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Physical Wellness Definition

The World Health Organization (WHO), define health and wellness as:

'a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity'

The real issue with such a definition of health however is, the use of the word "complete". 'Complete' implies perfection and since there is no such thing as perfection, it is little wonder that our notion of health and how we measure it has generally been in terms of focusing on ill-health as oppose to good health.

Health is a broad concept with many categories and sub categories. While our ultimate aim is to move toward the optimal end of the spectrum in all these categories, in reality, we cannot achieve and maintain 100% in all categories, 100% of the time. This however, does not preclude having good health!

Following much criticism of the WHO's definition of health, it later amended its health definition along the lines:

'health is a resource for everyday life, not the objective of living. Health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities'

Health Womens Healthy Living Goals would like to share with you a definition of physical wellness. Through out this web site, Health Womens have promoted health in general terms by way of the seven dimensions of health and wellness and not merely as a one-dimentional concept.

Even when we consider a physical wellness definition, you will see that there are various facets to physical health and wellness.

A definition of your physical wellness dimension relate to how your body function and naturally, there are categories and sub categories as follows:

  • Physical Wellness & Fitness Category

    A health and wellness definition of physical health refers to the extent of, and ease to which you are able to access a range of physical fitness, activity or exercise.

    This include womens fitness exercise to enhance cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility.

    Your level of physical wellness will most certainly depend on movement by way of regular fitness exercise. Your physical wellness quotient in this one of your 7 dimensions of wellness will without doubt have an impact on all your other wellness dimensions.

    As well as the benefit of exercise for health and overall wellness, your physical wellness dimension will also include taking care of yourself in other ways such as recognising the signals that alert you when you are coming under pressure, how you cope and manage challenges stress and strain in every day life.

    Crucial to your physical health and wellness dimension is ensuring also that you get sufficient rest and sleep.

  • Physical Wellness And Your Environment

    Although the above are important criteria for physical wellness, they are by no means exhaustive of other physical factors to which you are exposed within your physical dimension of wellness.

    For instance, other factors that can adversely impact on your physical wellness dimension include activities you engage in which, directly affect your health and safety. For instance, hazardous sports or activities, accidents, smoking or drug use and abuse, allergies arising from pollution etc.,

  • A Healthy Diet Is An Essential Category Of Physical Wellness

    A definition of health and wellness in this category refers to your nutrition health and adequate intake of wellness food.

    It is also about your healthy or un-healthy eating habits and the choices you make as to what or how much you eat, with the intention of improving or maintaining appropriate weight and good physical fitness health.

    Remember, optimal physical fitness health rely on good food nutrition. The ultimate aim is to ensure consistent, healthy balanced diet for healthy weight maintenance and body weight control.

  • Physical Health And Wellness Promotion/Self-Care

    As you can see physical wellness represent just one of your 7 dimensions of health, with a number of categories and sub categories within its own right.

    Neglect of any one of these categories can have devastating consequences, not only for your physical well-being but more widely, across your other health dimensions such as relationships, career/work, social networks etc.,

    A physical wellness definition is therefore not just about how much or how well you exercise to get into shape but is also concerned with a number of other key factors such as how you manage and cope with the rigors of life, your nutrition, weight maintenance and your interaction with your environment.

    Essentially, tuning into your own internal wellness monitor will alert you to when you're unwell and need to take better care of yourself, or when you need to get more rest, sleep, or relaxation.

    For many women, identifying the right wellness formula to quickly remedy an ailment is easy, while others will need further information on what is available to them. Don't make excuses, Do It - Health and Wellness Solution.

    If you learn to listen closely enough, your body will give you early signals as to when you need to seek medical advice and support. For example, seeking consultations or having regular check-ups, even just to reassure or inform you when something might be going wrong.

    Whether your wellness monitoring is down to you observing your own physical cues, (unusual loss of appetite or weight gain for example), or is a result of your using a specific wellness monitor, or if it is more medical-oriented, taking the necessary preventative steps such as regular self- appraisals is essential for your overall health, womens health and wellness.

    Need a wellness formula to get you started? Commit to begin! Need some wellness incentives before you take the plunge? Just begin - any where will do! Additionally, you will find an excellent resource of health wellness articles, covering literally everything you need to know about enhancing your well-being, including various tools for wellness, at wellness articles.

    How you personally define health and wellness will dictate how you approach this key area of your seven dimensions of wellness. Make it good by drawing on both your inner and outer wellness resources abundantly available to you!

    "Life is not living, but living in health" (Martial)

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