Low Carb Diets

In today’s medical practice, obesity is the most common and difficult to treat illness and some of us lead a struggling battle to defeat serious surplus of stubborn fat.

Over the past years the options to win over this illness have significantly improved and increased. Articles, books, important information circulate around us, health care specialists and programs stand on our disposal to fight obesity and maintain the obtained weight, as it seems this process is the hardest and requries persistence and support.

The most important resources would be a balanced diet poor in calories, behavior therapy, changing eating habits, exercises and social support. Before starting any kind of diet, a healthcare specialist should evaluate a person’s calorie need as with headless starvation man can hurt itself seriously.

If you don’t know what you should eat, you can join one of the most popular weight loss programs, as several great recipes are assembled by famous specialists. These diets don’t exclude the basic nutrients necessary to human body; they just cut short the ones reducible. One of these diets is the Low Carb Diet, also called “reduced carbohydrate” or “controlled carbohydrate” diet.

Carbohydrates are sugars that provide the body with energy as from 1 gram of carbs results 4,1 kcal energy. The not used excess is converted to fat by the body and deposited in the tissues. It seems that theoretically carbohydrates can be dispensable as our organism can turn glucose out from amino-, lactic acids and glycerin. Glucose is essential to brain, nervous system and red blood cells and if constantly is missing from the menu, it results in unbalanced metabolism.

To maintain a balanced metabolism, a minimum of 100 gram carbohydrates are necessary and this is the target of different low carb diets. They consist of courses which are carefully calculated by professionals and contain a reduced quantity of carbohydrates. You can only get many essential nutrients from fruit, vegetables and grains, low carb diets however only allow very small amounts of fruit and vegetables so it is recommendable to ask a health care specialists opinion, as not everyone will gain all the benefits of reducing the carbs. People who are more sensitive to carbohydrates are probably more likely to receive more benefits. If you by all means want to try it out and don’t want to turn to professionals, you might learn how to use a carb counter. Several people are attracted to low carb diets as weight loss is very rapid, but certainly not balanced.

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