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Health Questions Shared By Other Visitors

Click on the links below to see some very important health questions asked and answered by other visitors ...

Sexual Health Question 
Sexual Health Question Can anyone help by answering this query on sexual health? when my boyfriend and I have sex afterward there is some blood …

I have this big bump at the base of my skull what is it? 
Yesterday morning I woke up with a bump behind my right ear at the base of my skull that was the size of a baseball. It has shrunk some but not much. I …

monthy period related 
I have taken ginette 35 for 3 months regularly now i am facing problem with my period. Can any one advise?

Health and Wellness 
My Health And Wellness Question Is: What is adrenal fatigue? I am taking supplements from the doctor for my unremitting tiredness and for my depression. …

Sickle Cell Health Story, The Day My GP Didn't Listen 
Feeling persistently unwell and suspecting a tummy bug which was going around at the time, I visited my G.P just to make sure. My blood test results …

Skin rash 
For the last week or so I have been getting bumps on my hands. they start in the AM and fade in the PM. They only itch mildly sometimes. Sometimes I do …

Please Answer My Health Question About Heartburn 
Can you please give me some advice on a health issue that is getting me down. I keep getting heartburn after eating and especially at night when lying …

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As well as site visitors, Health Womens Healthy Living Goals welcome tips and strategies from health experts, physicians, practitioners and other health and personal development webmasters.

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Health Womens Healthy Living Goals Invitation To Contribute Categories:

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Health And Wellness Questions

What is your definition of wellness? Compare Your Definition With Others!

Ask your health questions and stories on health and wellness
Have a photo that nails the essence of optimum health? Share it
Or, a shock, horror photo that says the complete opposite?
Want to know which are the best health and wellness books? Ask! Or, Write a review on your favourite!

Weight Loss Diet And Nutrition Health Stories And Health Questions

What are your most pressing weight loss challenges?
Following a weightloss diet or weight loss program? Share your story
Is chocolate bad for your health? Tell us what you think!
Want to know about raw food health?
Want to know which the best weight loss diet Tips?
Any top healthy eating tips begging to be shared?
What is your most outstanding weight loss achievements
Contribute your favourite books, dvds or other resources?

Tell Your Health And Fitness Story - Don't Just Ask A Health Question!

Be generous! Your best kept secret for getting into shape!
Your best piece of fitness equipment and why it works? Any fitness charity events? How are you contributing?
Share your fitness resources, e.g books, Dvd's, etc.,

We Want To Hear About Your Personal Goal Setting Success Stories And Also The Challenges

What's your definition of goal setting? Every one is different!
Why is goal setting so important to you?
Use A goal setting journal? What story is it conveying?
How have goalsetting forms or charts helped you?
What's your favourite books on goal setting and why?
Used any online goal setting software? Care to rate these?
Your favourite goalsetting quotes and meaning they hold for you?
Want to submit your goal setting article and get credit?

Emotional, Psychological And Mental Health Health Questions

How do you promote your mental and emotional health?
Do you have, or need stress-busting strategies?
Use a journal? How does this practice benefit you?

Inspirational Health Questions And Answers

Tell us your inspirational quotes, poems, short stories?
Share your favourite inspirational and motivational books, Cds, music..
A picture convey a thousand words! Upload one that feed your      inspirational and motivational self!

Build A Health Questions Resource So Everyone Benefits

Which are your 3 top rated womens health sites?
Vote for your favourite womens health & personal development sites

Do you have a health story or health question that does not fit into any of the above categories? Simply use this page to contribute it. Ask away!.. Health Womens Healthy Living Goals would love to hear from you.

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What We Don't Do!

Health Womens Healthy Living Goals are not medical practitioners and are not qualified to offer medical diagnoses nor give medical advice or recommendations. We simply provide a supportive health forum where women can participate and share their experiences, help and be helped.

You must seek the guidance of your practitioner for all health related ailments or conditions. Please read our health forum's terms of use for all dos and dont's and be sure to accept our guidelines before posting.

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Some Health Forum FAQ's

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: (matthew chap 7, verse 7-7)

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