Definition Of Wellness - Key Dimensions For Optimum Health

Definition Of Wellness

For many women, a health and wellness definition is what they achieve from eating nutritiously, and from taking regular physical exercise.

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While healthy eating and physical exercise are important aspects of wellness, I am going to share with you a definition of wellness that is far more than merely taking care of your nutrition health and womens fitness exercise.

Wellness can best be defined as a process that involve a degree of Health and Wellness Skills for improving and maintaining a degree of harmony and balance across all the key areas of your life; that is, the 7 dimensions of wellness.

The focus throughout the Health Womens Health site has primarily been on health, womens health and wellness.

My aim has been to show that this single, holistic dimension of health and wellness is not just about your physical or medical conditions but that it is equally about all the other important aspects that come under the umbrella of your health, womens health and wellness.

Each of your seven dimensions of wellness will have a number of categories and sub categories. Each of these health dimension categories and sub categories will in turn carry their own definition of wellness.

If you consider the 4 segments of the Health Womens Wheel as a whole, you will see that each of the 4 segments represent a category and all four categories combined, represent just one of seven dimensions of a woman's health and wellness; that is the physical health and wellness aspect.

For example, when you consider a definition of wellness in the physical health dimension, you will see that it has already been categorised, however, there is scope for further sub categories and definition of wellness for those sub categories too!

A definition of wellness in the 'physical health dimension' has already been extensively covered throughout the Health Womens Health web site. Before we move on to a definition of wellness for each of the other 6 wellness dimensions though, here is a quick recap to clarify the categories and what each refers to!

  • Food and Nutritional Health

  • Mental health and Emotional Well-being

  • Physical and Fitness Health

  • Beauty Fitness Health

    Although Mental Health and Emotional Health are listed as a category in the 'physical wellness' dimension, they really are a dimension in their own right.

    This is because mental health and emotional health are very broad subjects with various categories and sub-categories that cover emotional, psychological, intellectual aspects as well as bordering onto spiritual health and wellness etc., Accordingly, from here on a definition of wellness as regard these subjects will be treated as such.

    To offer a true definition of wellness necessitate looking at the other six wellness dimensions of your health and wellbeing which, must now also be given priority.

    So, what are these other six wellness dimensions?

    How To Define Health And Wellness In Your Other 6 Wellness Dimensions

    To arrive at a definition of wellness and what it means for you personally, we need to explore the other important dimensions of your life and the fundamental role each play in the bigger picture of your holistic womens health and wellness.

    These are:

  • Physical Health And Wellness

  • Health and Spiritual Wellness

  • Psychological, Mental and Emotional Well-being

  • Career Wellness

  • Financial Health and Wellness

  • Social Network Wellness

  • Family Health / Womens Personal Relationship Wellness

    When all of the above 7 dimensions of wellness are in harmony, you achieve a greater degree of balance, which enables you to live and enjoy your life to the full. This is the true definition of wellness.

    By applying the same Health Womens health principles, the various tools for wellness and the Goalsetting Guidance provided throughout this web site, you can achieve the very same positive results across these other six wellness dimensions of your life.

    It is your understanding of your definition of wellness that will help you create movement and positive change; all of which will come together to give an overall feeling of wellness and optimum health life balance.

    However, since one woman's definition of wellness and optimum balance will differ from another, for simplicity, if you over-prioritise one dimension of your wellness at the expense of another, this will have a negative impact on your other wellness dimensions.

    For example, prioritising your career over your family life may put money in the bank but leave you poorer in your personal relationships. Conversely, if you experience improvements in one or more of your health dimension areas, you will also see positive changes in the remaining areas.

    Here's an example of what I mean; when you exercise and improve your level of physical fitness and well-being, this will in turn make a positive impact on your psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions, thus raising your fitness and wellness quotient in these areas too.

    If on the other hand you're experiencing emotional or psychological issues, then your physical, social network and/or spiritual dimensions will be adversely affected.

    Putting your definition of wellness into practice

    Each and every one of your seven dimensions of wellness contribute to your optimum womens health life balance. Yet, they are all interconnected and can even be viewed as being interdependent, - they will each have influence over the other.

    Factors and/or events in your life will dictate whether you move toward the higher end of the 'wellness' spectrum or toward the lower 'illness' end. Naturally, now that you're armed with a clear definition of wellness, you will of course do your utmost and strive toward the higher end. Try this effective health skill for wellness exercise to help you.

    What is your health and wellness definition? Understanding how you define wellness is crucial to your wellbeing. It is your efforts and your commitment to your wellness that will make all the difference. Your approach will necessitate a careful balancing of each dimension against the other to get a degree of equilibrium across all these important areas of your life.

    I will additionally be covering each of the additional 6 dimensions of your health and wellness in the coming weeks so do check back regularly or alternatively you can subscribe to my blog, which will keep you updated when new material is added to the web site.

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