Mental Health Care

On the subject of women's personal mental health care, you're already well aware of how essential it is to give priority to this aspect of your womens health, by feeding your brain with inspiration and positive messages.

This is after all food for your self-esteem, and is the foundation upon which your emotional and mental health health is constructed.

You might well believe you're healthy in body but how healthy are you in mind? When last did you carry out a mental health care, goal setting assessment or activity?

Personal mental health care comes from healthy living, healthy thinking; and, the taking of positive, decisive actions to overcome life's challenges, with a view to achieving your health life goals.

Women's psychological and emotional health care is also about embracing the good in other people; offering praise where it is due and positively encouraging them will also bring out the good in you. This can only help in making you feel better about yourself and a whole lot happier too.

Your psychological and emotional health care will include your health and motivational fitness - i.e. your mental attitude or how you approach and work toward achieving your health, womens health and other life goals.

But you already know that in order to get to that place, your mental health care must be one of your most pressing priorities. You cannot expect serenity of mind without working toward that goal. Many women who are naturally health conscious, tend to become pre-occupied with the physical or medical aspects of their health. This is often at the cost of mental well-being.

Yet, research has consistently shown that many illnesses, ailments or health conditions are usually brought about by stress. Experiencing stress-related sympthoms such as insomnia, fatigue, over-eating/obesity, loss of appetite, many skin conditions, high blood pressure etc., can therefore tell us a lot about the state of our emotional and mental health.

You find time for your physical health, womens workout, or even for your weight loss goal but do you for instance know the real reason why you might be over-eating to the extent where you're carrying dangerously excessive weight? Are you happy with the way your life is at present? Is there something missing from your life? Are you feeling fulfilled?

Many women will often look outside of themselves for those all important 'answers' to happiness or fulfillment. Your mental health care however, need to start on an inner level. Just as you religiously go to work or set aside time to go to the hairdresser or to the beauty parlour or even to visit the gym, set aside some mental health care time just for you.

Among the many self-help things you can do, journaling is one of the most powerful mental health care activities you can do for yourself.

Start by looking for the beauty in everything and everyone around you. Focus on the positives and leave the negatives completely out of it. Allow your mind to roam freely on beautiful things, life events/challenges, or your personal aspirations. When practiced over time, this will develop into a healthy habit.

Or you might want to spare a thought for one of the many inspirational quotes cited throughout this website. Is there one in particular that has left an impression on you? Explore it mentally. What meaning does it hold for you? How does it inspire you to improve on your personal mental health care? What will be you next course of action?

Whether you choose to meditate or to reflect on successes, disappointments or challenges you have personally experienced, your mental health care time should be positive and daily if possible. The above resource will get you on the road to self-healing.

The length of time you need is down to personal choice, however, this can be from 10 minutes to one hour. A Good time is bedtime, just before you drift off to sleep.

Here's an inspirational poem that sum up for many of us busy mums or career women, the demands and reality of modern day living. It illustrate key factors that can contribute to our work/health/life balance being in or out of sync.

My Adaptation Of A Poem By: Jerome K Jerome, entitled:

'I like work, it facinates me, I can sit and look at it for hours'

Some of us do not work for money;
we work to survive,
and for the survival of others...
The problem is that is all we do
We forget that life is more than work
Life is also about balance
In order to have balance
we must do more than work

What about fun?
We need fun to keep our minds off work

How about rest?
Not just sleeping to get ready for the next day's work,
but resting the mind and body from all activity

What about solitude?
Take an hour or perhaps a day
away from the hustle and bustle of life and people
It's called a mental health break

Let us not forget the mind
It helps to keep the grey matter upstairs from getting dusty

Work is necessary
But it is not the only thing required to get ahead
All work and no play may give us a balanced cheque book
but it can also give us an unbalanced mind

Today, I will rest, relax and have some fun!

(Adaptation Of A Poem By: Jerome K Jerome)

"Peace of mind is not the absence of conflict from life, but the ability to cope with it" . (Unknown)

The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

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