Beauty Fitness Are You Taking It At Face Value?

When you have beauty health you also have beauty fitness. You are secure with your looks and you're in harmony with yourself!

However, should you find yourself less than happy with the way you look or with the way you think other people see you, then in all probability this is down to nothing else other than your mirroring your dis-satisfaction about the way you look and they in turn mirroring back what you're projecting.

Declutter your mind, reorganise your thinking and before long you'll see yourself as they will see you, - in a whole new light!

Every day you are engaging in subconscious programming of some form or another. For example, when you're learning something new, you are programming yourself to learn, to remember and to put that knowledege to use.

It's exactly the same processes involved when you start to unlearn negative patterns of thinking, negative patterns of believing and negative patterns of being. Both 'learning' and 'unlearning', takes courage, strength and discipline.

It's no good trying out the following beauty fitness exercise for one day and expecting miracles. You have to stick with it and be totally committed to bringing positive change into your life.

Your beauty fitness exercising of your mind - emotiona health, is no different to exercising your body. Give both a thorough workout and you'll see amazingly, beautiful results.

This health and beauty exercise is an adaptation of the work of Fiona Harold (my favourite life coach). It is designed to help you rid yourself of any negative beliefs you hold in relation to how you perceive yourself and your beauty health. For those of you looking for more conventional beauty fitness tips, see Beauty Foods and Angi-Aging Nutrition.

Get your journal and then spend approximately 10 minutes on your own to carry out the following beauty fitness exercise.

Finish each of the following statements with the first response that comes to mind. Don't worry about giving the same response more than once. Just go with the flow - as it pops into your head, jot them down.

beauty fitness exercise 1

  • I'm unhappy about how I look because...
  • The feature I feel most negative about is ...
  • The 5 things I most dislike about my looks are....
  • I first started to feel this way about myself when...
  • I tend to feel conscious around these people/family members...
  • Something I've learned from my mother/father about my looks is...
  • What I've learned about my looks is...
  • I learned these facts about my looks from....(mother,friend etc)
  • I have learned that I send out messages/cues that ...
  • The main messages I send out to others about my looks are...
  • My expectation of a man's perception of my looks is...
  • My expectation of another woman's perception of my looks is
  • I know 5 ways in which this is limiting me/holding me back

    The purpose of the above beauty fitness exercise is to help you root out your unproductive beliefs about your beauty health, which you have come to believe are true. Starve them by replacing them with alternative healthy beliefs, which will bring you far better results.

    Using your responses from your beauty fitness exercise, simply frame a new positive belief about your beauty and write a positive statement to that effect.

    For example, if your first beauty fitness exercise response is 'I'm unhappy with how I look because I feel 'fat' or 'ugly', simply rephrase this and all your other responses to the opposite of those beliefs.

    Here's an example of some positive beauty fitness responses and how you might want to rewrite your own. Do feel free to write your beauty fitness responses to suit you:

    beauty fitness exercise 2

  • I no longer need to believe I am fat or ugly
  • I no longer need to despise the shape of my nose
  • I can now write 5 positive things I most like about my looks
  • I'm no longer a slave to other people's beliefs about me
  • I know that I'm more attractive than I allowed myself to believe
  • I now know that I have a sparkling personality
  • I now know that I have a fantastic sense of humor
  • I love, like and approve of myself
  • I now appreciate my natural beauty and attractiveness
  • I now know that I own the most beautiful smile that lights up my face
  • I now send out messages that speaks of my radiance and beauty
  • I know I'm beautiful and I don't need other people's approval
  • I now choose to appreciate myself exactly as I am
  • I have identified 5 ways in which I can create, sustain and promote my personal, inner beauty health and beauty fitness.

    Once you've completed your list, select two or three of your new positive beliefs and write them down on a separate piece of paper. These will now form the foundation of your beauty health goals.

    The simple act of writing them down will start the process of changing how you think, and, your beliefs. Be sure to read your new positive beliefs at least twice daily (first thing in

    the morning and last thing at night is best).

    Better still, carry them with you so that every time you catch yourself thinking negatively, you simply whip out your positive beliefs and read and re-read until you're satisfied and are feeling more positive.

    I know this might sound far fetched but trust me - try it religiously for one month and if you don't see and start to feel positive changes/ responses taking place within you and from other people, I'll eat your piece of paper. And that will be a lot of paper to eat!

    Don't stop there, once you've achieved these positive beliefs, set 3 further goals from your list. You'll find a free five part goalsetting course and goal setting forms and worksheets here. The course is very easy to follow and it will take you by the hand and lead you step by step through each stage of setting your smart successful beauty health goals.

    Go on, give it a go - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain - a new beautiful you.

    Self help beauty fitness

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    For further guidance on setting any of your personal goals,
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    Learn about the two levels of beauty health
    The beauty tips which will help you to cultivate your inner and outer glow.

    "The reality that you experience in your life is comprised of whatever thoughts, beliefs and opinions you impress on your subsconscious mind. Your subconscious cannot argue. It acts only from what you feed it, from the instructions you give it". (Fiona Harold)

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