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Natural Herbal Alternative For Acid Reflux
by: Anonymous

I used an acid reflux drops solution which I used three times a day (10 drops) directly onto my tongue after meals. I used it more frequently though when I first started, just to relieve my symptoms over the first couple of days. I also used a capsule called gastronic doctor which I took after each meal.

My acid reflux health problem has now cleared but I still keep a supply of these herbal acid reflux remedies just in case.

Here are the links for where I got them from.

Get More Information on Triple Complex Digestion Tonic Tissue Salts

Get More Info on Acid Free-Flux - Homeopathic remedy temporarily relieves acute acid reflux and heartburn

Health Question About Heartburn
by: Monica

Can you please tell me the natural alternative you used for heartburn. I suffer with acid reflux and I'm not really into taking drugs and could really do with something that ain't going to make me feel worse or harm my health.

Health Question About Heartburn
by: Olga, Health Womens Healthy Living Goals

This is a common health question since countless women experience heartburn or acid reflux which can range from experiencing mild symptoms to severe discomfort and pain. Pregnant women especially, tend to be more prone. Acid reflux occurs when the stomach acid leaks up into the oesophagus (or refluxes), causing irritation to the lining.

Nearly every one will experience heartburn from time to time, however, the condition is usually short lived and tend to resolve with over the counter antacids.

In more problematic cases, the condition can be extremely painful. Typical symptoms can include upper abdomenal or chest pain or a burning sensation, nausea, acid taste in the mouth, bloating and belching. Any or all of these symptoms will tend to worsen after meals and especially at night when lying down. Reflux triggers can include: large meal portions, spicy food, high fat or acid food. Prolonged acid reflux could be indicative of an underlying health issue.

It is important that you visit your general practitioner to be sure this health question is correctly diagnosed and to rule out infection or any other likely health issue. Your treatment will depend on the cause. Once you have been diagnosed you can then pursue drugs or alternative remedies as appropriate to regain balance to your digestive system.

Health Question About Heartburn
by: Anonymous

It sound like your health issue might be acid reflux. I had a similar experience about 6 months ago. It started off with tummy rumbling, gas, feeling bloated and heartburn. I used an over the counter antacid and although it seem to work at first, things worsen. My GP prescribed Losec Mups but I had a severe reaction to this.

My symptoms got worse and I experienced vomiting, severe cramps so I had to stop taking it after 3 days. GP suggested I try another antacid from the same family of drugs but after the experience I had with the last one I just didn't want to go down that road.

I used a natural alternative that worked for me. It took about a week but I had no side affects and my acid reflux has now cleared up.

Hope this helps.

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