Personal Goal Setting Can Change Your Life Today!

Commit yourself to personal goal setting and change your life right here, right now.

Personal goal setting of health goals will bring outstanding results to your health as well as to other areas of your life. When applied appropriately, personal goalsettings is a process that enables you to clarify your goal or goals with intent. So, when writing goals remember these key words and take a leaf out of my book, - goal, personal planning, setting success.

Whether your goal is:

  • Weightloss
  • Mental Health Health
  • Psychological And Emotional Health
  • Beauty Health or Beauty Fitness For The alternative woman
  • Establishing A Healthy Eating Plan or even
  • How To Achieve Your Career Health Goal

    Setting personal goals and taking determined actions will boost your motivation no end. You can see how I achieved one of my Spiritual/Work Goals here.

    Commit to personal goal setting and change your life today

    Shape Your Reality, Control Your Habits & Gain Better Control of the Events that Influence Your Life

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    Personal goal setting enables you to:

  • have a clear vision on the health changes you want
  • gain focus and discipline
  • establish clear health priorities
  • focus on an attainable plan of action
  • increase your self-awareness through self-reflection

    Whether you realise it or not, you're already goal-setting in your daily life. For example, when you specially prepare a lunch pack the night before, on a subconscious level, you're acting on an pre-determined goal.

    Maybe it's because you feel the need to fit a healthy nutritious lunch into your busy/unrelenting work schedule, or maybe you're saving the pennies or cents for that 'must have' handbag or you're saving up for that extra special holiday. Whatever your motive, you have already taken steps to achieve an outcome.

    You may have already identified an area of your health and wellness you want to change but feel prevented from doing so, possibly due to circumstances you perceive, beyond your control. This can be very frustrating and demoralising. Take heart.

    When you work through the personal goal setting process, you will find all the health womens tools you will need to resolve what to you, might now seem an insurmountable barrier.

    Benefit of personal goal setting

    It is well known that the success rate of people who set goals, far outweigh the success of those who don't. Learn the The 7 habits of highly effective people.

    In a study undertaken by Harvard University in 1979, graduates were asked how many of them had written goals with action plans for their achievement.

  • Three percent had clearly defined written goals.
  • Thirteen percent had unwritten goals
  • Eighty four percent had no goals in any shape or form.
  • The 10 year graduate follow-up revealed that the three percent who had, had written personal goals were ten times more successful than the other ninety seven per cent who had not. That's the power of personal goal setting.

    Self-defeating talk is not an option in personal goal setting

    Are you still with me? Good! Before we go any further there is just a little matter I want us to look at -i.e. how you think and how you speak to and about yourself. Self-defeating talk has no place in personal goal setting. In the process of setting and achieving goals, how you think, what you believe and your use of language, will determine how you define your personal goals.

    So that we get started on the right note, some straight talking and a few personal goal settings ground rules.

  • I don't do problems
  • I don't do failure
  • I don't do dreams
  • I don't do hope
  • I don't do desire
  • I don't do wish

  • Saying you have a health 'problem', is the same as saying the health 'problem' have you because you have made it a part of you. When you work with me in setting and achieving a realistic goal or goals, you will learn that 'Problems' are simply health challenges, barriers or blocks, that, with a bit of effort, you simply choose to walk around, jump over or break down.

    Nor do I do 'failure'. You see telling yourself or allowing other people to tell you, you have or will fail is sabotaging yourself before you've even begun. Think about this for a moment. You are walking on a slippery surface. You tell yourself - 'I hope I don't fall.' What do you suppose happens? Yes, just as you tell yourself that, you fall because you planted a little seed that would sprout 'failure' and when it does, you further reinforced that 'failure' by telling yourself 'I knew that would happen'. Get it! With that out of the way...

    Nor do I do 'dreams', 'hope', desire or 'wish'. Sure you can dream but dreams belong in your sleep and in your positive visualisations of that round the world cruise you are going to reward yourself with upon successful completion of your personal health goals. (That's the one your partner don't know about yet). Wishes and dreams etc., have no place in your clearly defined health goals.

    I am sure you will even agree that these terms are both vague and non-committing. Vague in the sense that you can hope, wish or dream of having better health but that's all it will ever be - a pipe dream. And that's exactly where you'll remain. You are in fact Wishing your health away.

    If you you want health, go out and get it. Just think for a moment! What is the difference between 'I wish I had that healthy lifestyle' and, 'I am having that healthy lifestyle'. Which one sound more positive, more attainable? See what I mean. Tell yourself you can and you will.

    This is not just another personal goal-setting spiel with the sole purpose of warming you up for all of five minutes before you lose motivation; give up on pursuing your personal goals and then tell yourself it wasn't to be.

    No, I take women's personal goalsettings for health as seriously as I am sure you do. The difference here is that I show you the 'how' and point you in the direction you decide is right for you. You then choose the path you want to take. On top of that, I'll be right here to praise you and to motivate you to even greater personal goalsetting activities. Just ask!

    All I ask is that you are open to drawing on and using your unique and bountiful personal resources throughout your personal goal settings experience. This will put you on the path to achieving the good health you deserve.

    In return, I provide you with the personal goal setting tools and the 'know how'. Throughout the personal goals settings section, you will find excellent information and guidance on the importance of prioritising your values, prior to writing your goal personal to you. Just click on the text links.

    If you haven't already done so, make a start by using the Health Womens Wheel. This tool will enable you to assess which of your four health areas need your immediate and personal goal setting action.

    Once you've done that, you can access the Free 5 Part Activity Goals Settings Guidance and goal forms. Together, these free goals setting worksheets and resources will walk you through the entire personal goal setting process with tremendous ease.

    Don't forget to claim your FREE Gift:

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    I guarantee that once you start the practice of setting personal health goals, the benefits to you will be enormous. You might also find The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey, an inspiring read.

    Are you still with me? Good! Because in the next stage of personal goals settings, you will be learning and I will be showing you how to write those wonderful life changing goals personal to you.

    Take time to consider the points presented on personal goal settings. What you learn may help you overcome your hesitation to take action. And remember, I'll be right here should you need me. Make a start by learning how to write goal thats achievable and you will be well on your way to the success you deserve.

    Do take your time in getting to know about all the personal goal-setting resources and tools on this website. Once you've familiarised yourself with all the personal goal setting information, only then are you ready to set about writing your goals with the clarity you need.


    Disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and important, although difficult, is the highroad to pride, self-esteem and personal satisfaction. (Brian Tracy)

    You'll find a step-by-step 5 part goal guidance, along with free goalsetting forms at the following link.

    5 Part Health Goal Setting Guidance and Goalsetting Forms
    Do follow the guidance from part one and please do not be tempted to skip any of the stages

    Do you need some further assistance with achieving your work, business or career health goals?
    Get my Free 7 part Home Business Mini Course here

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