Goal Personal Setting - Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of your goal personal setting guidance and goal setting form.

By now you should have a clear idea about the things in your life that are most important to you, so let's get started.

The goal objective at this stage is to prioritise, prioritise, prioritise your personal values - i.e. (what it is you truly want). Please don't underestimate the importance of your personal values in the goal setting process.

Before we start on this month's goal personal setting guidance, a quick recap on your goal achievements in Part One, Identifying Your Core Health Values.

In Part One, you learned how to assess what it is you want and then to prioritise your wants in order of importance. Using the goal personal setting form and worksheet provided (members only), by now you should have identified a health goal or goals you want to achieve in at least one of your four core health areas - i.e. Food Health, Mental and Emotional health, Physical Health and Beauty Health.

The next step is to clarify these goals and then to prioritise them even further. This is called - being goal smart! Why is this stage in your goal personal setting activity so important? Simply put, you wouldn't want to put all your energies into a goal setting exercise, only to find that you have set the wrong goal. It is therefore crucial that you keenly follow all the stages, to help you in establishing personal health goals.

Prioritising your top 4 health priorities?

If you experienced any difficulty in drawing up a short-list of goals (or the things you value most highly), here is another simple technique, using the Health Womens Health Wheel to help you. Even if you've already decided upon your goals, you might still find the exercise useful as it will help you to get absolute clarity.

  • Using your notepad, draw a circle - (a glass or cup will do)

  • Next, divide your circle into 4 even quarters - i.e. (a vertical line from top to bottom and another horizontally from left to right)

  • On the outer circle of each quarter, write one of each of your 4 health areas - i.e. Physical Health, Food Health, Mental Health and lastly, Beauty Health

  • Now, treating the outer edge of the circle as 10, and the middle as being 0, draw a semi-circle within each quarter, that best represent your level of satisfaction with that area of your health. Do consult the Health Womens Wheel, which will help clarify this guidance

  • Here is an example: if you have a very low level of satisfaction in your Food Health quarter, you would draw a semi-circle within that section, and as close to the centre of the circle as you deem fit. (Remember, the closer it is toward the center, the the greater your level of dis-satisfaction in that area and you would then allocate a low number that best reflect that.

    Continue with this goal personal setting exercise for your other three, core health areas. You will now have a greater degree of clarity as to which areas are in need of establishing personal health goals.

    For example, if Food Health scored only 2; Mental Health scored 7; Beauty Health scored 8; and Physical Health scored only 4 - this would give you a pretty clear idea that you need to prioritise 'Food Health' and Physical Health' as two health areas for which you need to set your goals. All clear?

    goal personal setting - How to use your findings

    As well as having a good idea as to what you want to change in your four core health areas, you will have also identified which of these areas are in need of your greater priority.

    This is where the values exercise you carried out in Part One of your activity goal setting exercise, is now of tremendous benefit to you. Remember you prioritised 10 of them down to four? Now use them as the foundation for setting your personal goals.

    So, for example: let's say one of your top values in your 'Food Health' area is 'healthy eating', this high priority would correspond with the low score in your 'Food Health' area for the exercise you have just carried out. This then tells you that you need to set a healthy eating goal in your Food Health area. Now do the same for the other low scoring core health areas.

    Note: Don't worry if you feel the need to re-rank your already prioritised values from Part One. The goal personal setting exercise process you're working through is not meant to be rigid and you may well find that your priorities shift as you start tapping into your personal awareness and as new values start to emerge.

    goal personal setting - Clarifying your goals

    You have clearly identified and prioritised one of your four core health areas. You have also considered all your personal values for that particular area. Having prioritised the most important of your personal values, you sought further clarification by comparing your list of values against your results from the Health Womens Wheel activity. Having come this far in your goal personal setting activity, you are now ready to move onto the next stage of writing your personal goals.

    Do bear in mind that if your personal goal is for example, a Weight Loss exercise goal, weight reduction exercise isn't the only goal you should be aiming for. Women who are the most successful at sustained weightloss, are those who combine exercise with a Healthy Eating Plan. So, if your priority goal is weightloss exercise, you will need to set yourself a secondary healthy eating goal or perhaps, a calorie reduction diet as well.

    That's it for Part Two of your goal personal setting activity. In the meantime, I want you to practice writing one or two goals you've already identified and have them ready for Part Three, where I'll be giving your some more guidance on writing your goals the goal smart way. Don't worry about getting it absolutely right at this stage, just have a go until next time. I'll be giving you more guidance on how to structure writing your goal personal to you.

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    Until then, keep it bold, keep it ambitious but keep it realistic!

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