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Nutrition health live blood test: A simple strategy to manage your health

Everyone can benefit from Nutritional Microscopy or a health and nutrition blood analysis test to learn the state of their blood health, womens health or general health and to stay healthy.

Inspired by the pioneering work of early 20th Century microscopists who analysed blood in both its dry and live forms, Dr Robert Young later engaged in decades of extensive research into what constitute healthy blood, to advance the concept of Nutritional Microscopy.

Nutritional Microscopy - also known as 'live blood test', 'live blood cell testing' or 'live blood analysis', seem poised to become the most cutting-edge self-help ill-health prevention strategy.

Microscopists or Live blood health consultants should be trained and certified to carry out the procedure, offer guidance on a healthy diet and lifestyle, with the specific aim of helping their client to put things right in advance of any future arising health issue.

Live blood health consultants may additionally provide numerous other services and alkalizing products. These include nutrition health therapy, directing their client to natural health-giving foods, as well as providing guidance on alkalizing dietary products that can help to achieve optimal blood ph balance. A great benefit is the reassurance to the individual of knowing that any additional dietary supplements s/he might need is obtained from a reputable source.

The nutrition health blood test procedure is quick, painless and non-invasive finger tip pin prick, from which a few drops of blood is obtained. The blood is then analysed under a microscope, having been magnified and projected on a screen for easy viewing by both Microscopist and client.

The whole nutrition and health consultation including test will last from between 1-2 hours. Additionally, clients are given or sent a detailed report on the findings of their blood health analysis and a clear list of which foods and supplements to consume and which to avoid.

Should your goal be weight loss, you can be reassured that you will be offered guidance on natural healthy foods you can prepare yourself, in addition to safe and effective nutritious health foods and dietary supplements you should consume.

You can read a full PrWeb Press Release article on health and nutrition live blood testing.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of human frame, and in the cause and prevention of disease" (T. A. Edison

The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

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