Health And Spiritual Wellness

Spirituality or health and spiritual wellness can take on many different forms. How in touch are you with what constitute your unique health and spiritual well-being?

It might be that you feel some kind of appreciation for the wisdom of your elders or a deep and healthy connection and respect for the laws of nature, the universe or even some
other form of belief system.

What's important to remember, is that spirituality does not only refer to religious beliefs, which are clearly close to very many people's lives.

Your spirituality - and ultimately your health and spiritual wellness will be determined by how clear you are about what you believe in and how effective you are in drawing on your belief system to support and guide you in times of crisis.

Spiritual Retreats

A spiritual retreat for some people is their ability to draw comfort from the fact that they belong to a network of like-minded people (such as a church), from which they experience a sense of connection to others. For others it might be through their charitable contribution, work or deeds. While for some, it might be a desire to comfort and help others who are in distress.

What distinguishes our health and spiritual wellness from each of our other six dimensions of wellness, is our need to believe in a power that is far greater than ourselves.

Irrespective of who or what we believe in, having faith in that 'other' is what gives us hope and the strength to understand that 'everything in life happens for a reason' and not because some unforgiving force decree it.

One way or another and on a personal level, we are all searching for health and spiritual wellness. When we look for meaning, purpose, health, happiness, fulfillment etc., we do so because we want and need:

  • Our lives to be rewarding
  • To feel that we are useful and appreciated
  • To love and be loved

    Our health and spiritual wellness dimension is essentially the depth of ourselves. Not only does it refer to our values, our beliefs and our commitments that are at the very core of our being, our spirituality defines our personal code, which governs our emotional wellness and stability and ultimately how we approach and manage life challenges.

    How To Create Your Spiritual Retreat

    Health and spiritual wellness is not something you can achieve over-night. It requires time, careful attention and a commitment to undertaking a health journey to total wellness. Unless it is nourished and exercised regularly, your spiritual wellness will not be able to support you when you need it most.

    This is not only true of your health and spiritual wellness dimension though. Health Womens Healthy Living Goals have always stressed that health intentional wellness must encompass your 7 dimensions of wellness. This necessitate nourishing and exercising them in equal measure.

    To start the process of tapping into your 'core self' with a view to developing your health and spiritual wellness, you'll first need to create an atmosphere - a spiritual retreat that is conducive to health and spiritual wellness development.

    To achieve this, you must learn to set aside some quality time to engage in reflection and spiritual meditation in solitude.

    Spending time alone - solitude, is a basic requirement for any health and spiritual wellness development. This can be very difficult to achieve, given the hectic pace, demands and noiseness of our modern lifestyles. Yet, find time you must!.

    Ensuring your health and spiritual wellness, calls for nothing less than an ability to be able to spend time alone and a willingness to submerge yourself in total solitude for spiritual meditation on a regular basis.

    Only then, can you begin the process of your health journey to total wellness and spiritual growth.

    How To Nurture Your Spiritual Health And Wellness

    Your health and spiritual growth relies on a process; it can only occur when you create opportunities to engage in meaningful reflection on your inner life.

    This inner reflection will in turn help you to engage in a self-dialogue on fundamental issues in your life; self-dialogue is facilitative of self-questioning on a deeper level; it is this quality of questioning that enables you to respond and get the in-depth answers you seek.

    The dialogue you choose to enter into or the subsequent questions you later ask, will be unique to you. A good starting point however, might be self-exploration, - asking yourself some basic questions such as:

  • Who am I? (What give me pleasure/meaning to my existence)
  • What do I want? (What am I/should I be committed to)
  • Why am I here? (What purpose I am serving/want to serve)
  • Where am I going? (What motivate me/give direction to my life

    We all want to be able to make sense of who we are, what we stand for and even to fully comprehend our pain, struggles, life challenges etc., This is the essence of our spiritual self. Yet, we seldom listen to ourselves, let alone engage in the practice of enhancing our spiritual health and wellness.

    This omission can be costly in terms of our health - since our ignorance make it difficult to understand what is happening to us? why it is happening? And What we can do to put things right.

    This can manifest in illnesses, accidents, experiences of emotional pain - not to mention a whole host of other things that can make life a huge challenge.

    Whether you see your health and spiritual wellness in terms of a journey; a means by which to make conscious contact with 'the creator;' or just living a more meaningful, peaceful and content life, - (whether through prayer or meditation), what stand out is, the need to communicate and respond to our inner core - which after all is what draws us to becoming who and what we truly are.

    To assess where you presently are in your health and spiritual wellness, simply use the Health Womens Health Wheel.

    Once you've completed your assessment, you can begin the process of setting aside some quality time to explore your spirituality. You can use your journal to record questions you want to meditate on, as well as for recording your insights afterwards.

    Want a different and refreshing approach to spiritual retreats? Why not join a spiritual retreat for an enlightening experience in spiritual transformation, personal growth and development.

    Spiritual retreats offer unique opportunities to visit incredible sacred sites, many with unrivalled itineraries. Destinations can range from Mexico, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Bali, Hawaii, Egypt, Bhutan and more!

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