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Skin Rash Diagnosis?
by: Cara

Hi just wondering if you ever found out what the spots on your hand were from?? I have the same, appear in the morning and go away by night. So confused. Did you find any releif?


Skin Rash Health Question
by: Olga, Health Womens Healthy Living Goals

There are several possibilities re your skin rash health question. Firstly, have you ruled out insect bites? Do you have any pets?

The second possibility is that you are having an allergic reaction to something you are either ingesting or you are using. For example, shellfish, strawberry, milk, eggs, nuts, food additives or drugs. Thirdly, this type of rash may also appear whenever the skin is exposed to extreme heat, sunlight or cold.

You say the rash usually fades later on in the day. There is a skin rash condition called Urticaria, (also known as nettle rash or hives), which generally last for a few hours.

You do not say how long you have been experiencing the skin rash. Pay close attention to your routine. Has there been any change to your diet, skin care products etc., To be absolutely sure and so as to rule out any underlying health issue, do consult your medical practitioner for guidance on this and any other health questions you need answering about your skin rash.

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