Healthy Loss Weight! Diet Or Exercise?

Healthy Loss Weight

Are you pursuing a healthy weight loss goal?

There are two key factors associated with any weight loss or diet weight control plan. These are, dieting to lose weight and weight loss exercise.

When you think about weight loss or how you will maintain your healthy weight, do you think only in terms of pursuing a weight loss diet, or just weightloss exercise or, do you look at the bigger picture and set your health goals for achieving both!

Do you ever wonder which of the two approaches might be most effective for you? Many of you will already be aware that a combination of both a healthy loss weight diet and weight loss exercise is recommended and has been shown to be the most healthy and successful way of maintaining a healthy diet and weight control.

However, when it comes to making a choice between dieting to lose weight and weight loss exercise, recent research shows that a healthy diet consisting of healthy meals for weight loss dieting is by far the better approach for achieving your healthy loss weight goal.

According to an Australian review of 43 weight loss studies dating back to 1985, (The Cochrane Library journal), relying on exercise alone to help you lose weight while you continue to eat unhealthily is a false economy. The review cites:

"Exercise by itself is not going to be an effective weight-loss strategy for an individual, you really need to combine exercise with better nutrition"

(Dr Kelly Shaw, co-author and public health doctor: Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmania)

Further, that consuming a healthy diet will do far more to promote weight-loss than exercise could.

So there you have it. If you are pursuing a healthy loss weight goal, a healthy eating diet has been confirmed to be the more significant factor in achieving weight-loss than weight-loss exercise.

This is not to say, that you should simply abandon weightloss exercise as a means of helping you achieve optimum diet weight control or maintaining a healthy weight. What is evident however, is that diet is being said to have more of an impact on weight loss than exercise.

You need not feel unsupported with your weight loss diet goal. Need assistance? There is an abundance of healthy weightloss articles, tips and goal setting resources throughout the Health Womens Healthy Living Goals site. Simply click on the links to to learn more!

Despite the fact that a healthy weight loss diet or even just making a few healthy adjustments to your food health vitamin and nutrition intake comes out on top, bear in mind that weight-loss exercise still remains the second key factor that prevents you from regaining any loss weight and maintaining your healthy weight loss.

By approaching your weight-loss goal with a healthy loss weight diet that is supplemented with physical exercise and not the other way round and you could soon find that you achieve gradual yet consistent weightloss that is far more likely to stay off!

"Never eat more than you can lift" (Miss Piggy)

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