Beauty Products - A Woman To Woman Perspective

Are you a natural health and beauty woman or are beauty products an essential part of what defines your beauty health?

A key issue that arise out of our use of cosmetics, such as cosmetics makeup is, our motivation for using them?

Are beauty cosmetics makeup for example, fulfilling a need byond making us look outwardly better? Or are they merely for the purpose of refining our facial characteristics, thereby giving the impression of making us look more 'beautiful?'

For some women, the only obstacle that stands in the way of achieving natural health & beauty, is the poor self/body image they hold of themselves - see: beauty health.

Personal beauty health dis-satisfaction can range from issues such as perceived - small lips, big nose, poor skin tone to the bigger issues around body shape and size.

Health & beauty cosmetic products are without doubt part and parcel of many women's personal care. Whether our choices of beauty products relate to anti aging treatment or beauty therapies, we're all in some way or another using them in our day-to-day lives.

Health and beauty products - a woman to woman perspective

If money can't buy health and beauty does that mean you can't buy cosmetic products? Woman to woman! Of course not!

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Many women rely on various beauty cosmetics to accentuate their positives and improve on the weaker points.

Health and beauty cosmetic products are as much a part of getting dressed and presenting yourself to the world as is the habit of nurturing your inner health and beauty state.

Naturally, as part of their beauty care, women will use beauty cosmetic products and makeup, not only to

highlight their perceived strong facial features but to improve the weaker ones.

While beauty products and cosmetic makeup such as lipstick won't make your lips fuller, it can give the appearance of doing so. Nor will health & beauty products such as a face cream make you look 20 years younger - only tender and regular nurturing of your beauty health can do that.

This is not to say that cosmetic products do not fulfill other valuable functions. Since beauty treatments or beauty skin care for specific skin conditions such as acne or stretch marks etc., can help to resolve those issues, helping you to feel better about your outward health and beauty appearance.

Likewise, an excellent haircut can give the appearance of making you look much younger, by elongating your neck, or showing off your bone structure or facial features. This is what is meant by 'making the most of what you've got'.

But ultimately, learn to look within as opposed to outside yourself when defining your health & beauty.

When you buy your cosmetics from a healthy mindset, you refuse to feed into the dominant definition of beauty and move away from the cosmetics industry's mentality of: 'selling cosmetic beauty products by selling hope' of making yourself more beautiful; or, of maintaining your beauty - only you can do that.

Without doubt, you have the capability within you to achieve positive and long lasting health and beauty change. Just remember that none of us are born ugly, you have health & beauty - you just need to get to know it.

"People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within". (Elizabeth Kubler-Ross)

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