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Possible Reasons Why You Cant Sleep

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There are a variety of reasons why some women get very little health and beauty rest.

Apart from the very obvious causes such as not getting to bed early enough or taking stimulants such as coffee, alcohol, drugs, nicotene, just before going to bed, other reasons for why you might be experiencing sleeping problems or cant get a good night sleep can include:

  • headaches
  • backache
  • nervousness
  • sleep disorders such as insomnia
  • ill-health
  • stress
  • fear, anxiety, worry

    These are by no means the only factors why many women cant sleep, however, they represent some of the common causes that disrupt a good night sleep.

    If you cannot sleep or are experiencing sleep insomnia, you might find this complete guide to safe, easy and effective natural sleep icon useful.

    While every woman will from time to time experience disruptions to their sleeping pattern and find they cant sleep perhaps for a day or two, - this is perfectly normal and should not give cause for concern.

    However, when this pattern is being experienced over longer periods and/or is affecting your health, it is time to get to the root cause of any sleeping problems. It is all too easy to seek a quick-fix such as sleep treatment. Sleep treatment incidentally include sleeping pills, which is not the solution.

    If you are experiencing problems with sleeping or you find that you cant sleep on an ongoing basis, Health Womens Healthy Living Goals advice to you is to consult your medical practitioner to rule out any underlying health cause. You may be offered insomnia help if needed, to stop insomnia.

    In the absence of any medical health issue, could it be that your emotional and psychological dimension is in crisis? Or that your physical health & wellness dimension is in need of a thorough fitness workout?

    Whatever the reason for why you cant sleep, you must be able to effectively monitor your womens health status to learn why you're being starved of health and beauty sleep.

    If you simply let the sleeping problem ride, you'll set yourself up for all manner of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual ill-health issues.

    Remember, that poor-functioning in your physical health dimension as a result of not being able to get ample sleep will cross over and impact negatively on your other health dimensions and visa versa.

    Working Out How To Get Better Rest

    Longer lasting problem sleeping or insomnia are often caused by health issues, stress, anxieties, or even a sense of being overwhelmed.

    One of the main sources of stress for example is the workplace. Deep seated job dis-satisfaction or excessive demands of the job can contribute to not getting ample rest; further compounding the affects of sleep insomnia.

    Aim to get to the root cause for your sleeping problem. Once you identify the reason why you cant sleep, you'll be able to work out how to treat insomnia and sleep better.

    Make a start by using your journal to record your resting habits/ sleep pattern and anything else you consider relevant. Your journal is really an excellent way of helping you work out how to cure insomnia naturally.

    You might also want to engage in some self-questioning to help you identify why you cant sleep as well as helping you find a natural insomnia remedy. Here are a few examples to get you started but do come up with some questions of your own. Record your answers and insights on any insomnia help you might need, or how to stop insomnia in your journal.

  • On a scale of 0-10 how do you assess your overall health?

  • What is your score in each of the four health areas on the health womans wellness wheel?

  • When did you first note the disruption to your health & beauty

  • How long has the disruption been going on for?

  • Has there been any recent changes to your sleeping
    routine? (e.g. time you go to bed, room change etc.,

  • Has there been any significant changes at work, home, in your
    social life, in your eating habits, in your family life/personal relationships?

  • What is different now in relation to how you are/
    are not sleeping? (e.g. not a deep sleeper or difficult to get off to a good night's rest

  • While you're awake at night, what thoughts are pre-occupying
    your mind?

  • Based on the above answers, has any of your health area scores changed?

  • What does this tell you?

  • Your recordings will provide you with valuable information on any major life events responsible for why you can't sleep or not getting a good night's rest.

    For instance, work/job dis-satisfaction, breakdown in relationships/friendships, financial worries or whether you need medical help to treat insomnia etc., You would be amazed by the number of people who cant sleep for such reasons.

    It can also bring to your attention any changes to the way you are currently going to bed. For example, any minor changes to your resting routine you may not be fully conscious of such as consuming certain food and drinks that act as stimulants. By just cutting out these foods, many women who find they cant sleep can now quickly cure insomnia.

    Whatever the cause for problem sleepers, it is important to take action to remedy insomnia. It may be that a career goal or job change is in order, or that there is an underlying health issue, or you need to pay closer attention to your food health vitamin and nutrition.

    There are online cognitive behavioral therapies for sleep disorders, with claims to being scientifically proven and effective for curing insomnia.

    Do consult your doctor to rule out health conditions, sleep disorders, any headache you are experiencing, or if you're of a nervous disposition. Don't under any circumstances resort to taking sleeping pills as a means of self-help insomnia treatment.

    Apart from being dangerous, sleeping pills don't deal with why you can't sleep; they deal only with the symptom - not the cause. The exception of course is when they are taken under advice from your doctor.

    "I love sleep because it is both pleasant and safe to use"

    Natural Insomnia Cure And Insomnia Remedy

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy online for sleep disorders.

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    Insomnia Treatment
    Use these natural self-help strategies to identify the root cause of your sleeping problems, plus learn how you can cure insomnia and get a good night sleep after just 3 weeks with this online insomnia cure...

    Getting a good night sleep or experiencing sleeping problems? If you cant sleep, your body will not function optimally. Here's how to identify the reasons why you cannot sleep or if you might be need insomnia treatment or remedy...

    The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

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