Goal Setting Importance

This goal setting importance guidance will serve as a quick refresher on all the previous stages of the personal goal-setting exercises part one to five.

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Here is your outline goal guidance tips for ensuring the goal setting result you deserve.

personal goal setting guidance tip 1

Clearly define your priority health goal, with destination and the date by which you will achieve it.

Your goal should be written and supported by a positive statement of intent about what you want to bring into your life. This is very important, since the focus of your goal should not be centred around describing a problem you want to eliminate.

personal goal setting guidance tip 2

Of paramount goal setting importance, is the need to express yourself in positive ways. Do ensure your personal goals are written in the present tense as if already achieved and that they are about the things you want. Use positive language and terminology when writing your personal goals

personal goal setting guidance tip 3

Your goal must be realistic and achievable. It's no good setting yourself a goal to climb Mount Everest if achieving your goal would be detrimental to a health condition.

personal goal setting guidance tip 4

Your focus must be on what you can do - what you can change, rather than on what you perceive you cannot do

personal goal setting guidance tip 5

Your goal must have a clearly defined destination - i.e. as well as knowing the date you're going to get there - (achieve your goal), how will you know when you've arrived? - (When you can fit into that size 12 dress again)!

personal goal setting importance - guidance tip 6

Do use a journal to record your thoughts; challenges; emotions; what you want to change now; to plan the actions you will take; to record any perceived barriers to your progress/development as well as listing your support systems of family and friends you can draw on to help you achieve your goals

personal goal setting importance - guidance tip 7

Do also write your personal goal on a separate piece of paper so you can carry your goal with you at all times.

personal goal setting importance - guidance tip 8

An underlying importance of Setting goals is to commit yourself to selecting and carrying out actions that will move you closer to your primary goal. When you identify more than one goal you want to achieve, turn each 'want' into a specific achievable goal, then define the key priority goal you want to achieve now.

personal goal setting importance - guidance tip 9

You must review your goals daily. This is important for keeping your goal fresh in your mind as well as helping you to check that you're on track for achieving it by the actions you're taking. Read your goals first thing in the morning and last thing at night just before you go off to sleep. Your subconscious will process it while your sleeping and throw up solutions to your conscious mind.

personal goal setting importance - guidance tip 10

Your goal must contain a reward for achievement. Everyone responds positively to being praised or being rewarded for a job well done! Get into the practice of planning a small reward for yourself at each milestone achievement.

personal goal setting guidance tip 11

No 'woman is an island'. Have a defined support system in place. Make sure it's one you can rely on and trust to support you in positive ways for achieving your goals.

personal goal setting guidance tip 12

Revise your goals as you feel the need. Do not be tempted to squeeze a square peg into a round hole. If something doesn't fit or it doesn't feel right, try a different approach. The best way of achieving this is by using your journal to record any fears, concerns, issues or negativity you experience. This way, you confront challenges and obstacles to help you find solutions, rather than overlook them. When you read back your journal entry, it will provide you with a fresh perspective.

personal goal setting importance - guidance tip 13

As with everything else in life, your best laid plans will not always go according to plan. Remain open and flexible to new ways and means for achieving your goal. Your goal is not set in stone, as you change for the better, so too will your goals.

personal goal setting importance - guidance tip 14

Evaluating your progress toward your goal is an ongoing process. You can achieve this by using the Health Womens Health Wheel. The health wheel serves a secondary purpose of helping you to evaluate your level of satisfaction and progress with your goals by comparing where you are now, against your future progress.

Dont be afraid to move the goal post.

"All successful people, men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.". (Brian Tracy)

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