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Hey ladies, there is good cause for paying close attention to your dental health or oral hygiene.

While you're busy taking care of your fitness health, womens health issues, beauty health or your food health nutrition, spare a thought for your purley whites. Your teeth and oral health care is after all the gateway to your body.

Oral health care is not only a very important area of your womens health & beauty, it is claimed that paying attention to your dental health can lengthen your lifespan too.

According to some researchers the bacteria that produce dental plaque enter our blood stream and are associated with the inflammation that occurs with blocked blood vessels, causing heart disease. Other researchers have also established a link between oral bacteria and stroke, diabetes, low birth-weight and the birth of pre-term babies.

Bad breath can therefore be a sympthom or earlier indicator that all might not be well inside our bodies.

Cause Of Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common health problem that affects many people. Although we all experience bad breath resulting from certain situations such as eating spicy foods, or bed-breath, there are a wide variety of other reasons attributed to a bad breath problem.

These include tooth cavities, ill-health, medical health conditions, smoking, certain drugs or medications or just poor dental health or hygiene; all of which can lead to unpleasant and offensive odour to those who come in close contact with people who experience bad breath.

Among the most common causes of bad breath is poor dental health care. Inappropriate oral hygiene such as irregular or inadequate brushing encourages bacteria to multiply million-fold. When food debris is degraded offensive gases are produced, causing bad breath.

Poor dental health care can lead to oral cavities. The multitude of bacterias within cavities interacts with protein from foods making them putrid thereby causing bad breath odour. The main food culprits are proteins such as meat and dairy products, including fish, eggs, cakes and milk products. Paying attention to your oral hygiene care after consuming these particular foods will help prevent bad breath.

Certain health conditions such as diabetes can also cause bad breath. Without scrupluous oral hygiene, smokers will mostly always experience bad breath in addition to tarter and staining. Dental plaque and tartar build-up is a significant cause of bad breath. This is because plaque and tartar is commonly found in gaps between teeth and gum hence, this will attract food debris and bacteria that cause bad breath.

Cure For Bad Breath

Dental health can be maintained with general oral hygiene to reduce baterial action and minimise the effects of bad breath. Good dental health care calls for the following actions:

  • A key to avoiding bad breath resulting from food debris is to clean your teeth following each meal and after snacking. Eat a piece of crunchy fruit such as an apple to slough off food particles trapped in between your teeth.

    Make mouth rinsing with some warm water after meals or snacks an essential part of your oral hygiene and will keep bacteria to a minimum. Alternatively, chewing a piece of sugar free gum after meals can be an effective means of cleaning your teeth.

  • It is recommended that you brush your teeth twice daily. Use a smooth but firm toothbrush (not too hard) Be careful not to over brush since this can cause damage to your gums and strip away teeth enamel.

  • Cleaning your tongue daily will also help to reduce the furry-type coating that harbours bacteria and causes bad breath. There are tongue cleaners on the market so why not take advantage of one of these useful gadgets

  • Dental flossing is a must for oral hygiene health. Floss and tooth picks are widely available and are excellent for cleaning in between teeth. As well as disloging stubborn food particles such as meat, used in a gentle manner, they will also eliminate any plaque build-up in those hard to reach places

  • Make breath feshners a regular feature in your dental health care plan. In addition to those you can buy over the counter, you can chew spice seeds such as cloves, cardomom, cinamon, ginger, fresh parsley and many more for a more natural breath freshner

  • Gargling is an excellent dental health care solution. There are a variety of oral health mouth washes to choose from. A cheaper, yet effective homemade mouthwash is to dissolve a little salt in some warm water

  • drinking water is not only good for your beauty health but is excellent for maintaining oral health care too. This is because mouth dryness can be the breeding ground for bacterial activity. Your body need water for the production of saliva, so drink up

  • Are you having regular dental health check-ups? Your dentist will quickly spot any anomalies that could lead onto future dental health issues, so it's essential you consult him/her regularly. Dentists can spot plaque build-up and tartar you are unable to see and carry out a dental clean. They will be your best source of advice on dental health promotion

  • Even after following a personal dental health care plan, some women may still experience bad breath. In many instances, this may be attributed to ill-health or to some other health conditions. For instance, bad breath is common in diseases such as diabetes, gastric disorders, fevers, liver diseases, infections etc., Dealing with the main cause will often be the cure for bad breath odour.

    If you're concerned about your breath inspite of your dental health efforts, be sure to have this checked out by your medical practitioner so that any underlying health conditions can be diagnosed and treated appropriately.

    The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

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