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In steering the focus of this site toward women and health Health Womens Healthy Living Goals' aim has been to bring to the attention of my female counterparts, the fundamental importance of every aspect of womens physical, emotional, nutritional and spiritual well- being; helping you become more aware of your health and the very many other things you can do to feel and remain healthy.

In the context of health and women, how many more strings are there to a health woman's health and fitness bow you ask? There are countless.

As already explained elsewhere, woman health and fitness isn't just a measure of how physically or medically fit a woman is nor is it about how attractive or nimble she is either.

Fitness is equally about agility both in terms of your physiological, intellectual and emotional well-being.

Yet, there is so much more to a woman and her lot in life, than merely attending to the four health areas extensively covered throughout this website. In a further compelling arguement for an holistic approach to a woman's health, Health Womens Healthy Living Goals take the view that in order to achieve optimum health, you must have and retain a sound sense of 'self'.

But how do you find the space to go about clearly defining who and what you are, when you're so busy being every thing to every one as well as playing 'catch-up' with your unrelenting daily commitments?

Here is how to address the issue of your Definition Of Self Concept.

Women's Health Advisor Magazine
Reliable, trustworthy information on women's health from the Weill Medical College of Cornell University

Self image health health womens lot in life

You might be wondering why I refer to 'Self Image' as a health womens health issue! This is because a woman's self image is the foundation upon which her life is built.

Self image will determine any and every aspect of womens lives, from the way women feel about themselves, about their roles, relationships, jobs and importantly, their health.

Self image is perhaps the most important of a womans core foundation. And since it is directly related to emotional and mental health health womens healthy self image is fundamental to their well-being and cannot simply be overlooked.

There are some women who see themselves as being 'overworked, underpaid mums' who are powerless to take charge of their lives; and this is exactly where they'll remain. In holding this less than healthy self image, they'll have clearly defined themselves as being 'powerless' to make changes and accordingly this will influence who they make friends with; the choices they make; and, they'll act in ways that support those belief systems.

With the ensuing stress and anxiety caused by their situation and the enevitable impact on emotional and Mental Health Health womens feelings about themselves becomes even more deeply affected.

Within this context, and irrespective of whether a presenting health issue is physical, emotional or mental health health womens only real limitation in their lives comes from within - not from outside.

Self image health health womens definition

There is no one single definition of a woman. We are indeed as multi-faceted as are our many roles and responsibilities toward the people we love and care for.

Since your definition of self concept - or who you think you are is personal to you, you might find this Definition Of Self Concept exercise a useful self assessment tool.

When considering womens health, Health Womens Healthy Living Goals take the view that as 'mothers, wives, partners, daughters, friends, students, professionals', carers, among numerous other roles, womens health is closely intertwined and dependent upon their experiences within these various roles.

Not only are we special, we are unique because we share common similarities that connect and bond us; that is our enormous capacity to care, to share, to love unconditionally, to nurture, to be courageous and strong and above all, to manage our responsibilities toward our loved ones with unwavering loyalty, commitment and pride.

It doesn't just stop there either, because in the background of all the above, for many women life is one enormous juggling act that may or may not include a career or, even adjusting to the fact that our careers, which are part of what defines who and what we are, may well need to be put on hold while we focus on our families.

The many modern advances in convenience aids, should in effect make a woman's life easier, this appears not to be the case! Often, the juggling act of managing family responsibilities, work/ career commitment pressures etc., women appear more stretched than ever before.

This has created a huge and growing market for the health health womens wellness product industry.

Self image health health womens sense of perspective

Despite the very many campaigns and wellness promotions on various Health And Wellness Products, designed to make you feel or look better over some aspect or another of your health, Health Womens belief is, and will always be that, for women to achieve optimum health, we must give equal focus on what is going on inside ourselves.

A health and wellness product is the equivalent of putting a sticking plaster over the issue, without first getting to know what the real cause is.

If you're feeling laboured under your heavy commitments and feel you need a change, think about what it is you want to change - then make that change.

Or, if you feel you need a fresh perspective on things, - then get it, or if you could just do with some magic and inspiration from successful women or to start learning how to nurture your own inspiration that will keep you going for many years to come, then do that too.

Your family's needs are paramount - but so too are your own. Life isn't just about giving, it is also about taking what you need. Be it resources on this website or the help of your friendship network, family, colleagues or partners.

Just as you give with style and grace, learn to take with style and grace. Remember, your emotional and mental health health depend on it!

Understandably, numerous modern pressures rightfully take their toll. Yet, for the vast majority of women, despite the avalanche of issues that impact on emotional and mental health health womens resilience and ability to somehow retain a sense of perspective and of 'self', in some funny way, remain steadfast.

This is down to nothing more than womens inherent ability to evolve with changing times. With the increasing awareness of the need to give greater priority to our emotional, spiritual and mental health health womens more positive outlook on their general health and well-being is being taken far more seriously than at previous times.

The following health skills for emotional wellness exercises will prove an invaluable aid to you on your health journey to total wellness!

Self Help: Self image health health womens resources

Whether you are a career woman or a stay at home mum, a teenager or a senior, a young woman just starting out or a woman of the world, the above issues will hold some relevance for you. If not now, then at some time in the future.

Women's Health Advisor Magazine
Reliable, trustworthy information on women's health from the Weill Medical College of Cornell University.

It is never too late to start taking care of yourself. You can simply start by setting yourself a goal or two for your self image health. Health womens resilience knows no bounds so just get started.

It really doesn't matter how small a step you take, as long as you take that first step. As well as reading the above recommended book, do visit the Personal Goalsetting Section, which you'll find enormously helpful.

I would also recommend you read How To Journal. This will show you how to start the process of using writing as a therapeutic tool for releasing all your feelings, fears, doubts or issues.

In the meantime, - I have every faith in you!

"We will act consistently with our view of who we truly are, whether that view is accurate or not". (Anthony Robbins)

The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

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