness monitor software - used via your computer

    As you can clearly see from all the above, the term wellness monitor describes a process that involves testing, measuring and maintaining your state of health and well-being. Whether this state relates to your physical, psychological/emotional, spiritual, health and well-being, or to other equally important wellness states such as your family, career, financial and social networks.

    Each of your 7 dimension of wellness will therefore rely on an appropriate form of wellness monitor to let you know how well you're doing in that particular area.

    In the self analysis wellness monitor scenario for example, there are basically two elements, - i.e. assessing and maintaining/improving your states. The first involves listening closely to the cues your body is sending you about your health and wellness status, as in this emotional dimension of wellness example. To do this effectively, you will need to enter into a regular dialogue with yourself about how and what you're feeling, and then acting positively on the information your body feed back to you, as in the case of this emotional health and wellness exercise.

    Whether this is to start taking better care of yourself or whether a visit to your doctor is in order, you should make a start on Learning the basics of self-monitoring. As you will see, monitoring your wellness is a simple, yet crucial pre-requisite for maintaining optimal health life balance.

    The second element relate to the methods, or choices you make for improving and/or maintaining your wellness state. So for instance, let's say that having decided to assess or to measure your heart rate (physical dimension) during exercise workout. You opt for a wellness monitor such as a heart sensing sports bra that pick up and transmit your heart's electrical pulse to a transmitter. The results provide you with key information about the performance of your heart during exercise. You then choose how to act on this information, with a view to maintaining this aspect of your wellness.

    Likewise, it may be that you identify an ailment, for which you seek a a healthy natural herbal remedy you can make yourself, rather than opt for an over the counter prescription drug.

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