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Appreciating that many women are seeking information on what constitute a diabetes 2 diet Health womens has put together the following:

  • Outline of a diabetes control diet
  • Outline of diabetes food - raw eating lifestyle
  • Diabetes diet - Health Womens free diabetic recipes

    The diabetic recipe collection is a complimentary gift. It is to help you on your way to following a diabetic diet lifestyle, as part of your diabetes control diet - courtesy of health womens. Before that though, let's take a look at some diabetes health factors.

    diabetes 2 diet health womens - type 1 and 2

    Diabetes is a very serious disease, especially if it is left untreated. It can lead to very many other health conditions including heart disease, kidney conditions, nerve damage etc., All of which can be avoided with a health and nutrition consultation and following an appropriate diet and lifestyle management.

    According to the American Diabetes Association, the symptoms of a person who is diabetic can be subtle, to the extent where they may be over looked. This is where a painless, pin prick blood test carried out by a nutrition health consultant can reveal any body chemistry imbalance at the earliest stage, before diabetes becomes an issue.

    For people who already experience diabetes, a nutrition health consultation can still achieve amazing results and in many instances, without the use of drugs.

    If you are a diabetic or suspect that you might be, understand that diabetes is a complex disease. It is of great importance that you consult with a dietitian or a diabetes expert to get advice on an appropriate nutritional, diabetic diet or plan.

    While type 1 diabetes is a result of the body's immune system destroying its own ability to produce insulin (the hormone that regulates blood sugar), type 2 diabetes is a result of the body becoming resistant to insulin due to its inadequate use of the hormone.

    If you have type 1 diabetes, what this means for you is that you will most probably need insulin injections. On the other hand if you have type 2 diabetes, this can usually be controlled through a disciplined diabetic diet, taylored to your particular needs and through taking daily physical exercise. You may or may not additionally need to take medication.

    Irrespective of whether your diabetic diet requirement is for type one diabetes or diabetes 2 diet Health Womens take the stance that it is essential that you not only seek professional guidance on allowable diabetic foods to keep you healthy, but that you do your utmost to maintain control over your life.

    Read this excellent health and nutrition press release to learn more about another important self-help strategy.

    Diabetes control diet health - womens control

    Diabetes is a complicated disease that calls for a strict regime of controlling your intake of various food types, especially carbohydrates and sugars. You might find this nutrition health article and this Comprehensive Guide To Beating Diabetes useful.

    While living with type two diabetes will involve establishing and maintaining a diabetes 2 diet Health Womens cannot stress enough the importance of daily physical exercise. Physical activity is a key factor in your diabetes control diet health. Women who are diabetic will also need to keep a close eye on their blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

    It is also essential that you not only seek professional guidance on allowable diabetic foods to keep you healthy, but that you do your utmost to learn about likely causes & cures of Diabetic Symptoms, so as to maintain control over your life.

    diabetes 2 diet health - womens options

    Recognising that for women living with diabetes, part of their day-to-day routine will involve establishing and maintaining a strict diabetes 2 diet, Health Womens would draw your attention to the following options that are open to you and may well obviate the need for diabetic drug use.

    According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, if you have type 2 diabetes, a low fat vegan diet may be a more effective way to eat than traditional diets.

    A vegan diet, which is very much similar to the raw food diet in as much as it is a plant-based diet. Vegan diet consist of vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts and legumes (beans). All animal products such as meat/dairy - i.e, butter, cheese etc., are dis-allowed. The most significant difference between the vegan/ diabetic diet and the raw food diet, is that in the latter case, foods are consumed in their raw state.

    If you're looking for a diabetes 2 diet Health Womens would point out that following the diabetes diet food raw living lifestyle or the vegan diet, has many stated benefits. In the above study, researchers found that a significant percentage of people with type 2 diabetes who had followed low fat vegan diet over a period of weeks, showed a reduction in their need to take medication for their diabetes, in comparison with a significant proportion of those who followed a recommended American Diabetes Association diet.

    An additional finding is that participants who had followed the vegan diet, saw greater reductions in their cholesterol levels and weightloss. This can be attributed to the diabetic food or vegan diet foods' low cholesterol and low saturated fat levels, owing to the omission of meat and dairy products.

    While opting for the meat-free vegan diet or the diabetes diet food raw lifestyle are excellent alternatives for those of you seeking a diabetes 2 diet Health Womens would point out that there is a limitation in the diabetes food raw lifestyle.

    One of the few identifiable shortcomings of the diabetes raw food diet is that it is deficient in Vitamin B12 (a vitamin that is especially important for women). So if this diet appeals to you, you would have to incorporate an adequate vitamin B12 supplement into your diet (which you would ordinarily get from meat/dairy products).

    In contrast, vegan foods are cooked so you would most certainly get your Vitamin B12 from cooked lentils, pulses and legumes (beans) etc., Do be sure however, to consult your doctor or dietician before making any changes to your diet. That way you can have a healthy eating vegan diet or a diabetic raw food diet that is taylored to your individual needs.

    The vegan diet or a diabetic diet food raw option could prove two excellent healthy eating alternatives, rather than having to resort to prescription drugs. Either way, do check out the following, excellent, nutrition health break-through for diabetics

    You can learn more about the variety of foods you can eat on the vegan diet / diabetic diet food raw lifestyle here. Or alternatively, check out this source of likely causes & cures of Diabetic smptoms

    Should special diets not be for you, you can access over 60 free diabetic dessert recipes and diabetic meal recipes at the following links, courtesy of Health Womens. Please note, this free resource is for Members only so you will need to subscribe to my Newsletter to gain access (Sign Up Link Near Bottom Of This Page):

    diabetes 2 diet Health Womens Recipe Collection Here.

    Diabetic Recipe Meals

    diabetes 2 diet health womens womens - diabetic recipes

    Irrespective of the severity of the diabetes you may have, you will need to take a positive and practical approach to your diet and with living with it.

    Millions of people have Diabetes and have to maintain a special Diet. But this doesn't mean you can't enjoy the things you like, you just have to make them a little differently.

    Whether or not you need to follow a diabetes 2 diet Health Womens suggest you consider these healthy alternative recipes as part of your diabetes control diet plan.

    "I saw few die of hunger; of eating, a hundred thousand". (Benjamin Franklin)

    The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

    Sources of further information:

    American Diabetes Association Phone: 800-DIABETES (800-342-2383) Internet: www.diabetes.org

    American Dietetic Association Phone: 800-366-1655 Internet: http://www.eatright.org

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