Stress Affect Your Overall Health

What Is Stress - And How Does Stress Affect Your Overall Health

Stress can be defined as the mind and body coming under tension or strain. This is usually a result of our reacting to perceived challenging life events, situations or, our environment, which make us feel pressurised or threatened.

Whilst stress is a natural biological function that allows the human body to react and adapt positively to such challenges, when the levels of stress is dis-proportionate or extended, stress affect your overall health leading to all manner of health issues in women etc., These can include anxiety, apprehensiveness, fear and even sleeping problems etc.,

It is important to understand that stress not only affects your physical health, it also affects your mental and emotional health and wellness. Health Womens Healthy Living Goals take the view that in order to achieve optimum health, women must make stress health a top priority.

Do bear in mind that stress symptoms can either creep up on us or gradually appear over some time. Equally, our stress health can deteriorate swiftly and without warning.

You can learn more about how stress affect your overall health in relation to some typical, physical, psychological and emotional health presentations, which is covered at stress symptoms.

How Does Stress Affect Health Short-Medium Term

Both short and long-term stress can affect your body as well as having a profound effect on your mental and emotional health. In fact, stress affect your overall health to the extent where may find yourself totally unable to function, if you don do not take action to combat it.

Research is increasingly showing that as well as triggering chemical changes in our bodies making us more prone to illness, stress can also worsen any existing health issues experienced by women as well as other sections of the population.

It is not always easy to recognise when stress is affecting our lives. Sometimes it is all too easy instead to 'blame' other people for our inability to manage certain situations or events in our lives etc., This is where it becomes crucial for women to seek feedback from their nearest and dearest to help identify if they are under stress.

Yet at times, stress affect your overall health to such an extent that it becomes difficult to acknowledge this let alone seek feedback from people you love and trust. If you are finding it difficult to cope or find that you can't talk to anyone about how you are feeling then it is perhaps time for you to speak with your medical practitioner. If you don't act, you run the risk of stress affecting your overall health and general well- being, not to mention, putting yourself at significant health and environmental risks.

Want an effective approach to managing stress? Skip over to Health Womens Healthy Living Goals' new Stress Health Forum. You can catch up on the latest stress health related google news and you can also post an article or health story on how stress affects health for you or your family members.

You can even comment on the current stress health news or have your say on what others have said about stress as a health issue in women. It is quick and easy, you don't need to register, login or even leave your name. Share and have other women share with you.

"Great results will follow if you 'allow' yourself to solve difficult problems"

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The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

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