Sickle Cell Health Story, The Day My GP Didn't Listen

by angie

Feeling persistently unwell and suspecting a tummy bug which was going around at the time, I visited my G.P just to make sure.

My blood test results showed I was fighting a virus, as my white blood cell count was low. My spleen wasn't working terribly well and I was also anemic.

I pleaded with my G.P and told her this was quite normal for me as I have Sickle Cell Anemia and white cells are usually low because I am often fighting colds, flu and other infections just like people without Sickle Cell anemia but was more prone to frequent attacks.

But with all my protesting and insistence that I didn't need a V.D clinic she packed me off to one anyway.

I initially decided not to attend the clinic because I felt I had no reason to but in the end I thought I would humour her.

When the clinic asked me about my symptoms I told them I had none but that I was there on the advice of my G.P.

I decided I might as well ask for the full works - uring test, HIV, TB,Ghonerriah, Syphillis, Hepatic C etc., curtesy of the NHS. Needless to say, all my results came back clear. It was well worth it though if only to be told I was in tip top womens health.

It wasn't the fact my G.P sent me to the clinic that made me angry (because your G.P advice should never be ignored) but the fact she didn't listen to me. My medical situation could have been handled differently to obtain the same results. If I didn't know certain facts about my own health, my G.P would have given me a whole lot of sleepless nights.

I would just like to say she was a new G.P but I felt she was a little ignorant and no care was taken to find out about my medical history.


For people who don't know about Sickle Cell Anemia
it is inherited, it is no different from people inheriting arthritis, you cannot catch it.

If you would like to know more about Sickle Cell Anemia or if you suffer from this medical condition and would like to respond,or to share your medical experiences with other sicklers, I would love to hear from you.

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