Beauty Tip - Beauty starts from within!

The best beauty tip I can give you is to work out what kinds of messages you're sending out to other people in relation to how you perceive your own beauty or attractiveness.

Knowing the cues you're sending out can be very enlightening, since it will not only feed back to you how other people are seeing you but also highlight exactly what you're doing for them to form such opinions.

Your beauty health and beauty fitness is as much an important part of your overall health and is therefore equally worthy of your undivided attention.

Research shows that about 80% of women are not happy with the way they look. This means that it's only a poor 20% of us who are.

How sad, because I'm willing to bet that that the 20% of women who are satisfied with the way they look, are not super models or celebrities, but every day, extra-ordinary women - mothers, single women, wives etc., who happen to have a healthy sense of self-love, self-worth and are happy with being who they are.

If you fall into the 80% group, here's my first beauty tip - I strongly recommend you read: A Waist Is A Terrible Thing To Mind, it really is an excellent read.

If you're less than happy with how you look, or with your beauty health, you will have to work to bring about positive change. This involves working on two levels. Firstly, your starting point must be on an inner level - and involve your thinking processes - self-help beauty fitness exercise.

Once you've worked out what you think and why you think in that way, you're ready to move onto the next level which is where you pay attention to your outer beauty.

To help you on your way, here are a selection of beauty tips. Pay close attention to each beauty tip and follow closely the recommendations and exercises proposed.

Do this and within a short period of time you will be feeling exactly the opposite of how you're feeling now. You might find it useful to skip to the exercise first and then return back to the beauty tip section here.

beauty tip 1: see yourself as being beautiful

Your first beauty tip is that if you don't see yourself as being beautiful, then no one else will. Your starting point therefore has to be with you and how you see yourself. Just ask yourself how you want other people to see you?

Once you have your answer, write it down in your journal, remembering to Keep it positive so you can keep referring back to it. An example of might be - 'I am a beautiful person and everyone thinks the same', or 'I know I'm gorgeous and it shows'.

Don't worry that it might feel false, it's not false to reinforce your positive traits and strengths. Do read your positive statement every day, ideally, first thing in the morning and just before you go to sleep. The more you begin to see yourself this way, the more beautiful you will become.

Remember this beauty tip, - beauty starts from within you, so giving your inner self a good spit and polish will work wonders for your outer self.

beauty tip 2: become that beautiful person

There are no ugly faces or ugly bodies in this world, only ugly charactors. Cultivate this beauty tip belief and you'll start to see other people in a different light.

From a very early age you've been conditioned to see beauty in the conventional way - i.e. the glamour of cosmetic air-brushed models etc., By broadening and nurturing a more mature field of vision of how you perceive other people's 'beauty', or 'attractiveness', you also learn to develop a healthy appreciation and value of the positive traits for your own attractiveness.

A simple beauty tip is to make a list of those qualities and attributes you consider attractive and would want to cultivate within yourself and then work to bring them in.

Just as you would copy the actions of a successful person to achieve success yourself, get into the habit of querying - what are the traits or qualities people you find attractive and what is it about them that attract other people.

When you have your answer, work on developing these attributes within yourself. This technique is known as 'modelling'

Work on developing your ability to recognise other people's strengths, qualities and beauty, then share your observations with them.

Do be generous yet sincere with your compliments and let them know about certain qualities or attribute that you value and find beautiful in them. When you make other people feel valued and appreciated, this will naturally make them feel good about themselves.

Your reward for making someone else feel good is the reinforcement of your positive sense of who you are, through reinforcing their's.

beauty tip 3: now work on your outer beauty

Your next beauty tip is, if you don't work on your outer beauty glow, you're effectively devaluing your self-worth while at the same time sending a message to others that you don't really matter. It stops here!

Now that you've laid the groundwork by cultivating your inner beauty, it's time for a lick and polish on your outer beauty. By now you'll be feeling good about yourself and it will start to show outwardly but it does'nt end there! You see, the more highly you see yourself, the more you'll develop your sense of self worth and value.

When you feel this way, you'll be a woman on a mission. A mission to overhaul your wardrobe and your outer appearance because you feel special, you are special and you take a deep sense of pride in how you look. When you're at this point, you know you've arrived!

You are no longer a martyr, - the self-sacrificing woman, mother or wife. You have a deep, healthy respect and appreciation of your own needs and a commitment to preserving and affording equal priority to your self-worth, beauty and attractiveness.

So go on and indulge yourself, go out and get that wicked haircut, pamper yourself with a weekly massage or facial, then sit back with a glass of wine and tell the heavens what a flipping gorgeous specimen you really are.

beauty tip 4: work that confidence

You feel beautiful on the inside and you look fab on the outside - now what? Here is a beauty tip of crucial importance. Just as sure as your beauty matters, your confidence is equally important.

Some women turn to drastic measures such as plastic surgery to change the way they look, the justification being that it will make them feel more confident. The sad reality though, is that cosmetic surgery cannot and will not surgically improve your confidence.

Only you will know the reasons and experiences that have limited your confidence and only you are qualified to fix it. Ask any level headed man and they will tell you that they are attracted to women who feel good about themselves.

A woman who carries herself with poise and grace, who has a healthy sense of self, and radiates a strong self-esteem, irrespective of of whether or not she has a stunning face or an hour glass figure, she will always appear far more attractive or even more sexy to a real man.

Focus your efforts on improving your confidence and forget about pursuing perfection. Work positively with what you've got for example, your great sense of humor; or your sunny disposition; or your strong quality of taking a genuine interest in other people; or making other people feel good about themselves; or being a good listner; or learning to be more relaxed in company; or just being your natural beautiful self who happen to feel great in your own skin.

Attributes such as these are the real contributors to both inner and outer beauty and your sense of happiness. Not how much war paint you put on your face; or enduring a starvation diet; or or even going under the surgeon's scalpel.

beauty tip 5: be happy

What is true happiness? Your final beauty tip is to cultivate your happiness. You work hard to earn a living, you work hard to take care of your family and home; now you must work hard at creating and maintaining your happiness.

If you allow yourself to become pre-occupied with seeking approval, acknowledgement and praise from other people as to your looks, you close down your channels for real happiness, because the responses you hope for may never come or they might not be what you want to hear. This can surely do you no good.

Instead, use your energies wisely by focusing on the your healthy habit of taking good care of yourself, of holding your own counsel and maintaining a healthy self reliance.

This beauty tip, along with the others mentioned above are all you need to build and continue strengthening your sense of self. Do this and your confidence will soar to such heights that you'll not care one iota how other people perceive you.

Whether they see you as stunningly attractive or whether they take you seriously will be irrelevant, because your mission is, has and will always be to strengthen your character and to embrace your own self-respect and self-approval.

How beautiful is that? How beautiful are you? Your answer is your key to your happiness.

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