goals settings a breeze when...

When your personal values are intact, goals settings really a breeze!

Do you ever wonder what the ingredients are for a successful goals settings recipe? Well, there are many.

The goal setting process is not dis-similar to that of preparing a delicious or exoctic meal. Just as you would focus your attention on the essential ingredients that make up the recipe; the different stages of preparation; and the successful end result, so too with your goalsetting.

Today we are going to look at a key, prequisite ingredient that is important, in determining the quality and level of success and achievement of your health goal or goals. That is, your personal values.

Why are your personal values so crucial?

Goals settings a process with stages. Each stage must be worked through with care and attention being given to you and to what it is you really want.

When you approach your goalsetting in this way, you move forward with greater clarity. Dilute or skimp on your approach to any of these stages and you jeopardise your goals settings outcome.

The earliest stage of goals setting's having a healthy awareness of your personal values.

Just think of your goalsetting as a recipe - the end result being a satisfying, rewarding and successful meal. The ingredients all play a part in contributing to your successful outcome.

Miss out any one of the important ingredients and your result is limited. You may think that missing out one ingredient will not make much of a difference to the final outcome.

But let's say that, unknown to you, the one you missed out was very important to the look, taste, texture or even the appearance of the meal.

You may well have a palatable meal, however, that's about it - palatable; not the personal goal you set out to attain. How does that make you feel? Do you jump with glee? Or are you left feeling somewhat disappointed with the outcome?

Perhaps you tell yourself that 'you knew you would get it wrong anyway'. What does telling yourself this, do to your motivation and self esteem? You guessed it!

Your action determines your goals settings outcome, as sure as your values determines your actions. Confused? Let me explain.

Why might you want to skip an important ingredient in your goal settings?

A number of reasons might account for your diluting or even jeopardizing your goals settings exercise.

A very basic for instance is, you don't have one of the ingredients for your recipe and you can't be bothered to pop out and get it. So you tell yourself it shouldn't make that much of a difference to your goalsetting outcome.

A second reason might be, that you're not clear about your values or you might not have prioritised them. Lets say that one of the ingredients in your recipe happens to be cheese - which your partner or significant other has told you not to eat because you're getting 'fat'. So, you've been avoiding cheese for that reason.

While omission of this key ingredient - cheese, relates to a personal value, guess what? That value doesn't belong to you, it belongs to someone else - i.e, your partner.

This effectively means you will be working toward a set goal that is founded on a personal value belonging to your partner; who happens to not value you being 'fat', (whether or not this is the case).

Your efforts in effect, are being directed into a goal-setting outcome for someone else as oppose to being directed into to what you want.

So, not only are you not clear about one of your own personal values, you have not given it any priority. And since you might not even perceive yourself as being 'fat' - How come you left the cheese out?

Being clear about your own values will put you in a strong position of being able to prioritise them in the goals settings process. Your goals settings success is assured when you have clarity as to what it is you want and your true motivation for wanting it.

You will find the Health Womens Wheel an invaluable tool in assessing where you are now in your four health areas - i.e. physical health, food nutrition, mental health, health and beauty fitness.

Everything in life that you consider precious and dear to you, springs from your personal value system. For example, your sense of honesty, decency, of what is right or wrong, what is good and what is not so good.

How clear are you now about your own values as regard your goals settings? If you're finding it difficult to make decisions or you're hesitant as to which areas of your health need prioritising, you might want to consider the probability that you are either in conflict over your values or that there is a lack of clarity as to what your values really are.

Use the prioritising your values form, to help you get that clarity.

And remember, should you find yourself valuing your beauty health over your mental health for example, ask yourself this: 'Is this value truly my own or is it that of a partner, parent or friend - which over time I have come to believe, to be my own?

Since your goal is an intrinsic part of your values, your goals settings and achievement outcome will be determined by your level of self-awareness of your values and your ability to prioritise them accordingly.

Once you have accomplished this stage of the goals settings process, pop over to how to write goal thats achievable.

You will find also find the section on personal goal setting a very useful read. Once finished there, you will find this goal illustration a real gift. You'll then be well on your way with your recipe for success. And remember...

"Your belief determines your action and your action determines your results but first you have to believe". (Mark Victor Hansen)

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