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Below you will find what we believe, are likely to be frequently asked questions about the health forum and your participation in it. We hope all your questions will be answered, however, should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What We Don't Do!

Health Womens Healthy Living Goals are not medical practitioners and are not qualified to offer medical diagnoses nor give medical advice or recommendations. We simply provide a supportive forum where women can participate and share their health issues, concerns, experiences and to help and be helped. You must seek the guidance of your practitioner for all health related ailments or conditions.

What Health Womens Healthy Living Goals Can Do!

We value our site visitors and are always happy to answer your health goals-related questions and will continue, within our remit and capacity to do so.

As you can appreciate however, the success of Health Womens means that we are often inundated with large volumes of your emails asking 'please answer my health question on...x y z. We are genuinely touched that you value our expertise highly enough to ask in the first place and for which we thank you!

However, the time has come to build even further on that which both you and us have already created. We aim to do this by promoting an interactive environment for women, by women and, one that foster the values underpinning Health Womens.

This is your web site and you are in the driving seat as to where you take it from here so, why not take it to another level!

Who Else Might Answer My Health Question?

Other than site visitors, from time to time, some experts may well post answers to your health questions. Health Womens Healthy Living Goals are not in a position to vet the credentials of these individuals nor the validity of their guidance. Such responses should therefore not be relied upon for accuracy. Always seek the advice of your own physician.

How Can I Ask My Health Questions In Future?

Health Womens have created a womens forum right here on your web site. This platform is extremely user-friendly and quick and easy to use.

Our old guarantee stands! We won't contact you, in fact, You don't need to register, login, leave your real name, your email address or any other personal details about yourself.

When you have a health question relating to any aspect of your health goals, simply fill in one of the invitations on the page that is relevant to your question.

For example, if you want to ask a question about weight loss or a weight loss diet goal, visit that page and use the invitation form to ask your health question.

You will find the invitation links to all currently available health questions and health story pages at Health Questions

No Form On The Page To Ask My Health Question!

No form on that page yet? Health Womens are busy working to ensure that 'answer my health question forms are available on those pages you have voted the most popular. This will take some time so do bear with us!. In the meantime, if you visit Health Questions, you can use the Health Story invitation form there to ask your health question.

How Else Can I Use The Answer My Health Question Forms?

All Answer my health questions forms have the same aim although the objectives may differ. Each invitation form will correspond to the page they represent and will invite you to contribute to the Health Womens web site in slightly different ways. Please be sure to use the relevant invitation form as appropriate.

For instance, on the weight loss tips page you might be invited to send in your best weightloss tips; while on a goal setting page, you might be invited to share your progress toward your goals. This interactive process will help you as well as other women through mutual support, pointing you in the right direction to accessing appropriate support, answers, resources etc.,

When Should I Not Use 'The Answer My Health Question' Forms?

Please do not use any of the answer my health question forms to contact Health Womens Healthy Living Goals directly. If you need to get in touch, simply use the Contact Form.

Please also remember to use specific invites on specific pages.

Don't Just Ask A Question! Share Your Story!

Invitation forms are not just designed to answer health questions. Where ever you see the 'share your health story' use the invitation to do just that. You can upload a photo, your favourite inspirational quotes; just about anything, bar the 'kitchen sink'. Want to see how I share mine?

Polite request: the health forum is designed to foster an environment where all contributors can be treated fairly, with respect, dignity and trust. Please treat each other as you would like to be treated. We ask that you provide respectful words of encouragement, support or advice. We cannot begin to imagine the sort of challenges individuals are encountering.

Many women enjoy sharing their experience, their successes, challenges, joys and yes...their heartbreak too! Do you have something you need to get off your chest or perhaps, you want the world to know about a triumph or an achievement? Share your story! Be generous with your wisdom! Motivate others and let yourself be motivated! Empathise with others and allow them to empathise with you! Inspire others and be inspired! Are you ready to Rock 'N' Roll?

Visit Health Questions To Post Right Away!

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The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

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