Smart Goal Setting Form Part Three

The purpose of this smart goal setting form part three is to give you an idea of some of the different kinds of goals you can set in each of your core health areas.

If you refer to your personal values in your free goalsetting form part one, you will see that it lists numerous values. How did you get on with writing yours, as personal goals?

Here is an idea of how you can use your free smart goal setting form part three, to really get to work in all the important areas of your health.

Use your smart goal setting form part three to record three goals (or personal values) from your journal. As you can see, the example below lists self-esteem and self-confidence, which belongs to the mental health and emotional well-being area of your core health chart. On their own, they are not true goals until you break them down into specifics, as you can see from the example below.

Once you have written three personal goals, simply select the most important priority smart goal you want to start working on now. You can approach the other two once you start making progress with your first goal - unless of course, the secondary goals are connected to your primary one in such a way that you would need to work on them at the same time too. An example being, the weight loss diet and weight loss exercise goals. It is not imperative that you do so; you could approach one aspect at a time until you're ready to tackle the other. What's important is that you take it at a pace that you're happy with.

Here are some smart goal ideas for mental and emotional health to give you an idea.

  • Build my self-esteem
  • Be assertive of my needs
  • Manage my stress
  • Sleep 8 hours each night
  • Join a relaxation class

    Simply use the above format to set smart goals in any or all your health areas. Do you see how I have broken down the core health area of mental and emotional well-being to specific goals? Do the same with your other three core health areas as you feel necessary. Don't forget your personal statement of intent. Now that we have covered 'what' you want, in part four I'll be helping you work out the goal smart way of 'how' you go about getting it.

    Remember, keep it positive, keep it specific and keep it goal smart!

    Mental and Emotional Well-being

    Self-esteem and self-confidence


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