Anti Cellulite Treatment

Anti Cellulite Treatment!

Is weight loss exercise the best treatment for cellulite?

Ladies! It is a fact that women are more prone to cellulite than our male counterparts.

While men do get cellulites, they experience it in milder forms. This increased risk of accumulating cellulite, makes it all the more important why we should take greater care of this aspect of our health and beauty.

Many, if not most of us can relate to that 'orange peel' effect or appearance to our skin - called cellulite. Whether short, thin, large or small, cellulite does not discriminate.

It like us all. So forget all about the myth that women who are large or overweight experience cellulite. Not true! We all do; whether you are a size 8 or size 22.

At some time or another, we many of us have turned to various anti cellulite treatments, cellulite creams or cures to combat the 'orange peel' look.

While some of these cellulite products might have offered a temporary solution, the fact of the matter is that physical exercise is the only lasting solution for cellulite reduction.

Cause Of Cellulite

Why are us women more prone to cellulite than men?

It is claimed that the reason why cellulite is more profound in women, is down to our connective tissues, which are more firm and rigid in comparison to men's.

When women gain excess weight or fat, our fatty cells tend to enlarge moreso than men's. The rest is history, as are the reasons why more and more women desperately pursue various anti cellulite products such as cellulite gels and creams to eliminate cellulite or at the very least, reduce it.

Even women who experience obesity are not necessarily automatic candidates for cellulites. However, while not all women with obesity will develop cellulites, being overweight can neverthe- less become the trigger for developing it.

Nobody has yet been able to state categorically, the main reason why some of us accumulate cellulites and others escape scotch-free.

While some health experts believe the cause of cellulite might be down to factors such as the structure of our fat cells and the connective tissues that lies just beneath the skin; others link cellulites to hormonal changes/imbalances in our bodies.

These are only theories however, since there is still no scientific evidence to support either of these suggestions. Without clarity as to the cause of cellulites, an effective anti cellulite treatment seems a distant prospect.

In any case, the point to remember is, that cellulites should not purely be associated with people who carry excessive weight. There are in fact many women who experience cellulite who are not overweight.

Weight Loss Exercise As An Effective Anti Cellulite Treatment/Reduction?

Despite the claims by various anti-cellulite treatments, cellulite products and even cellulite diet, there is no known magic cure for cellulite.

However, there are a number of highly effective anti-cellulite creams that can significantly improve the appearance of cellulites.

A healthy eating diet along with regular weight loss exercise are two of the most important anti-cellulite/treatment factors for losing cellulite. Apart from helping fat reduction/accumulation, physical exercise will keep your connective tissues firm and strong.

It's all too easy to convert what we eat into fat. Losing fat on the other hand is far from easy. Yet, you already know that a combined approach of a calorie controlled diet together with weight loss exercise is most effective and is probably your best anti cellulite treatment approach.

Weight loss exercise or any kind of regular physical activity will help reverse the results of previous inactivity.

You really only need an hour or so of vigorous exercise to burn anywhere between 300 to 600 calories. Lose a similar number of calories from your daily food intake and you can lose from one to two pounds in weight each week.

If weight loss exercise is not for you, here's food for thought. You would instead have to sacrifice between 500 to 1,000 fewer calories each day to lose the same number of pounds in a week - (which is a significant portion of your daily calorie quota).

It makes good sense that losing fat/weight reduction present women with very obvious health benefits, as well as being the nearest best thing to an effective anti-cellulite treatment.

Why Fad/Quick Weight Loss Diets Is Not An Effective Anti Cellulite Treatment Approach

Many of us wrongly assume that rigid weight loss dieting will help lose excessive and accumulated body fat.

You don't need me to stress the health risks associated with crash diets and other dubious, quick weight loss methods. This will not prove an effective anti cellulite treatment approach.

Make no mistakes, these approaches will only make matters worse. All you will succeed in achieving with starvation diets or other fad weight loss solutions is, the loss of connective tissue as opposed to burning fat.

When you lose tissue you have less of a supportive structure, which in turn limit the effectiveness of the skin. This can make the appearance/effects of cellulite even worse.

So there you have it! Your best anti cellulite treatment cost nothing in terms of money but demand physical effort and a healthy eating diet plan and a committment to eating enough of the right kinds of beauty foods and anti-aging nutrition; for which you will be rewarded with cellulite elimination or cellulite reduction.

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The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

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