Healthy Eating Plan

Finding solutions when goalsetting your healthy eating plan

  • Can you now critically analyse your shopping list?

  • Can you do the same with the contents of your cupboards/fridge?

  • What have you learned about your diet and the foods you eat?

  • What percentage of convenience foods do you presently stock?

  • What percentage of your shopping budget do you allocate to convenience foods or junk foods each week?

  • Are you aware of the additives - such as salt, sugar, e-numbers the convenience or junk food you're eating contain?

  • How many days each week do you consume convenience or junk food?

  • Carefully consider the images/pictures on the food products. What is it about these images that appeal to you?

  • What is the level of your current knowledge on food nutrition?

  • Use your journal to record your health nutrition findings, as well as how you're feeling about the healthy eating exercise.

    You should now have identified clear solutions to enable you to proceed with goal setting your healthy eating plan. This will move you nicely onto the action and development stage of your goal settings.

    Identifying the changes you need to make when goalsetting your healthy eating plan

    If you work longer hours, it can be very tempting to pick up a quick meal on your way home from work, rather than following healthy eating plans.

    The same applies if you're not in the practice of planning your weekly shop and you therefore have nothing substantial in your fridge or cupboard to prepare when you get home.

    You might even be an 'overworked' mum who cave in under the pressure of your daily responsibilities and give the kids foods which are quick and easy to prepare. In any case, the strategy of 'shop as you go', is seldom a successful one for a variety of reasons.

    It is a known fact that shopping when you're hungry just don't work. You're more likely to purchase all the wrong foods - especially when presented with those tempting pictures and images which are designed to lure you.

    You'll most likely purchase foods lacking in health food health nutrition, which are far removed from the healthy eating diet plans you want to follow.

    By changing your approach and assessing your eating habits before goal setting your healthy eating, you can figure out in advance a course of action for developing your healthy eating skills, while changing your current habits in the process.

    Health Womens Healthy Living Goals have put together examples of some development areas you might want to consider:

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    "Food is an important part of a balanced diet" (Fran Leibowitz)

    The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

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