Health And Beauty - What's Your Definition?

There are clear distinctions between the concepts of health and beauty and, being 'beautiful'. The two are as far apart as 'chalk and cheese' and I'm going to show you why.

Health and beauty seems to be on just about everyone's lips in the sense of aesthetic qualities, or in respect of beauty products, beauty treatments or beauty cosmetics. This is of course in stark contrast to the true definition of health & beauty, or beauty - that is said to:

'engender the experience of positive reflection and meaning of one's existence'.

Yet, health & beauty is a subject that receives a tremendous amount of attention, not to mention media coverage in the commercial and marketing sense of the word.

It is not surprising therefore that the definition of health & beauty many women hold today is a product of our society's focus on what is considered the norm. However, to meet the definition of health & beauty does not mean that you have to fit that stereotypical image of beauty health.

Health and beauty - putting things into perspective

For many women, focusing on their physical appearance; beauty skin care and beauty treatment is the yardstick by which they define their health and beauty.

Ask women what they would change about themselves and the response will more than likely point to cosmetics and beauty skin care products or some other form of external images and definitions of beauty other than their own natural health and beauty.

You may have noticed how advertisements always link the term 'health' alongside that of 'beauty'. For example, beauty health, beauty fitness, health & beauty care etc.,

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? Or why any supporting images are always of models that fit into the mould of what the mainstream defines as being 'beautiful?'

This carries the implication that those images and perceptions of beauty, or being beautiful is healthy and that if you fit in with society's definition of health & beauty, then you're healthy. Or could it also be the case that such images are sending a message that if you look in any way, shape or form, different from the portrayed images that you're un-healthy?

You will hardly ever see a model with acne covered skin advertising a revolutionary face cream or beauty treatments. You are even less likely to see an honest 'before' and 'after' picture that demonstrate the validity of that particular beauty product either.

Are women with acne not considered to have beauty health or beauty fitness?

Yet many of us women feed into this mass marketing hype every day of our lives. Were I to tell you right now that I have a wonderful natural health and beauty care face cream that makes me look ten years younger, you'd more than likely quickly move on.

But if the cosmetics industry showed you the same beauty product with a powerful air-brushed image of a woman (who in all probability had never even used the product), many would be tripping over themselves to buy it.

Definition of health and Beauty

Beauty is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as:

"A combination of qualities that delights the sight or other senses or the mind".

A further definition refers to beauty being:

"...a quality of a person, object, place, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, affirmation, meaning, or goodness. The subjective experience of "beauty" often involves the interpretation of some entity as being in balance and harmony with nature. This leads to feelings of attraction and emotional well-being".

The above definitions would suggest a qualiatative as opposed to a quantative set of attributes, being the essence of beauty health.

"In its most profound sense, beauty is said to engender a salient experience of positive reflection about the meaning of one's own existence. An "object of beauty" may be anything that reveals or resonates with personal meaning. Hence religious and moral teachings often focus on the divinity and virtue of beauty, and to assert natural beauty as an aspect of a spirituality and truth".

So as you see, it can be argued that the term health and beauty refers primarily to an internal process - a state of emotional and spiritual well-being that is not dependent upon how beautiful you look but is a direct result of how and what you're feeling - health & beauty wise.

Being 'beautiful' on the other hand is defined in various terms, some of which include:

"aesthetic, alluring, appealing, artistic, attractive, becoming, bewitchhing, brilliant, captivating, dainty, decorative, elegant, exquisite, graceful, hansome, irresistible, picturesque, pleasing, pretty, radiant, ravishing" etc.,

The above definition of 'beauty' supports the findings of numerous independent studies, showing that the vast majority of what is considered beautiful, relates to how symmetric the face and body are. It also appears in keeping with the abundant air brushed images of what constitute health & beauty in society's eyes.

When you define yourself in these terms however, you not only compare yourself to what that definition represents, you also want to be the person it represents.

The tendency then of course is to strive to attain instant gratification when you should in fact be nurturing your inner natural health and beauty.

Is your definition of health and beauty based on how you perceive other people see you? If so, you're on dangerous territory because it implies that you're dependent upon what other people think about you or, that you seek their approval of you to validate how you feel about yourself.

What is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself? Don't place your Self Esteem in the hands of other people.

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