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As with everything else, your definition of womens health and wellness will be different to the next person.

One person's definition of health and wellness might be that they can jog for one hour and feel good about themself. Another might say that she can run for the bus without puffing and panting. While for another, the yardstick by which they measure their woman health might be their weekly gym session at a fitness centre. It's time to start asking yourself what exactly, your health and women's fitness means to you and what it is you want to achieve.

Whether your womens health woman priority is to nurture a healthy disposition, to start a weight loss program or goal, to quit smoking, combat stress, to start a healthy eating plan or even to start paying attention to those niggly ailments you've been ignoring, start now by taking small steps which will mushroom into bigger, bolder wellness achievements.

What Signals Is Your Body Sending You About Your Womans Health?

Just as I'm talking to you now, your body talks to you. Learn to ask - 'how are you feeling now?' You are after all your own and best wellness monitor, so learn to use your talent well. Monitoring your wellness isn't difficult, here are some basics to get you started.

  • Are you feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed?

  • Go and take a look in the mirror - how do you look? physically?

  • Have there been any changes in your eating habits lately - e.g. loss/increase in appetite?

  • Are you feeling active - with a spring in your step?

  • What/ How is your body communicating with you when you are not feeling great?

  • What difference is there in how you feel and in how you behave when you are well/unwell?

  • A Health Woman - Learns To Listen To Her Body

    Just as you take the time to ask your body how it's doing, take the time to to listen! What is your body telling you toay. It's amazing the value women place on knowing they are being cared for by their partners and/or their significant others, yet many women do not demonstrate this same value/quality to themselves or indeed to their woman health and wellness.

    When you focus in this way, you are trying to get from someone else what you are not giving yourself. Caring for your women's health has to start with you, - caring for you. When you do this, your actions will reinforce the point that you matter and other people will also start to think the same.

    Learn to tune into your body and monitor what it's doing and what it's saying to you. It will reward you with a wealth of information as to how you're functioning and as to your overall womens' health and wellness status.

    Sure, you can spend money buying various quick fix 'how to's', with the promise of instant solutions to ill-health for women. However, unless these are supplements to your existing knowledge and awareness of your particular health woman's needs and what it is that makes you tick, your motivation and benefit from them will be short lived.

    Make self-knowledge of your health & woman fitness/self care needs, your starting point - knowledge is after all, power. Only then will you be able to capatilise on the benefits of wellness remedies, or even learning how to make your own natural homemade health remedies and recipes

    Optimum womens health means taking care of your body, which will in turn take care of you. Start planning a healthier life for you, which will also benefit your loved ones. Don’t wait until you become ill - but make your health and womens' health aspirations your number one priority now.

    Now Set Yourself A Health Women's Health Goal

    Consider everything you have just read about health and womens health. What contribution could you now make to womens health, starting with your own. What health womans goal or goals could you set yourself now.

    Simply start with a short-term goal you know you can reasonably achieve. You'll be amazed at how motivated you'll feel on achievement of your goal or goals, that you'll want to continue building on your success.

    If you're not ready to set your goal, read on. If you're all clued up now and rearing to go, this 5 part goal setting activity will guide you step-by-step. I'll see you in a few seconds

    Are you still not clear or have you just landed on this page? To give you a helping hand, you will find some excellent goals settings guidance at personal goal setting to help you in all aspects of your womens health goals and goal-settings activity.

    Self Help Health: Health Womens Health Resources

    Here are some suggestions to get you thinking about your health -health womens goal that might be right for you.

  • What do you believe is possible for you to achieve in relation to women & health fitness? Could you take up walking daily? or a new physical activity or even yoga for a beginner? Could you take up light jogging exercise?

  • What are you presently doing about your woman & health fitness that you could possibly expand a little further into a goal? Could you now consult your doctor on an ailment you've been ignoring? Could you access a health women's forum and get support?

  • Would some professional women & health advice now help you assess your level of health & woman fitness and how to improve it? could you now formulate a list of questions you could take with you when you consult your doctor? Could you read an informative, expertly written book on specific womens health conditions/issues; improve your knowledge by researching information on what you believe might be ailing you?

  • Could you even now buy yourself some comfortable trainers and some loose fitting clothing so you could walk to pick up the kids from school? Better still, could you ask another parent to pick up the kids 2-3 times each week in exchange for you returning the favor in another way.

    Could this then free up some extra time you could devote to say, journaling how you're feeling about your women's health, and what you could start doing to improve it

  • What is the current state of your self-image health? The image you hold of yourself will throw light on the state of your womens health. Why not work on improving how you perceive yourself - self-concept ?

  • Make a start by writing yourself a list of all the things that make you feel cared for. Next write down everything you would really be doing, if you were really caring for yourself. This will help put things into perspective.

    You have to first invest in your womens health self-care, before other people will invest in you. Make your health woman's goal your top priority.

    Exercise is one of the best tonics that make you start to feel good about yourself as well as making you look terrific. Why not make a start on a woman health and self-care program by doing something just for you. I have prepared a wide selection of exercises and weightloss exercises to get you started. go on make the click.

    You'll find an exceptionally useful and practical format for assessing your strengths, skills and achievements, as well as advice on how to overcome any challenges/barriers/blocks that is specific to a weight loss goal here.

    Happy goals settings.

    "You can have more than you've got, because you can become more than you are". (Jim Rohn)

    The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

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