Health Goals

There are a number of important factors that contribute to successful achievement of your health goals.

Yet, the only real difference between women who achieve and women who do not, is that burning desire to succeed.

But how do you go about strengthening your desire to achieve your health womens health and fitness goal?

This health womens health goal article considers another key factor that will ensure your success with achieving your personal health and fitness goals. This is the question of 'What really motivate you?'.

No, I don't just mean motivation in the general sense of the word, but the issue of 'what it is that really feed your desire' toward achieving your personal goals.

This is important because as humans, we always want to benefit from, or be rewarded for our actions; so we will strive to get something in return for our efforts.

It is the thought of that end benefit or reward that create desire and keep us going even when the going gets tough.

Motivation v Burning Desire!

For instance, before you purchase a washing machine, some beauty cosmetics, a wellness monitor or even a piece of software or gadget of any kind, you want to know how your acquisition is going to help you?

What good it will serve? And how it will change things for the better? You will commit yourself to the purchase only once you're satisfied as to the clear benefits it will bring. The - How will it change my life?' mentality is no different when setting personal health or fitness goals.

Just think about the last time you put in overtime at work to save up for your Summer holiday/vacation. The vacation was the goal; working overtime was the goal objective. What was the - (What's in it for me?) thinking that kept you at work on some of those cold winter evenings?

Was it the thought of you sitting on that beach, getting that bronzer than bronze tan; or the prospect of letting the stresses and strains of the past year melt away; or was it some of the other equally wonderful benefits we all so look forward to when we plan a vacation/holiday.

Whatever your reason - desire was the underpinning motivating factor.

It is the prospect of the 'end benefit' - the 'What's in it for me?' factor that will virtually guarantee the setting and successful achievement of your health goals or any other personal goals.

Without this clarity as to the benefits you will derive from your health and fitness goals, your desire-fire will not burn strongly enough and you will not remain 100% committed to achieving them.

This is why, when setting your womens fitness goals or personal health goals you need to be totally clear and honest about your reasons for wanting to achieve them.

whether your goal setting activity relate to setting business goals, weight loss goals or financial health goals or even personal relationships etc., it really doesn't matter, the same principle applies.

If you're not certain about how you will benefit from your goal, it becomes difficult to stay focused, maintain a healthy optimism and keep your motivation strong.

How To Go About Feeding Your Desire-Fire

Here's an example of what I mean. Let's say you set a health goal along the lines 'I want to lose weight'.

If you just leave it at that without clarifying exactly how setting and achieving your weight loss health goal will benefit you, you won't get excited about your goal and you'll simply go through the motion of taking lacklustre/ uninspired actions to achieve it.

Without a clear identifiable 'what's in it for me' benefit staring you in the face, Sooner or later optimism fade, you lose motivation and you may even abandon pursuit of your health fitness goal all together. You must identify all the benefits!

Here's how to go about getting clarity as to the many benefits attached to achieving your personal, health or life goals.

If you're new to goal setting or you need a refresher on how to set goals, you will find clear step-by-step guidance and free goal setting forms at activity goal setting.

Along with your clearly written health goal and supporting statement of your intent - i.e. (what I'm going to do to achieve my goals and how I'm going to do it). You must also clearly state:

  • what losing 8, 9 or 10 pounds in weight will mean to you
  • How much better will this goal achievement make you feel about yourself
  • How will your health goal achievement contribute to your health?
  • How you will appear physically
  • Any other ways your goal will benefit you

    Using the above example of 'how you will appear physically', how about that size 14 dress you so desperately want to get into again? Can you visualize yourself in it? Can you see the more slender, toned - you? Being clear about the benefits to you is crucial to feeding your motivation in your goal setting activities.

    When you follow the above smart goal principles and are clear about the goal benefits and rewards, setting personal women's fitness health goals, become highly achievable. Your whole attitude change, as the dynamics and processes ivolved with setting goals and objectives change for the better. How?

    On a daily basis:

  • You'll become more passionate about achieving your goal
  • You'll begin to imagine how you will feel achieving goal
  • You'll begin to positively visualise yourself being slimmer or,
  • Getting into that size 12 or size 14 dress again
  • You will picture yourself looking terrific in your bikini on    the beach
  • You'll visualize how your partner, family friends will admire you
  • You might even choose to buy an item of clothing in your desired size,in the knowledge that you will be wearing it in 2, 3 or 4 month's time
  • You'll imagine yourself enjoying your reward for achieving your goal

    Don't forget either to plan a reward for yourself upon successful achievement of your health goal. Why not make your reward an extra special vacation/holiday destination such as a health spa. What better motivation do you need than that to keep you focused and moving toward that health goal post!

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    Remember at all times to use the above health information in conjunction with the goalsetting guidance and free health goal setting forms set out at goal setting activity.

    "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well neither does bathing. That's why we recommend it daily". (Zig Ziglar)

    The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

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