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This 'how to build a web site' resource page has been created to meet the increasing number of enquiries about the resources used to create the Health Womens Healthy Living Goals web site.

Whether your goal is to learn how to create a web site of your own, or you just want to identify reliable website software, or even business website hosting, you'll find everything you need from the resources listed below.

All but one of these resources have been personally used by Health Womens Healthy Living Goals in creating our web site. In fact, you will find many of these website building resources featured throughout the Health womens web site. Those that are less obvious but are nevertheless working behind the scenes include: build a web site design software, website submission, website traffic and website search functions.

You will note that there are a number of personal recommendations for some of the resources on 'how to build a web site'. Health Womens does not offer recommendations lightly, so where these appear, you can rest assured that the resources have been used, tried and tested to our complete satisfaction. Hence, we can say with authority that a product or service used to help build our web site, has been a success.

Where we omit to give recommendations, this is for no other reason than we are still using and testing the resource and will not comment until we are in a position to do constructively. So you will need to check back regularly for updates on these.

This 'how to build a web site' resources page will be useful to literally every webmaster and anyone else who are looking for specific information and software to build your own website successfully and to a high professional standard. For instance:

  • Women, work at home moms, part-timers who want to set up a website and establish an online presence but have no technical skills or knowledge on building a web site

  • If you have a product or service to sell and you you are seriously thinking about how to build your own website

  • If you have a knowledge-base - e.g. hobbies, a passion or past- time interest you want to share and monetize by building a web site

  • If you want to create a small business web site because you have an off-line business or service that you now want to bring to the attention of the Internet world

  • If you are a web site designer and are in the job of building ecommerce web sites for other people, then you'll be looking for an excellent web site design, web site hosting and website software package that is second to none.

  • Or even if you just have an ambition to create your own web site. I guarantee that all the information you will ever need on how to build a web site, is right on this page

  • Professional Webmasters And Website Designers! Are You Catching On?

    Discover how you can now achieve more than just making a website site or a work of art. Here are the website creation resources you need to help your clients achieve exactly what they want when you build a web site for them. Includes small business web site design, hosting, website submission and more...Convert more of them into "satisfied clients" and build a web site that brings success. (Highly recommended)

    Professional Webmasters

    How To Make A Website And Start Working From Home

    Seriously thinking about how to make your own website and work from home? It is not a business opportunity nor a get-rich- quick-scheme but the honest legitimate information you need on how to build a web site and achieve your work at home goal. (This is the foundation on which the Health Womens web site is built and comes with web site software, non-techy tutorials, website templates and just about every tool you could possibly need - all under one roof. (Comes very highly recommended). Click to view and then click on the screen again for further info.

    Want To Achieve An Internet Work Health Goal With Free Training?

    Grab this opportunity for extensive training, support, free websites (no need to build a web site) and products from this reputable worldwide income generator. Suitable for both newbies and for those with a more established online presence Another way to achieve your work health goal in 2008!

    Free Business Opportunities/Work From Home Mini Courses/Freebies

    Looking for some work at home inspiration and guidance on making a website and establishing an on line business? (Highly Recommended Read)Free Work From Home Business mini course

    15 Powerful Ways CBmall Makes You Money FREE eCourse

    This eCourse is ideal for both beginners and more experienced webmasters.

  • No html required - you don't even need a web site
  • TONS of support and marketing ideas to help
  • They do all the support
  • ClickBank handles all the credit card processing
  • Newsletters and eCourses that make YOU money from your traffic
  • Numerous automated income streams

    Learn more by signing up for the eCourse: (recommended read and especially if you are looking to establish an on line presence on a shoe-string budget)

    Get Your Free 15 Powerful Ways CBmall Makes You Money eCourse Here

    Free Website 'Search It' Research Tool!

    This is the perfect tool for the web and to help you build a web site. It's like having our own personal research assistant right at your fingertips. It is the only ecommerce-related website search tool that you (and your visitors, readers, friends and colleagues) will ever need.

    The great thing about web site Search It, is that you can keep it open in the upper corner of your monitor for easy round the clock access to every search you want and all in one spot while you work on building your website - (recommended) Free Search It Tool

    Already Have An Existing Website And Want To Sell Products?

    Here's a great FREE read 'coined "The Bible Of Selling On The Net. Packed with useful ideas and information, especially if you are trying to sell a product (highly recommended) Make Your Site Sell

    Success On Line Is More Than Just Knowing How To Build A Web Site

    Learn to acquire or improve the single most important skill that you need to thrive online or off, whether you build your own web site or not (recommended read) Make Your Content Presell

    Free Website Traffic Generating Resources

    Send me One Million FREE Guaranteed Visitors

    Is your website goal to increase traffic to your website?

    You can have your own viral niche search engine on your website. It offers convenience to your site visitors and keep them happy. On top of that, it is an income-generating machine too, with very little effort on your part. You can try one out for free to see how it works. This is how it looks but you will also see a full page pop-up whenever you exit the Health Womens site. It serves as a reminder to site visitors to use the search function before they leave your site. (Too early to comment on its effectiveness but I do like the idea of giving my visitors a choice of search options). Try it out by entering a search term in the box.


    Web 2 Portals

    As you know, there's quite a flurry in the Web 2 arena lately - and for good reason, since they are being hailed as the hottest, new sensation available on the net !

    Web 2 portals are sites that tune into the "interactive" side of the web, where people can leave feedback on your site, click on Ads and you can target specific niche audiences through your existing sites. Highly Recommended - Learn More Here

    How To Drive Traffic To Your Website

    Are you looking for an honest, above-board way to drive more interested visitors directly to your website, blog, online storefront or auctions? This report explains how to get a flow of highly targeted free traffic Check it out here

    How To Add Updating Content To Your Web Site

    This product explains exactly how to add fresh, relevant content to your web site without having to write it yourself fresh relevant content

    Build A Web Site Blog And Increase Traffic

    A step by step guide on how to set up a professional quality blog - no technical skills required Blogging Traffic

    Using Articles To Get Free Web site Traffic

    It is a well-known fact that when you build a web site, writing and submitting quality articles to article directories, can boost your web site traffic no end.

    By simply placing an author resource box at the end of your article, with a link back to your web site, will bring visitors to you. Write some short original articles and distribute to a small number of quality article directories and you're away - (an excellent traffic generating method). Subscribe to my Newsletter - Inside Insight and get a free list of over 50 article directories -an invaluable resource when you build a web site and want to drive traffic to it. You can sign up here.

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    Resources For Monetising Your Web site

    Link Price Calculator - To Work Out The Price For Ads
    Do you sell advertising space on your website or do you buy ads from other content/theme-related websites? Two important considerations when you build a web site is, increasing the volume of traffic and monetizing your site. One of the ways you can achieve this is through the buying and selling of text link ads.

    You already know that well-placed links are an excellent source of consistent and targeted traffic to your website. Not only can they increase the volume of traffic to your web site, a number of relevant good quality links can improve your search engine rankings too.

    Improved ranking and traffic will dictate the amount you can charge for placing ads on your web site or how much you should be paying to place your own ads with other webmasters. But how do you work out exactly what you should be paying or charging each month?

    If you're a webmaster and you are buying and selling links, here is a great Link Price Calculator tool that will work out the exact price for you. It really is a doddle to use - you simply enter the webpage url of the web site to get a price which is determined by your page rank, Alexa traffic rank, your page visibility, the number of Yahoo page back links etc., I have used this cool tool myself - great stuff! Go try it for free.

    Check out the Link Price Calculator, along with a host of other SEO tools by visiting:

    Entertainment Directory

    Build A Web Site And Monetise With Google AdSense

    A Revolution in Web Site Monetization A Tailor-Made Way To Monetize your site or blog. Here's a guide on how to get the most from Google AdSense Google AdSense Guide (highly recommended).

    Apart from Google AdSense, other monetising options available to you once you build a web site include, placing google referral product codes and logos on your website. When webmasters sign up you get a commission - (not a huge commission but very much worth the effort).

    How To Build A Website And Monetize With Google AdSense

    A Free Case Study showing exactly how one person is earning an income with just Google AdSense - (very interesting and worthwhile read). You can Right Click To Download The Free PDF Google AdSense Report Here

    Personal Case Study

    Here is how I secured my work health and wellness, achieving my Website Goal.

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