Womens Fitness Goal Setting Using Positive Visualization

When we talk about the concept of positive visualization in the context of womens fitness goal setting or any other goalsetting activity, what does it mean? And more specifically, how can it help you?

Positive visualization is the process whereby you vividly and mentally imagine/create a 'state or the experience of having realised your goals before you have actually achieved them. So powerful is this act, that it has a "compelling effect on you in the present" (McDermott et al).

If you are in any doubt as to the validity and potency of positive visualisation in helping you to achieve your womens fitness goal setting outcome, keep in mind that successful people and high achievers have one crucial characteristic in common. That is, - they always have a vivid picture in their minds of exactly what they want and how they are going to achieve it.

In fact, they will talk about their goal or goals as if they have already been achieved and they are merely going through the practicalities. You see, these successful women already know what achieving their health and fitness goals is going to be like. So vivid and compelling are their visualisations that for them the goal outcome already exist in their minds and it is just a matter of their manifesting at the right time.

It is this reality alone that will focus their minds and govern their subsequent behaviours, thus turning them into highly motivated individuals who are ready to achieve their health & fitness goals. They will always tell you that they feel, sleep, smell and can even taste their successful outcome. That is the power of positive visualization and how it can help you too in realising your womens fitness goal setting.

How Positive Visualizations Can Help You Achieve Your Woman Fitness Goal Setting Outcome

Irrespective of whether your personal goal setting relate to a womens fitness goal, healthy eating goals, career goals financial goals or even a sales goals, there are four key techniques that will increase your visual imagery, of which positive visualisation is one.

These are motivation, enthusiasm, positive re-inforcements and visualisation. One important factor that underpins these key elements is positive thinking. Apply all four of these powerful visual imagery techniques to your women's health and fitness goal setting and success of your fitness goals are assured.

Let's assume you already have your clearly written women's health and fitness goals. If you don't, go straight to free 5 part activity goal setting and follow the five stages of the guidance there before returning here. You will also be able to access free health goal setting forms and goal sheets. You cannot afford to skip that important stage.

Now that you have your written health goals to hand, the following set out how successful womens health and fitness goal setting can be achieved, using the power of positive visualisations.

Feeding your motivation

Motivation is a wonderful thing. Think about it and picture it in terms of a personal savings account, where you have the option of making deposits or withdrawals. When you think/visualise positive things happening as regard your womens fitness goal setting outcome, you act positively - so crediting your account.

Don't allow yourself or anyone else to make too many withdrawals from your motivation account. An example of how this can happen is, when you are feeling really positive an optimistic about an idea in relation to your women's fitness goal setting; only to find that the opinions of friends/relations or your own negative self-talk dampen your enthusiasm and optimism.

Keep a close eye on any negative internal or external feedback on your womens fitness goal setting activities, or you might just run your motivational account dry. Simply replace negativity with positive, fruitful visualisations to get you back on track.

Maintaining your enthusiasm

Don't expect your partner, family and friends to get excited about your womens fitness goal setting outcome if you are less than excited yourself. Treat your ideas as you would delicate seedlings - nourish, water and protect them from the harshness of the elements. Use positive thoughts and visualisation of your seelings' growth to bear fruit; so too will your motivation and enthusiasm grow toward your women's health and fitness goal setting activities.

Positive re-inforcements

This aspect of your womens fitness goal setting activity has already been covered extensively else-where - free activity goal setting forms and how to journal. Do remember to create a personal file to hold all your womens fitness goal setting material.

In a nutshell, positive reinforcements of your health & fitness goals work on different levels. Let's say for instance that your goal is to enhance your woman fitness, (note: your goal would be more specific than this example, based on your definition of what fitness means to you).

You might for instance want to get fit enough to run a marathon - in which case, your goal might be somewhere along the lines of 'I will run the marathon scheduled for (date)'. Reading this goal daily will serve as a positive re-inforcement toward achieving it.

Likewise, using other visual aids such as photographs and pictures of other successful athletes or fitness personalities - i.e. the shape and tone of their bodies and even the winning medal etc., are all powerful visual aids that set the scene for your own woman fitness goalsetting achievement. The more fantastic the scene is, the more saturated you become and the greater your resolve to succeed with your woman fitness goal.

Positive visualizations

Visualisation enables you to taste, feel, sense and experience the very future you want to create in the 'here and now' - (running the marathon or winning the marathon). This process of making your women's fitness goal outcome real in your mind, help you to become highly motivated to take the necessary actions to make it happen.

Sure, things won't always go according to plan with your women's fitness goal setting, or any other goal for that matter. It is natural to experience setbacks, challenges, disappointments or even fear, - all of which can dampen or cripple your enthusiasm. Bear in mind however, that the key characteristic that sets successful people apart from those who are not are, - positivity and optimism. To achieve your womens fitness goal setting outcome, you must be well equipped; have the ability to remain positive, to dig deep and to bounce back from whatever challenges that are thrown at you while pursuing your health fitness goals.

So how do you go about visualising yourself running or winning that marathon? Firstly, your visualisation must be positive. It is after all going to totally focus your mind and shape your behaviours/actions toward your womens fitness goal setting activity so make sure it is all good stuff.

Secondly, carry out your positive visualization exercise first thing when you wake in the morning; just before you drift off to sleep at night and especially at other times when you might experience fleeting bouts of pessimism, doubt or fear.

With effective positive visualisation of you achieving your womens fitness goal setting outcome, - you will see yourself clearly running/winning the marathon. You will see all the people involved, - other participants, spectators, your partner, family or friends and the pride in their eyes. But most importantly, you will see yourself running. Where is the marathon being held? In which county are you? Now, picture vividly your physical appearance - muscle tone and strength. How are you feeling? (Keep it positive)! Are you bursting with energy, full of stamina and feeling absolutely terrific? Of course you are.

What is being said by people along the way? Are you hearing the praise that is coming from the crowd? Can you hear any other sounds above the crowd - such as a plane, a bird etc., What else do you see? Is that the finishing line ahead? What are you thinking? What smells are you sensing? What is that taste in your mouth - Is it the taste of your success? How does it feel to have achieved your womens fitness goal setting outcome? What does it mean to you? How has it changed your life for the better? How are you going to expand your womens fitness goal result?

The above information is not specific to womens fitness goal setting. The principles apply to any other aspect of your life where you want to set goals; such as career health goal, financial health goal or even sales goals. The essential thing to remember, is to remain positive, believe and visualise their fruition as follows:

  • People co-operating with you
  • Opportunities presenting themselves
  • Breaking down challenges, barriers and blocks to your goals
  • Achieving your goals
  • What achieving your womens fitness goal setting outcome will mean to    you

    Don't forget, you can access the entire goal setting guidance and goal setting forms and goal sheet to help you with every aspect of your personal goal setting.

    Here's a FREE gift for you that will help you to focus your mind - Free Daily Meditations For Women

    "The secret of making something work in your lives is, first of all, the deep desire to make it work; then the faith and belief that it can work; then to hold that clear definite vision in your consciousness and see it working out step by step, without one thought of doubt or disbelief". (Eileen Caddy)

    The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

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