Health Skill For Wellness Monitor

So, you want to develop your health skill for wellness! Just where do you start and how do you even begin putting your health skills to use if you don't currently recognise them as skills?

Well, all of that is about to change. For a start, all the resources you need and so much more can be found within you!

If you have been using your journal (as I've often requested you do), by now you are accomplished in the art of regular journaling your life experiences and events.

If you're really serious about developing and/or promoting your health skill for wellness, your journal is the most important self-help tool for achieving this. If you're not familiar with using a journal, then do read up on how to journal. Your journal will be the foundation for the following exercises.

health skills for wellness - monitor for making changes to your life balance

To recap on your 7 dimensions of wellness, they are:

  • Physical wellness

  • Family Health And Wellness /
       Womens Health And Personal Relationship Wellness

  • Emotional and Mental Wellness

  • Work/Career Wellness

  • Social Network Wellness

  • Spiritual Wellness

  • Financial Health And Wellness

    In an ideal world, your health skill for wellness monitoring would be so highly practiced that you would score a 10 in all of your 7 wellness dimensions on your wellness wheel health woman's exercise.

    However, this is not the reality, although there's absolutely no reason whatsoever, why you should not strive to attain the highest degree of wellness you possibly can.

    Before we proceed onto your health skill for wellness activity, first, take a look at the Health Womans Wellness Wheel.

    Print it or if you prefer, draw your own - then follow the instructions at Health Womans Health Wheel, on how to use the wheel. As you will see, they are two different wheels but the principle for using them is exactly the same. When you're done, return here!

    By now you will have completed the first stage of your health skill for wellness, having assessed your health life balance in each of your 7 wellness dimensions.

    How did you score? If you scored between 1-3 in any dimension, that would indicate a priority you need to work on now. Between 4-5 is still low but average - there's room for improvement. In excess of 6 is good but do you really want to take your eye off the ball? A score of 8-9 is very good - perhaps you can turn your focus to another of your wellness dimensions to raise the score there too. Scored 10? Excellent! Fantastic - but hold on one minute!

    Is this dimension robbing from one of your other wellness areas, making it poorer in the process?

    Here's an example of what I mean. If you're making loads-a-money then naturally your finance dimension is going to have a high score such as 10 perhaps. But, which of your other wellness dimensions did you sacrifice on the way? If you worked long hard hours for example;

  • How did your family/personal relationship network cope?

  • How intact is your social network wellness dimension? Do you still have any friends/how many of them are still inviting you out?

  • What price did your physical health dimension have to pay?

  • How do you forsee this all impacting on your emotional
    dimension/or how has it?

  • What is your spiritual dimension saying to you about all of this?

    Utilising your health skill for wellness to self-monitor is really quite straightforward as you can see from the first stage of the above exercise.

    In a nutshell, health skills for wellness involve asking yourself some pretty simple questions. As for the answers, you then have to make a commitment to living them.

    Using your journal, make a start now on stage two, by asking yourself the following questions and any others you can think of that are relevant to your particular health and wellness situation. Regular, self wellness monitoring of how you're doing is an essential tool in your arsenal of health skill for wellness. Do list each question, making sure you leave enough space after each for your answer:

    health skill for wellness - making changes to your wellness balance

    For this stage of your health skill for wellness monitor exercise, select one of your low scoring wellness dimensions and ask yourself the following questions, which you must answer before moving onto the next:

  • What do I want?

  • Is this really what I want?

    (it is really important to double check - clarify what you want. It's all too easy to tell yourself for example that what you want is for your partner to treat you better, when with a bit more consideration you find that your relationship has really hit rock bottom and what you really want is to get out of a relationship that is no longer making you happy

  • What is the single most important thing that I am not paying attention to?

    (How does this question and your answer tie in with the two above? For example, is there a need you have been overlooking, dismissing or even pretending does not exist? You might say for instance that your partner does not make you happy, however could it also be that it's you who are not happy in the relationship on account that you want something from your partner that s/he is, or, has been unable to give you and you're only now waking up to that fact?

  • What is the easiest step I can take today or tomorrow in the direction of what I want?

  • (Now that you're clear about what you want, demonstrate your further commitment to taking action. Having completed your health skill for wellness exercise, identify one small step you can now take and write an agreement with yourself to do it. Sign and date it too - you have just identified a clear goal - (i.e. that small first step), to bring a positive change into your life! Should you encounter any hesitation or resistence with taking that first important step, continue with your journaling activity to get to the bottom of what your objections are really trying to achieve for you.

    health skill for wellness - self-help

    Do use the above health skill for wellness exercise to assess your other wellness dimensions; to monitor how you're doing and to set goals to raise your scores in your other health and wellness areas.

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    "Everything's in the mind. That's where it all starts. Knowing what you want is the first step toward getting it.". (Mae West)

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