Healthy Living With Optimism

Healthy living is a broad concept and as such, should not strictly be thought of only in terms of healthy eating habit; a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle; the taking of regular physical exercise; drinking alcohol in moderation; making your body a smoke-free zone; or even abstaining from drug use.

While the above have emphasis on the physical aspects of living healthily, a healthy lifestyle must surely also embrace those other aspects such as psychological, emotional and mental health health goals.

This healthy living article is therefore concerned with the concept of 'optimism' and how nurturing this positive health womens health trait is as much a significant contributor to your overall healthy solution and healthy lifestyle goals.

Are You A Healthy Living Optimist Or An Un-healthy Living Pessimist?

In life, you always have countless healthy living choices in every area of your life. You may for example opt to take on the pessimist’s view/route - living a self-defeated life. Or alternatively, you may can take the optimist’s route, thereby enjoying a challenging yet happy and fulfilling life.

There are a number of significant healthy living benefits found to be associated with being optimistic. Ladies! Having an optimistic outlook has been linked to improved health, longevity, positive mood, happiness, success and the ability to deal more adequately with life's challenges and traumas - to name but a few.

The rate of depression and pessimism on the other hand, are now at at an all-time high. These traits do not discriminate and affects both young and those of more mature years. It is reported that the age of onset has significantly fallen in recent years, making depression and pessimism a worrying teenage disorder as well.

If you were passed over for promotion in favour of your colleague, would you be pleased for him/her but vow to polish up your act and push for better results the next time promotion came around? Or are you more likely to feel discouraged and re-affirm to yourself that you probably weren't good enough to get the job anyway and not bother about being a front runner next time around? If you identify yourself as a pessimist, you have some serious work to do. Here's why?

Healthy Living Benefits Of Being An Optimist

  • Research confirms that having an optimistic outlook on life can increase your body's ability to fight disease, make you healthier and cause you to live longer

  • As well as enjoying better health, optimists, age better and are less encumbered with illnesses and frailties that are usually associated with aging. One likely reason for this is their approach to dealing with stressful situations head on, as opposed to pessimists who are more likely to react by denying the difficulty exist, pushing it to one side or not dealing with it

  • Healthy living optimists expect the best out of every situation. They deal with life's blows from a positive world-view - i.e. as temporary setbacks that can be remedied by adjusting/changing their actions/approach toward their goal. This contrast sharply with pessimists, who tend to accept that unfavourable events are of their own making. This mindset further undermines and keeps them blocked, as opposed to freeing up their thinking process to explore and/or create movement or even other healthy solutions to the the challenges they face now or in the future

  • A healthy living optimist will focus on and find ways to overcome the challenge. S/he will positively embrace a challenge as an opportunity for new learning, - even when that learning means s/he must worker much harder. Not to mention the 'buzz' to be experienced for a successful goal outcome

  • Healthy living optimists think, speak and conduct themselves in a positive manner. They don't engage in self- defeating talk, unlike pessimists who will tell themselves - for instance, "I don't want to do it because I know I'll fail"

  • People who are optimistic possess the ability to stand on their own two feet, are not dependent upon others' for deeds or for approval and can make their own decisions. They have a happy disposition and are not reliant upon someone else for their happiness. They act like social magnets who have a knack of drawing people toward them and whom they influence in positive ways. Pessimists on the other hand, are more likely to be perceived by others as bringers of 'doom and gloom' or even negativity. And as a consequence, may be treated unfavourably or avoided altogether

  • The above illustrate some, but by no means all, the traits and characteristics of both optimism and pessimism. As you can see, they have a bearing on womens health and fitness in the emotional sense. Both of these are grossly under-stated concepts that carry significant weight in the realms of womens health, womens healthy living goals and lifestyle choices.

    Looking closely at both concepts might help explain the reasons behind many of your lifestyle choices and how these choices may have helped to create or to damage your healthy living goals or aspirations.

    Having a healthy lifestyle or living healthily is more than simply taking care of our physical needs - i.e. what you eat, how you eat - what you do and how you go about doing it. Healthy living is equally about how you think and how you go about finding healthy living solutions that fit with a positive take on life.

    Healthy living means that when the going gets tough, you learn to persevere. It really isn't that hard to work on and change a pessimistic attitude to an optimistic one. Just work at doing the opposite of what you normally do. That way, you move yourself one step closer to really achieving your health womens healthy living goals and to enjoying a truly more fulfilling and rewarding life.

    Get started today on setting yourself some healthy living goals to raise your level of optimism. You'll find all the guidance, goal worksheets and goal setting action plans at activity goal setting.

    "Optimist sees a half full glass of water, pessimist sees it half empty"

    "Two men look out through the same bars; one sees the mud, and one sees the stars" (Frederick Langbridge)

    The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

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