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Health Current Events

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Do you have a current health event you want to bring to people's attention?

Perhaps you want to gain publicity for a charitable, health related event such as a fun run, a dinner dance, a special meeting or even the launch of a project etc.,

Health Womens Healthy Living Goals invite you to submit details of your current health event. All we ask is that your health event is newsworthy, non-profit and is health related. Health Womens Healthy Living Goals especially welcome submission from individuals or organisations actively involved in womens health issues.

You can submit your health news story or health current event along with essential details about it, using the current health events form. You can even upload a photo in support of your current event news story.

Don't just submit your news event health story, tell us why it is important, where when and date of your event. What are you hoping to achieve? And what participants can expect. You don't need to register or login to do so.

You can even ask other people connected to the event to provide a commentary on your event and its importance to the wider community or cause. This will get you even more exposure. You will find the free current health events form along with a section for other people to submit their comments, below.

The service is completely FREE to voluntary and charitable organisations, support groups, womens health groups etc., However, Health Womens Healthy Living Goals reserve the right to reject inappropriate submissions.

If you have a health related question, please do not submit it using the current health events invitation form: you can submit your personal health questions or health stories at Health Questions.

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How To Upload Your News Story Or Health Event

Have Any Newsworthy Health Current Events News Stories To Share?

Do you have any great health current events or news story you want to broadcast to the world? Do it for FREE here!

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