Goal Setting Worksheet

The objective of this goal setting worksheet is to help you identify and prioritise areas of your health in which you want to set personal goals. Once you have achieved this, the next step is to prioritise your values - i.e. the things that are most important to you right now, in each of your health area(s)!

Using the goalsetting form below, simply circle in each of your four core health areas, a number that best represent your current level of satisfaction for each one.

On a scale of 0-10 (0 =low, 10 = high) assess your present level of satisfaction/happiness in each area of your life

  Health Area                  Low                                                        High

  Food Health               1    2    3    4     5     6    7    8     9     10    

  Physical Health           1    2    3    4     5     6    7    8     9     10    

  Mental Health Health   1    2    3     4    5     6    7     8     9     10    

  Beauty Health            1    2    3    4     5     6     7     8     9    10   


Now that you have completed the above goal setting worksheet, you will have a clear idea as to one or more of your health areas for which you want to set an immediate goal or goals. The following goal setting worksheet is designed to help you draw up your own list of relevant personal values for specific areas of your health.

For instance, if one of your core values in the activity goal setting worksheet above happens to be mental health, then you will want to draw up a list of what you consider important personal values in relation to your mental health. For example, you might consider focusing your attention on attaining a greater degree of 'peace of mind', or 'happiness' or even setting a goal to 'combat stress'.

The following goal setting form list a set of personal values. These are not set in stone and are merely a guide to help you. As well as drawing up your own list of personal values, you can select any that are relevant to your health circumstance, from the list.

You might want to refer back to Activity Goal Setting for a refresher on how to get the very best out of this activity goal setting worksheet.

activity goal setting worksheet

  Heart Health       Weightloss        Exercise         Weight Loss Diet  

  Healthy Eating     Body Image      Self Image      Beauty Health

  Achievement       Growth            Kindness         Self-Discipline

  Food Health        Beauty             Happiness       Self-Esteem       

  knowledge          Health              Love              Spirituality      

  Emotions            Peace              Strength         Dignity           

  Support             Power               Pride              Independence      

  Individuality        Family              Trust              Confidence        

  Integrity            Respect            Truth              Personal          

  Development      Goals                Life                 Honesty           

  Discipline           Risk                  Wisdom            Fitness           

  Mental Health     Self                 Skin Care          Motivation        

  Inspiration         Balance            Belief                Improvement       

  Nutrition            Rest                Sleep                Relaxation        

  Awareness         Fun                 Self-Care           Self Respect      

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