Personal Goal Settings

The following personal goal settings objective exercise represent stage two of your goal personal planning setting success, which is a continuation of part four of your goalsetting guidance.

If you have not covered stage one of this goalsetting guidance, then I strongly recommend you work through the exercises there, before proceeding with this stage: Stage one: personal goalsetting guidance.

personal goal settings objective - acknowledging your development needs

This stage of your personal goal settings objective involves you paying close attention to the skills you need to develop to achieve your personal goal or goals. It will also help you to explore all your available options, including those you are yet to be conscious of.

At this stage of your personal goal settings, you will need to write down what you think you need to learn - to find out etc.,.

You can literally increase your personal goal settings development skills in every area of your life, however, the development skills you target must be relevant to your particular life changing goal.

For example, if you know you tend to eat more when you're stressed, you might want to consider other ways of managing your stress, such as going for a walk or a swim, rather than turning to food.

If your goal is to establish a healthy eating diet and you have little to no knowledge of food nutrition, your starting point must be to obtain information on your food health, dietary needs and/or to consult a nutritionist for an assessment.

You will need to increase your personal knowledge of what constitute a healthy eating diet before you start changing your eating habits.

Your personal goal settings development skills might also include, reading a quality book on nutrition; researching healthy eating recipes; or even joining a forum that tackles the issue of eating healthily.

A forum is a good example of where you can increase your knowledge, as well as providing you with a good source of information, ideas, tips and support.

In the words of a famous quote, "when you set goals, you don't plan to fail, so make sure you don't fail to plan". Here are some further examples of development needs:

  • I need to learn the signals to my becoming stressed

  • I need to seek the advice of a professional fitness trainer

  • I need to negotiate some babysitting time so I can do my weightloss    exercise workout

  • I need advice and information on how to prepare healthy nutritious and    appetising meals

    personal goal settings - drawing on your past and present achievements

    Listing your past and present achievements - (no matter how small or insignificant you perceive them to be), is a powerful self- motivation technique in goal-setting.

    Have you ever noticed how you ooze pride whenever you recall an achievement you are particularly proud of? Draw on all your achievements that are relevant to your goal.

    For instance, that last recipe you followed and how wonderfully it turned out. If it did not turn out so well, still give yourself full marks for your commitment to trying something new. Now you are aware of why it didn't turn out so well, you know exactly what you need to do next time. That is an achievement in itself and one that will inspire your personal goal setting result outcome.

    No matter how small you consider your achievements, list them anyway. It could be something small such as having joined a healthy eating mailing list or a healthy eating newsletter, to coming home from work late, yet preparing a tasty nutritious meal for your family in under 30 minutes. A tme management achievement and most definately a goal setting result - even if you did not consciously set a goal at that time!

    Here are few more ideas as to what you can write in this section of your personal goal-setting exercise:

  • I have aready written a clearly defined health goal or goals

  • I lost 3 pounds in one month by walking to and from work

  • I have an excellent collection of low carb recipes

  • I am already swimming 30 mins daily during my lunch break

    Once you review your list, you will be amazed at how all those small achievements soon add up.

    personal goal settings - goal setting outline

    Below is an example of what your final goal setting outline or goal plan should resemble. Do bear in mind that I have only listed one example from each of the four personal goal settings exercises. Your goal outline or goal plan will contain more:

    Goal:                          Eat a healthy low fat diet

    Challenge/Barrier:      Time management

    Personal Strength:      I enjoy cooking and eating healthily

    Development Need:      Plan/set aside 1 hour to cook 6 days weekly

    Achievement:              Made an appointment with the dietician

    Now that you have come this far in planning your personal goal setting success exercise, make a list of all the steps you can now take to bring positive changes to your primary goal and core health chart.

    Whatever your goal happen to be, whether it is a low carb or low fat diet, weight-loss exercise or it is a beauty fitness or emotional health goal; be adventurous as you go through all the different things you can do and the changes you can make.

    For instance, could you start your day with a vitamin-packed healthy smoothie for breakfast, or brush up on your low carb knowledge, or research a collection of free atkins diet food recipes, or even get further assistance with planning your healthy eating diet. Could you now read a good book; start your own personal collection of healthy eating snack recipes or even building your self esteem!

    All these smaller personal planning setting success steps are mini goals to achieving your primary or priority health goal. When you act on the various things you have identified and repeat your actions consistently, your goalsetting activities will, over time accumulate and build into even greater goal-setting results.

    It doesn't get any better than this does it? Here you are at the threshold of your life changing goals! Well, that's it for this stage of your personal goal settings exercise. Your tasks for today is to set out your goal, following the above format and have it ready for part 5 of your personal goal settings exercise, when we will be focusing on putting your goal action plan together...!

    Until then, build on your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses!

    "Consult not your fears but your hopes and dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what is still possible for you to do.". (Pope John XXII)

    goalsetting tips
    Do consult this personal-goal setting tips with checklist that covers all the material covered throughout this course

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